Halloween Night LiveSCREAM!

October 31, 2013

Tonight's Livestream is more like a Halloween Party, EWG style!
Come out jam to a specially prepared Halloween playlist fresh from a bubbling couldron and watch 3 Halloween Special orders come to life. Not 1, but 3! Take that Dr. Frankenstein!
Sure to be a Howling good time!

And just for Halloween, below is the playlist I put together. My emphasis on songs that weren't necessarily written for Halloween, but when played for halloween ... fit it quite well :) 

ONLY at http://www.eryckwebbgraphics.com/p/ewg-livestream.html (or click the button on this site's menu)


Halloween TnC Posted!

The readers demanded it, so here it is! A Halloween strip of TnC!
Have a happy and safe Halloween!

Hallow's Eve Eve Sunny Mild and Nuttin Wild

October 30, 2013

Just sort of a casual notebook post, which is the original intent of the notebook. Just sort of a 'work journal'. I'm working steady today, doin some laundry, enjoying the fresh air today, nice sunny and mild out. Not working at the NITROS fueled tempo I meant to but can't complain. Sunny out, smells like fall... whats not to like? I planned poorly for work... should have planned to just do proof sketches and design thumbnails all day so I could work outside on my tablet. But alas I have finishings i must complete today. I don't know if its the weather or the time of the year or halloween is tomorrow but I'm feelin pretty good today, just not stressin havin fun with what I'm doing. Gotta find a way to do that every day. Ah well! Later will be experimenting with preserving my ghoulish pumpkin carving with the mamma in law tonight. It and my wife's pumpkins have already started sagging a bit but hopefuly we can curb that. I think they'll make it till tomorrow for sure but will be interesting to see how long we can make them last well!

K, lunch break over... back to EET!

Also, a spook chanted to me the eve of Halloween AND the day of will see a special theme for the EWG site :)

And theres a special TREAT (no trick, i sware) - for Halloween Commission purchasers during tomorrow night's livestream!

See you then!

Jack-O-Monster! Pumpkin 'sculpting' experiment process 2013

October 28, 2013

Heres a quick look at the process of scuplting and carving my jack-o lantern this year

Cut the top scrape out the guts - i usualy make a 'hinge' or notch to make the lid fit nicer.

Once you have an idea what you want to do, its best to peel off the outer skin in all the areas where you want to work. In this case I did it everywhere I didn't want the pumkin's 'hairline' the meat of the pumkin is much easier to work with than the tough skin so that has to be cut off like a potatoe skin.

Using a butter knife (really liked how well the butter knife dug in and scraped away the pumpkin meat) defined the big shapes

Kept going still carving the basic shapes making sure everythings even and stuff n stuff. At this point did not cut actual holes in the pumpkin.

Eventualy scraped away with the butterknife using a small pumpkin carving kit knife for finger details like under eyes and such. Added more wrinkles and defined facial features, cut holes for the eyes and around the teeth. Even made holes for the nostrils. The picture above shows a candle lit in the pumkin while im working on it, the book held high enough not to catch on fire, drops a shadow for easier seeing where light is coming out. Doing this you can define how much light shows in different areas and adjust how deep the carvings are to make it look how you want when it is lit.

And here is the pumpkin finished up. I went in after this pic made the bottom lip more defined. But you can see the candle still in it, so that is illuminating it a bit

Here is what it looks like lit up:



Me and my pumpkin experiment! I know theres various ways to preserve them but I not too worried. Should make it till thurs with how cold it is out.
Fun stuff! 

What are you doing with your Jack O Lantern this year? And would you like to know more about the making of this that I did not cover? Comment below -  Thanks and Happy Halloween!

The Self-Employment Reality - Cracking The Whip!

Pulled this interesting food for thought article from this website I believe it is very honest and I can relate! - Eryck

... I’ve been keeping track of the hours I’ve spent working, and something hit me HARD last night (not what she said). It occurred to me that every hour I put down on that paper, is a SOLID hour of hard work. Not facebooking, not talking on the phone, not going out for coffee or long walking breaks, nothing – just pure work.

