Voltage - EWG Live Wednesday

May 16, 2013

Just tossing up the results of tonight's EWG Live Wednesday, featuring one of the three slot specials I'm doing this week. Below is the approval sketch sent this morning, giving the customer all day to approve or make changes. 

 Next was at the 8pmEST-12amEST session, starting with refining the character above and rendering out final pencils. A few changes like width of the legs and so forth were made upon request. Client got the finished digital pencils below in 11x17 300dpi goodness.

Then came the finished inks, I utilized a new technique or two that I've done in small parts before but never for an entire rendering. That is, stroking pen tool lines for the lineart. Resulting in super crisp smooth lines but not 'brush' style line variation. I like it though. I think if the rendering etc is dynamic enough you don't risk the flat effect uniform lines can create. And also black fills and accenting the mass with black fills and the shape the lines go in helps a lot too. I ink/rendered the background based on the original sketch but completely on the fly in this inking stage. Then inked the character overtop on a seperate group.

Heres the finished colors, with the background, the character and the electricity effects on 3 different groups of layers. 

Fun stuff! Thanks to sir EZ of the voltage for his commission! Was fun and I appreciate the support. Will be doing another one on Friday in this style, with approval sketch in morning, and finishing pencils, inks colors at night. See people then on another livestream!

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