Spring Special Complete

March 31, 2014 0 Comments

Spring Special is complete! Thanks to all the folks who jumped on this commission deal and all orders are scheduled to be completed by end of April with no signs of reasons why this can't happen. Orders will be completed in order of first received to last received and production on them will be live streamed at the EWG page on this site when able. To see where you are on the list of orders, head over to Order Tracking on the Featured menu. This as always will be updated daily.

Thanks again to the great response to this special, your support is super appreciated! Thanks for keeping this boat afloat, now its time to repay the favor with some awesome inked/ full color character art! Got 3 done so far and will be striving for close to that everyday till they are all done.

If you missed out on the sale you can buy normal priced commissions daily and keep an eye out for future sales/ specials and slot commissions.

Thank you very much from me, Kristina and the dwarf bots on the production line! We got our work cut out for us!

Spring Special Ends Today!


Ends in 8 hrs - the count down has begun! Don't miss out on discounted inked full color character art!
Head over here to add items to shopping cart:

Will be working on Spring Special orders all day to help promote/ showcase what you get with this special!
Can hop over to the Livestream page on this site to watch it live!

Jumping Boy - 8.15 - Shake It Loose

March 30, 2014 0 Comments

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Comic Notes:
#comic #webcomic #jumpingboy
Next in the ongoing adventures of Jumping Boy - The explosive climax of season two!

Please comment with your thoughts/ concerns/ questions in the comments below!

TnC 36-39 previews

March 28, 2014 0 Comments

A quick preview of finished TnC Pencils of strips in the works for coming weeks! No spoilers here just lots of fun TnC stuff to look forward to! Join us back at http://www.facebook.com/tnccomics/ every Friday for a new comic and enjoy the stuff already on there! Thats it for me this week - have a great weekend!
TnC Created/Written by Cory Matthews
Art/Design by Eryck Webb (EryckWebbGraphics)

TnC Webcomic 35 is posted!


New TnC #35 is posted! Go read, enjoy and share! Thanks for your support!

Black Widow Cobra Agent - Full Color over Inks Commission

March 27, 2014 0 Comments

Title says it all, a finished full color commission with finished inks of Black Widow from marvels avengers (more comic/ animated style than movie) if she joined the cobra ranks. Always love doing these one-off cobra designs. My attempt is always to stay true to the original character but with some cobra embellishment!

This by the way is a great example of the style your getting for the SPRING SPECIAL going on now! You will get one character, no background (will do a silhouette of some mountains or city or general environment something that only takes 3-5 min though if it makes sense to) fully drawn/ inked and then colored! 8.5x13 inches (easily blows up to 11x17 comic page size) 300dpi! And only the client gets the hires file for their collection!

Penciled in photoshop, inked in Inkscape then colored back in photoshop! Was a fun one! Might post process steps at another date! Would this interest anybody?

Jangala and Canopy - FC over Pencils Character Art Commission


Finished full color over tight pencils commission for DWald of his original characters Jangala and her sidekick/ partner Canopy - patroling the jungles for any lowlifes! The female batman and robin of Monster Island! This was a challenging one but none the less a fun one and really ahd fun with the jungle theme of it. Had tribal metal music playing all throughout working on it getting it finished today. Onto the next!

Done 100% in photoshop with wacom intuos 2, brush tool set to mimic pencil textures/ strokes and then full color overtop that.

Some process:

Rough sketch/ layout


 Finished pencils before coloring:

Spikey Yellow Warmup - 30 min warmup


Warmup sketching this morning to work out some rust and kinks n what not. Think it helped. Some Jumping Boy today. Got Livestream on all day - come out inquire about the special running till Monday if you have any questions or want more info of any kind. So far had some orders but not as big a response as I was expecting, remember first come first serve, so the earlier you purchase the earlier you get your finished art. All three options, the normal full body, chibi full body and headshot are penciled, inked and full colored with a minimal/ simple bg and you are basicaly getting the inks for free with this special. So grab them up. Hit the top banner for a direct link! I believe its in the Popular Posts link as well!