And then I think back to my old 9-5 jobs :) And how many hours spent there REALLY went towards my core duties. 6? 5? 3? Not counting my restaurant or retail jobs (THAT is a lot of no-B.S. work), you already take out an hour for lunch, and then another one when you first walk in since everyone knows that’s time for catching up and checking email (personal, and work) and getting everything squared away so you can “start the day.” Then factor in all the internet searching, or out of office breaks the average person usually takes, and we’re already down to 6 or 7. Maybe even 5 knowing some of my friends ;) (I think one day I actually worked ZERO hours to see if I could get away with it. And as bad as it sounds, no one noticed. I wouldn’t dare recommend it though!)

Pretty crazy if you think about it, right? I mean, it’s def. good for YOU the worker, and I’m not saying to work 100% straight w/ no breaks or fun time or anything like that – it would indeed kill productivity – but it’s DEFINITELY different when you’re self-employed. Every hour you bill or need to complete a project is exactly that: An hour. There’s no internet rando time here, or goofing off and getting away with it there – it’s all pure work. I mean, yeah – we DO waste time online and all that too (do you know how many awesome reruns are on during the day?? Judge Judy? Hoarders?) but that only *extends* our work day as we still have a job to finish up. We can’t go home and forget about it for the night, because to the self-employed, ANY hour can be a work hour. And there’s no salary to tell you it’s gonna pay off in the end. Literally ;)

So the next time you say you “wish you could work for yourself” or “It must be nice working in your boxers!” think about what you’re really asking for there. Would you be able to work 10-12-14 solid hours each day to make that happen? Not knowing 100% if you’re even GONNA get paid for all that work in the end? If you’ve never thought about how good you just may have it at your boring day-to-day gig, perhaps some of these things might perk you up just a little ;)

Owning a small business, or writing blog posts all day may sound sexy to the average person, but it’s not always $hits and giggles. You gotta seriously enjoy the hustle if you want to be successful. And if you’re not disciplined enough to sit still and pound out the work day in and day out, it may not be the best fit. Which is totally cool – it takes all kinds of people to run this world of ours!

Other small biz owners: Anything you’d like to add? Do you put in more *actual* hours than a typical office job? Or am I totally cuckoo over here?

I also liked many of the responses below that add to this article:

"So true! I used to get so frustrated with the amount of wasted time at work. I thought if I worked for myself at home I would get so much more done. Turns out, I cannot work at full speed for 10 hours a day. I miss the interaction and what was “wasted” time was actually very encouraging and motivating for me. Lesson learned!"

"Then you have quarterly taxes and IT issues to handle on your own. Oh and medical insurance is extremely high."

"So true. Workers spend a lot of their 8 hour day doing non-work related things, like talking with peers, checking email, etc."

"I’ve never really had the urge to work for myself, mainly because at the point in my life I crave stability and I don’t think I’d get it if I worked for myself, but this is a really good point. My dad always worked for himself and worked a lot harder than the people who worked for companies. It’s not all butterflys and rainbows!"

"This is my first month of self-employment, and I agree. People have no clue how much work I put into my blog and freelance projects. I have to force myself to take breaks, eat lunch, and turn off the computer because there’s so much to get done. I love what I’m doing, but I am definitely working harder than I ever did as an employee!"

Halloween Special - Character Art Special!

October 24, 2013

Click to enlarge

Halloween Special!

A fun idea discussed between myself and some fans on Livestream a week or two ago was offering a unique character art commission for Halloween mainly being black and white on a gray canvas, with orange and gray tones as the only other medium. Well, here we are!

For $25 paid through paypal cart below, get a 300dpi 8.5x13 finished art of your original character or fan art of a mainstream character of choice. Order more than one! Order will look like the examples above!

Background generaly the same orange cracked framing as shown and the orange areas and gray shades all vary depending on what I go with. No proofs, and knee-up only. If you've gotten orders from me befoer you know its never JUST that :) 

This special is only available as of 10/24/13 to 10/31/13 (Halloween). After that the shopping cart button below will be removed!

