Troll Doll - EWG style - Sketch Dailies Sketch

March 14, 2014

Some #troll @sketch_dailies #sketch_dailies theme art today - gotta say - loved the open ended possiblities of just the theme of 'troll'. And decided to go big f'n haired troll doll route. Have'nt thought about/ seen these in years but suddenly like 'would be fun to jam do a stylized version of one'. And my fav were always the ones with the jewel tummies. The ones without always seemed incomplete to me. 

So I've gotten all my hours that I shoot for, met my goal this week and got as much production under the belt as I'm going to get. I wanted to take today to finish up business end invoicing/ job scheduling and get next week all mapped out ready to roll so I don't have to think about it over the weekend. And so good to go. Anybody still waiting on some proofs will get them next week, count on it!

Have a great weekend, and enjoy that weather while you can! yay for above 40 all weekend!

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