EWG Dood at Color Me Mine

March 26, 2014 0 Comments

Had a real nice day out with the wife for her birthday. Our second to last stop on the outting was at Color Me Mine - a nifty lil' business in Pittsburgh where you can pickout a blank piece of pottery or figurine and then paint it and they glaze to give it to you in a week or so. Well, I saw this little dood and thought to try and turn him into the EryckWebbGraphics mascot 'Dewd'. So EWGDewd representing!! Or my best attempt at it also working with the pre-sculpted hair. Would have looked spot on if it had been a plain smooth head. I think it would do them some good to have an option to grind down unwanted details of the piece before painting or offer more in the style of blankies that are basicaly the form and head and shape without pre-defininng specific clothing or hair types. If it was a bald head a painter could put on any kind of hair they want etc. 
Anywho! lots of fun. One thing I always want to do more of is artsy moments with the wifey and this was nice! Will see how it looks in a week when it gets picked up!

Happy Birthday Kristina

March 25, 2014 2 Comments

Happy Birthday to my love, my friend, my inspiration, my motivation and my sidekick in this adventure called life. Love you Kristina, bestest wifey evur!
Will be taking most of the day off to spend with my wife for her birthday but will be working extra hard the rest of the week to stay on schedule on folks orders!
Fun warmup this morning. About an hour.

EWG 2014 Spring Special

March 24, 2014 0 Comments

Lyonesse - Commission by EryckWebbGraphics Jedi Cometh - Commission by EryckWebbGraphics Lady Death - Commission by EryckWebbGraphics Canadian Fist Chibi - Year End Sale Commission by EryckWebbGraphics

  This Sale Ran Mon Mar 24th - Mon Mar 31st

And is now COMPLETE!

All are pencil sketched, fully INKED then fully colored - simple/no bg
Client gets 300dpi 8.5x13 jpg art
$32 - normal full figure ( $15 off)
$22 - chibi full figure( $10 off)
 $17 - headshot full figure ( $5 off)

For One Week Only!

Example of Full Color Inked Normal: [Click Here] 
Example of Full Color Inked Chibis: [Click Here]
Headshots are done same but focus on face/head/shoulders - no gallery currently available 

All orders will be worked on in order of received, starting after completion of the sale.


+ All Orders Tentatively Completed By End Of April
+ Please have one solid picture linked in your Paypal Payment or Emailed to eryckwebb3@yahoo.com at time of purchase.
+Please include your desired Order Tracking nickname and name of character in Paypal Payment and emailed reference!
+Spring Special starts upon launch on Monday Mar 24th and ends Monday Mar 31st
+Add item desired to cart, can change quantities and remove items upon checkout.
+Each order represents one character. Multiple orders can be placed in one canvas but price does not change. The size of the depiction however may be subject to being smaller depending on number of characters requested. All work is done on 8.5x13 canvas.
+All orders 300dpi 8.5x13 inch canvas illustrated primarily in Photoshop. Only customer gets hires copy. Low-res may be used in EWG galleries or promotional materials. 
+Order as many as you are willing to buy. All will have same quality and demand will be met in a timely manner!

Jumping Boy 8.14 - No Worries


Webcomic NavDesign-first by EryckWebbGraphicsWebcomic NavDesign-prev by EryckWebbGraphicsWebcomic NavDesign-center by EryckWebbGraphicsWebcomic NavDesign-next by EryckWebbGraphicsWebcomic NavDesign-archive by EryckWebbGraphics

Comic Notes:
#comic #webcomic #jumpingboy
The story continues, after much suspense - our hero has returned! Enough with the moody self doubt - onto the good stuff. See ya next time. Updating Mondays

Please comment with your thoughts/ concerns/ questions in the comments below!

Its Friday and a NEW TnC 34 Has Posted!

March 21, 2014 0 Comments

Its Friday, that means a new TnC is posted for your reading pleasure!
Head over to the main page on facebook here 

And enjoy TnC #34!

Thor - Sketch Dailies - 15 Min Warmup


#thor for #sketch_dailies @sketch_dailies as a warmup this morning - combined the looks of the comic and the movie universes thors and put my own spin on it. 15 minute gestural sketch. This is typicaly what any of my commissions look like once i nail down the composition/ pose etc then would go back in do more finished articulated pencils and then inks/ cols or whatever. But theres some def energy in this loose sketches. Working a shorter day today then heading out for the weekend. 
Will have livestream on all the while since I'll be doing some character art commissions that i can show this morning. LIVESTREAM PAGE IS DOWN, so head to Picarto channel here where I'm working right now. Say hi!