Order more than one! Securely through Paypal via your balance or credit card. No limit! Be sure to include link to a good visual reference of character desired. No text descriptions or 'pieces' please. Save that for character design commissions!

Ready for some awesome halloween-themed art? Add orders to cart below!

$25.00 - 8.5x13'' 300dpi One Character Digital Art

This special is no longer offered, the cart button has been taken down.
Thanks for your participation  :)

As business experiments go, sometimes specials or sales or promotions flop. This one sorta did, but I thank the three individuals who purchased orders and happily showed my gratitude by upgrading their orders to full color on lastnights Livestream. :) Enjoy sirs!

TnC #12 - Daughter Daddy Time - OUT NOW!

October 18, 2013

Funny new TnC #12 - "Daughter Daddy Time" out today! Go read it up! One of my favs from this month's strips I produced https://www.facebook.com/TNCComics

Coming Up On Livestream Thursday for 10/17/13

October 16, 2013

Livestream Thursday features all the magical stuff on the Eternals Inc 'New Blood' artwork
Come check it out 830pmEST at www.eryckwebbgraphics.com

EoSS Wrap Up Update

October 15, 2013

So Oct 15th was a bit too ambitious for the EoSS orders given my overall work load. But by end of the week they will all be done. Today is not realistic, but 18th should be good to go.
But check em out - almost there! http://www.eryckwebbgraphics.com/p/commission-order-progress.html

Duck Duck Creature Box

Crappy cell phone pic, we got much better pics of us and the duck on a digi cam, the big girls volleyball team was constantly in the way LOL

Front sketch of the rubber duck from where i was sitting

Rear sketch of the rubber duck from where i was sitting. The ducks in the water and two girls sitting on the edge give it some scale. 

Went saw the rubber ducky today in Pittsburgh! Was really cool. Did two sketches of it and took a bunch of photos with my wife and her momma of the duck and us infront of the duck and the fountain at point park.

A pic off the google search of what my book/ package looked like. Even that silouetted tentacle on the box (the creature box, get it? get it?) made me feel like an amateur lol.

When we got home waiting for me (out in the weather OMG IF IT GOT RUINED) was fedex's delivery of my Creature Box publication 'The Monster Volume' - needless to say i tore into that and studied it for a good hour then realized I needed to put it down and get to work. But that is a book full of inspiration and creative juiceness if I've ever seen it. If you do not have a copy, I highly recommend.

Needless to say working late today/ tonight hehe

Good day, I will be finishing up a priority client order before 8 or 9 tonight then definitly at 9 watching an all new episode of Supernatural. Then after that be doing as many End Of Summer Special orders as I can before midnight!

Mirror Mirror Hailie Chibi and Powerplay Bust commissions - 10/11/13 Livestream recap

October 12, 2013

Chibi order of 'MirrorMirror Hailie' for Jupe !

Great character 'Powerplay' for Micromax! Love this super hockey playin dood. Channeled some serious Jumping Boy into this I think. But then took it rough and tumble irish hard head hockey super hero route haha - WWII goggles and that jacket? Yeah... hes a bomber alright!

These were both a lot of fun, and happy to say puts me a bit closer to done by the 15th. Will get most done by 15th the rest the client needs them by the 20th so thats cool will have them done by the 18th :) 

Needless to say will be in a mad EoSS fury next week ;) 

These were lots of fun, I feel like on PowerPlay I hit a new mark with the pencils which i want to try to capture for future works. Also love this take on a bust commission and my treatment with the background.

The chibi of Hailie uses some new approaches to the color palette and light/darks. Hit some new awesome there too I think.

All in all some progressive pieces pushing the craft on both ends. Good stuff.
Below is the livestream making of these pieces from tonights session. Livestream can be flakey sometimes, but its best out there, and WAY better than Ustream!

Have a fantastic weekend! Thanks to clients of both of these for coming out seein em happen!

Keep drawin Jupe!

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com

TnC #11 out today! Strip going weekly as of now!

