Nose To The Grind Stone

May 14, 2013

Good morning, just a quick notebook entry that I am working everyday and I thank all the customers out there for their patience. I'm morbidly behind right now but if I can keep my nose to the grind stone and maintain my current work schedule/ pace I will be contemporary by end of next week. Heres shooting for that goal like Mario pouncing on a Koopa and if customers can just hangout another week I will be all caught up for you soon! Medical stuff or care-taking duties with the wife come along and other things you just can't control and sometimes you end up losing a few days. Then, long story short, in an effort to keep the business churning and the income steady you take on more work than your able to get out quickly enough and where we're at right now happens. But its nothing that can't be dug out from under and customers WILL get their work. Just might take an extra week or two. Thank you in advance for your patience. One man show grindin the ol' stone fast as possible and as quality as possible.

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