Lord Javelin - Sketchbook Pro Practice

March 18, 2014 0 Comments

A sketch I did on my kindle fire this evening after watching the marvel preview special on CBS and then Supernatural - I've discovered smoothing down a side of the rubber on my stylus makes it glide much more like my wacom/ am used to. Also, I spent the 4 bucks from a gift card balance over at amazon and sprung for the Sketchbook PRO app. Before I had sketchbook MOBILE and then before that was the free one... sketchbook PRO is worlds of difference. 10x the pen recognition and stroke handling, responsiveness and versatilities in work interface and functionality. I finaly feel like I have something I can get some serious prelim work done. I believe it is the future of my work flow that will allow me to go work outside on nice days, and or out in the living room or when at the hospital or wherever. Fantastic. I think the next step will be to get a stylus with a firm rubber tip then I will have the ultimate control over my creating on the tablet. 
At some point in the future, I will summarize my research and trial and error in the artistic experience and stylus use with my tablet in a review. For now, still doing the research :) 

Streaming Character Art Commissions All Day


Just posted a wicked Wolverine pencil sketch I did for a warmup today. Getting the ol' hand and brain warmed up for a day of straight character and comic arting. Speaking of which, I will be having the stream on all day! If I'm not there for a moment wait I'll be back. I gotsta get up get drinks/ stretch/ do honey-dos sometimes. But mostly be here arting ALL DAY LONG. Watch live, chat with me here:

Wolverine Warmup Sketch


This mornings 30 min warmup of Wolverine - just felt like doin a head shot with some hints at his shoulders and what not. Getting the hand wall warmed up as well as partitioning off my brain for nothing but straight up drawing all day! 

EWG Metal Logo with Orange Backsplash

March 17, 2014 0 Comments

New design for the network of EWG sites for post-StPattys theme. Metallic logo with a splash of orange behind it to make the metallic pop! Still maintaining the EWG brand palette of black white gran and orange. 

Really dig this look, how about you?

Leprechaun for St Patties - Sketch Dailies Warmup


Happy St Patties! Did a #LEPRECHAUN themed warmup for #sketch_dailies @sketch_dailies this afternoon before a load of drawing work. Did business stuff all morning. Time to get arting!
Drink a green beer for me :) I really don't do much for St Patties these days myself!

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com

Happy St Patrick's Day from EWG


Happy #StPattiesDay to the EWG fans and clients out there! Just splashing a little irish luck around the network of sites here on St Patricks Day 2014! Getting in the spirit. Have a safe and fun day of beer and clover goodness!

Troll Doll - EWG style - Sketch Dailies Sketch

March 14, 2014 0 Comments

Some #troll @sketch_dailies #sketch_dailies theme art today - gotta say - loved the open ended possiblities of just the theme of 'troll'. And decided to go big f'n haired troll doll route. Have'nt thought about/ seen these in years but suddenly like 'would be fun to jam do a stylized version of one'. And my fav were always the ones with the jewel tummies. The ones without always seemed incomplete to me. 

So I've gotten all my hours that I shoot for, met my goal this week and got as much production under the belt as I'm going to get. I wanted to take today to finish up business end invoicing/ job scheduling and get next week all mapped out ready to roll so I don't have to think about it over the weekend. And so good to go. Anybody still waiting on some proofs will get them next week, count on it!

Have a great weekend, and enjoy that weather while you can! yay for above 40 all weekend!

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com

HnH Live Call In Show - Comin Atcha!


The poster says it all - mark your calenders, Horseshoes and Handgrenades is having a special Live Call In Show Tuesday, March 18th starting 8pmEST!

I shalt be there to witness the epic casting and you shalt be too, I so declare!

Nerdgasms Logo and Mascot

March 13, 2014 0 Comments

Just wrapped up this dual commission of Nerdgasms logo revamp and mascot design. The two are made to go together but the logo is different in its own right than the mascot. no teeth no eyes and some negative space where on the mascot you see red around the face but the red brought back in with a external circle. All is done completely in vector and then I did this version for this pic you see here with some photoshop touchups. 

Fun fun to develop and work on. Had Nacho Libre on netflix in the background a bunch while working on the Bobba Fett wrestler guy :) 

Monster Pets Logo Design


Below was the rough drafts for the finished logo above! Note lots of articulation and refinement and 'exactinating' of curvs and lines and what is and isn't in the final version. Great logo to work on! Definitly a personal fav!

Heres a look at a logo design in progress, having a lot of fun with it. The colors and the articulation of the animals/ tentacles are not final, will refine them and exact-inate them upon approval. Will provide a black and white version, a flat color version, and then a full color - all the bells and whistles version similar to these draft versions here, though I think some moon texture and reptilian texture on the tentacles really faint will set it off nice. Some stone texture for the words.