October 11, 2013

TiaAndCory comic strip - weekly has begun! 
Check out #11 'The Caped Cowl' 

Godzilla Ghost Busting - 10/10/13 Thursday Night Livestream Recap

Saria the shape shifting elf for halloween turned into a 'clubbing style' godzilla and forgot about the size issue associated with that

Ghost buster fan art of Kylie Griffin, comic version. Shes doing some ghost hunting but might be here that gets the busting from what lerks behind her

I didn't realize it till now but both these orders were nice halloween-esque works to do I even had gothic/ ghost/ monster style music on at times. Good ones for October.

These were both fun commissions to work on Thursday 10/11/13, and had their own set of challenges. The Sariazilla one was the customers OC Saria the shape shifting elf. For halloween she turned into a 'clubbing style' godzilla and forgot about the size issue associated with that. That at least what I was going for. The request was 'goth looking, godzilla costume, and still look like saria' soooo.. it was challenging. I finaly decided to have her wearing a tight dress with along tail that looked like godzilla, her body having scales sort of messed that intention up but the hair eyebrows and teeth/ eye style are straight from godzilla as well as the ridge down the middle of the chest. This one took about two hours start to fin. 

After that was the fan art commission of Kylie Griffin, comic version. Shes doing some ghost hunting but might be here that gets the busting from what lerks behind her. Thats the general premise I came up with. The challenge with this one was staying true to the original character design and how her face / mouth/ eyes are always portrayed all cockeyed and attitude-ish. Then at the end I jus twen tto town having fun with creepy lighting and textures. Pretty neat result for that. This one was about 2 hours as well. Starting on both of these 830 and finishing up about 1230.

These End Of Summer Specials are getting chopped away slowly but I want them all done and out the door by Oct 15th. So watch for me to ramp up the production and making them priority for the next 4 days. 
Its go time. Go GO GO

Livestream recording of entire live session:

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com

Ultimate audio experience - Winamp 'Enhancer 017'

October 9, 2013

Actual screenshot of my settings lol
I did not know my bass could go THAT high. What we all normaly hear was in the middle to near the left.
And like I said, that Harmonic/ Ambience sliders.... heavenly. Simply heavenly!

Holy crap.... needed more cowbell in my music listening experience. specialy for these massive quality headphones. picked up a winamp plugin called 'Enhancer' by various winamp programming wiz of some sort. My god man LOL. I didnt know the bass could go that high. in the middle is what we all hear normay LOL. this is a screenshot of where the settings are at for me. by the way... those 'harmonic' and 'ambient' settings at the bottom.... make the 5 min searching for this and figuring out how to install it.... absolutely worth it. turns dubstep into freakin heaven. K, that was my rant to just say somethin bout the sweet audio controls i got. cause windows by default doesnt come with crap. not even a nice realtek dashboard. who needs it, i got winamp. 

So after downloading and fittling with many non-impressive plugins, my fav is officialy Enhancer 017 by Adrian Losif - heres the link: http://www.winamp.com/plugin/enhancer-017/81361 man I can't say enough how this just opened up a can of music/ audio universe i was not previously part of. Great stuff!

If you have winamp. You need this. Its a DSP/Effect plug in. You install the download and then go to option/preferences/ under DSP/effect select it and hit 'cnofigure' and just lave that little palette open ... and have fun :) I can't figure out the presets yet but just moving the bars... wow what a difference!

Kay just had to gush about this. $30 Koss headphones and winamp, some killer playlists and this audio enhancer... golden.

Needless to say Livestreams will be crankin harder audibly, and etc :)

The review section of this website features all things that influence and drive EWG art on a daily basis, and are subject to Eryck's personal opinion and experience!

TnC Goes Weekly! MOOR comics!

Good News! TnC is going weekly starting this friday! Only at www.facebook.com/tnccomics and www.twitter.com/TNCcomics - hope ya dig!

Livestream 10/9/13 Recap - Two EoSS Chibis

Got these two wrapped up simultaneously this evening, as a bonus, below is the original sketch for DesecratedDreams (the top character). Didn't have one for Pulsar after it was all said and done but had this one and thought I'd share. 

Got these two done in just under 2 hours, starting at 10pm and finishing them both by 12am - gotta be a new record. They were a blast and was happy to have a handful of EWG true believers out to see them get created!

Livestream video of the session below, it was one full recorded session for some reason Livestream turned it into two videos. Video 1 and 2 below! Enjoy!! See everyone out Thursday for the regular 'Thursday Night Livestream', starting 830pmEST! Will be doing more orders! Including a bust, and a Saria elf w/ godzilla themed design/outfit - see ya then!

Part 1

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com

Part 2

Supernatural Season 9 tonight at 8pmEST - FanArt

October 8, 2013

Excited for the premier of Supernatural Season 9 tonight
Heres some fan art I've done over the years

Hunters - Supernatural WP by EryckWebbGraphics 
 Supernatural Free Will by EryckWebbGraphics
Supernatural - The Crew by EryckWebbGraphics

Thursday Night Livestream(s) this week

This week's Livestream will be x2 as I will be working on as many EoSS orders as possible tonight at 9pm till at least midnight and then again Thursday 830pm till midnight. Come out, grab a seat see you then!
Only at the EWG Livestream page:  www.eryckwebbgraphics.com/p/ewg-livestream.html

No registration necessary, come hang, study, watch, enjoy!


Haz Turtles

October 7, 2013

Now I can make turtle soup! Leonardo and the rest were the reason I am doing what I'm doing today. Especially Leonardo. From the days in 3rd grade of tracing Leo in an ol' TMNT coloring book over and over and over till I started drawing from memory and slowly changing his pose and eventually starting to draw freestyle and where I am now. Happy to finally have picked up some great looking contemporary figures. Will eventually take them out of the package and have them posed around my work area guarding it fiercely from the foot. 
Thx to my sis Adrya for the birthday loot to go get something i'd really enjoy getting and the ability to do it guilt free (as opposed with bill/ tax money ) took a year but finally used that card haha!

Pic of all 4 as they currently are with crappy phone cam

Close up of my fav/ the one that started it all, with crappy phone cam

Page updates

Just a quick note that the messed up CSS on the Livestream page  has been fixed, and this week's Livestream sessions planned are listed on that page as well. (check er out by clicking the 'EWG Livestream' link on the menu).

Also added a new page for fun, just some of the quirky requests from clients. This is not meant to single out any one client or group of clients but I've acquired a wide variety over the years. I just gotta have more time to add them on. All comments I post are for reflection and study and perhaps my therapy LOL.

*update: eh i chickened out of the 'unique ccustomer comments' page, just rather not offend anybody .

aight later on!

TnC No 10 out today!

October 4, 2013

NEW! TnC webcomic #10! Out This Morning! 
Thank  you to Cory for having me on board for the art and congrats on ten strips so far!
Go! Read! Share! Comment! Like! https://www.facebook.com/TNCComics

Created/Written/Colored by Cory Matthews
Drawn/Lettered by Eryck Webb

Thurs Night Livestream Eternals Inc 'New Blood' Ink lines all wrapped up!

Tonights Livestream was a lot of fun, had up to 16 folks out to check out this piece in progress. Many of which I'm sure were people whose original characters are featured in this piece. Above is the finished line-art as far as I got it tonight. Which was, completely drawn. Anything I missed though I'll add in upon doing all the spot blacks. Then after that flats and lighting (shadows/highlights/ effects) - this started out rocky when i jumped the gun tried to rush through important steps. But I want to do it right so I went re-penciled it and am taking the necessary steps to do it as good if not better than my usual high quality work. I don't know what I was even attempting to do before but it did not work! Anywho, loving how its coming out. With fresh eyes I might re-tweak some lines and such then finish the black and whites on this puppy and get 'er colored!

But for now, sleeeep.

Enjoy the 4 hours Livestream below! (Thank you Livestream for not botching the save of the video to your server this time)

See you next Thursday Night LiveScream! I mean stream! (hehe) - also, next week's might focus on End Of Summer Special commissions as I want them all done by the 15th! Rather, expect several stream evenings between now and the 15th as I kick into high production mode! Uh, after some sleep... NIGHT!