Which do you like better, the more horizontal or the verticle?

HnH Live Call In - Pencils Sketch/ Mockup


Heres a rough sketch proof sent out to the kids at HnH this morning! Promotional art for their special Live Call In edition of their podcast Horseshoes and Handgrenades. If you haven't listened/ gone to see this show its a great show. They pull all of the craziest, coolest and funniest news from around the world into one digest. But mixing this all together is a hilarious onslaught of rants and commentary on the stories and the lives of the hosts as well. Not to be missed. They do a live show every Tuesday 8pm and this is for their special 'Live Call In' edition. Anywho! This isn't a case study or showing process beyond this by any menas. So sticking this in the sketch book with other incomplete or rough works both professional and personal.

Streaming Drawz All Day


#digitalart #livestream 
Streaming Digital Drawz All Morning/ Afternoon as of 730amEST
(If its not on at one time, come back again I'll be on all day)

Head to:

1. HnH pencils
2. DKBell Pencils
3. DMi Fin
4. Nerdgasm Logo final draft
5. Nerdgasm Mascot final draft
6. Godhood logo final draft
7. Monster Pet final draft

A great chance to come out, inquire about commissions, process and just say hi in real time.

Commissions can be purchased by emailing me at eryckwebb3@yahoo.com

There will be no Thursday Night Livestream tonight


EWG Gallery Of Works Is Live

March 12, 2014 0 Comments

Introducing the newest addition to the special Features on the Eryck Webb Graphics Website! Proud to release the official website Gallery Of Work! Importing from several different sections of the website that already exist, and organizing them as one eye-candy filled gallery! Featuring Client Commissioned works, Personal Works and Sketchbook Posts! Head over to 'Gallery Of Work' section on the new menu at right and be sure to comment on the page let me know your thoughts on ways to improve or things you like/ don't like.

The beauty of this is it showcases the top 20 of each section in one neat grid design. As new posts are added it automatically adds them and drops one on the end. This will be the location for the latest and greatest art additions to the website! This project has taken several weeks of brainstorming, research and code finagling but I'm happy to finally have it up and running! Down the line I will refine type/ color/ layout setups but for now, its good to go!

The code setup for this gallery also provides a good 'archive' setup for the web-comics on this site.

Queen Mera of the Sea


Didn't know much about her when I got this commission but really dig her look/ presence style in the images I googled. Only place I remember her from was Justice League on the episode of how Aquaman lost his hand to save their baby. She had a lot of costume variations over the years but I really dug this crown and body suit the best. I enjoyed in the inking process adding in the 'scale' pattern her outfit has.
Penciled photoshop, inked in inkscape and colored in photoshop. This is an example of a full color over inks commission with no background. I sometimes opt to show all the way down to the feet but I often like to crop at the knees to make the figure fill the canvas as much as possible. I know in this case the client likes me to do it this way in almost all the work I've done for him.

Invisible Woman - Joins Cobra


Susan Storm has defected! This was a full color over inks commission with min/no background with free reign on designing her if she joined Cobra. GIJoe won't see her coming! (get it, invisibliity?)
I think she came out looking like Kelly Riba (that how you spell her name?) not intentionaly but... Always enjoy these 'design on a whim' commissions. The difference between something like this and paying for the design is when you pay for it, you pay for a couple hours for me to really research ideas and really experiment push the design as many ways as I possibly can so that in the end, you are getting the best possible result out of all the varieties and exploration.
My overall intention is to post finished works on the EWG website mainly. And once a week pick a fav/ best work to put on Deviant Art gallery. I will also remove a old work and hopefuly eventualy end up with a gallery of bests on Deviant Art.
At some point it will happen, that EWG website will have a full blown gallery of thumbnails and works to enlarge and browse through, but I am currently researching/ studying on how to code that. I'd love if I could devize a code or widget that would pull all the thumbnails from 'CLIENT ART' section and put them as one big mozaic gallery on one page, then when you click one, it takes you to a page like this where you can read the notes and see the full size art. This is my goal.
Also unrelated I'm looking into a better format for posting and reading my webcomics. Jumping Boy is not the first and will not be the last. When it eventualy concludes I got other stories I want to lay down and this website will be the home of them all. I just want to find a better way to present them then currently setup on this site. All goals down the line... thanks for checking out this art!

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