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com

Sin City 16'' figure birthday surprise

October 3, 2013

Sorry for the crappy photos... camera phone... nuff said!

Dude... look what I got in the mail today - a VERY generous and awesome gift from a long time and super big fan, friend and customer, and cohort on the TnC webcomic series, Cory! Marv and Hartigan, my two favorite story lines from the movie Sin City. How'd he know?! Friggin glorious - these are sixteen inch figures! And the detail's incredible. They're not 'action figures' they're friggin statues! But pose-able. Love they maintain the black white/ grey tone of the movie too. Will have to figure out where to put these behemoths!! Lol expect some 'warmups' and so forth to contain one of either of these at any given time!

Dude, Cory, thank you very much for the birthday gift and the inspiration. I will have to find a way to repay you somehow. These are awesome and I definitely appreciate the support and thought!

Dood, awesomeeee. Hartigan is broody cause I gave marv the gas can and not him. Nya ha.

Now I wanna go watch the movie again lol!

LiveScream Thursday! Digital Ink Session Tonight!

This promotional ad says it all, 830pmEST tonight! Going till 1230am!
Head over to the EWG Livestream channel on this site! (Menu is at left)
Or click the link:
See you tonight for 4 hours of digital inking with brush, pen tool and other such techniques!
Always funny chattings going on by viewers, peppy tunes to match the art and live interaction with Eryck Webb on changes if your involved in the piece, or questions etc if your wanting to pick Eryck's brain at all.

Grab a seat, its 830pmEST tonight right after the new Big Bang Theory!

81 Years of Workin Inspiration

October 2, 2013

A true inspiration no matter what your 'work' is, i love his motto about 'never stop working'. Saw this segment on Sunday Morning on CBS last Sunday and have had his words about 'never quit working' in my head since. 'Its what keeps you going, its what gives you purpose. Now that doesnt mean a 9-5 job, it could be a goal or passion in your life. But for me, its what I do... EWG, and outside of EWG...
Also, on the flipside if I'm ever down on my business or what I do day in and day out and whether it makes sense, I can always remember that theres a guy out there selling brooms at 10.00 each every day. I can at least draw doodles for 10.00 each every day with some personal satisfaction :)

Crash, Krow and Chibi EoSS Livestream Videos!

Good Morning, thought I would post up a recap of some recent commissions and their livestream videos that you may not have seen yet. Enjoy! Thanks to those who check these out when I post up new ones, etc. Would love to hear comments on twitter/ facebook/ or this site about your thoughts on the livestream videos and what you enjoy most about them.

Alright, got a short list of todos today! Time to get crackin! Have a great tuesday! Also, enjoy these videos? Will be Livestreaming a 15 character 'Eternals Inc New Blood' piece thursday at 830pmSET-1230pmEST

Hope to see ya there!

Something WItty's OC 'Crash' in a megaman vein! Tight digital pencils and then colored using the pencils as lineart and some black fills. Took from about 2 hours but felt longer took me a while early on to get warmed up. But ended up with one of my fav pieces ever so far! Thanks to Witty for the artistic libertie with her cannon design and such!
Here livestream below:

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com

Krow, OC for JKrausky! Did this after all warmed up on the Crash piece and cranked it out between 11 and 1230 that night and think it came out pretty sweet. Digital pencils with full color again and I dig the little details like the smoking guns and clouds and lines on the mask, fun stuff. Challenge was doing the mostly black character but adding in more visual interest then just flat black so I like to allow more light to land on the body but still keep it mostly black
And the video of this one here:

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com

The OC Citizen13! For JJohn - ready to do some fraggin!
Did this one lastnight on Livestream impromptu style. What can I say, this was a blast. I knew it was only one I was doing lastnight so spent some extra time on it. This patriotic soldier type character can blast small portable nukes with the best of them! At least in chibi mode :) 
And heres the video:

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com

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