Ultimate audio experience - Winamp 'Enhancer 017'

October 9, 2013

Actual screenshot of my settings lol
I did not know my bass could go THAT high. What we all normaly hear was in the middle to near the left.
And like I said, that Harmonic/ Ambience sliders.... heavenly. Simply heavenly!

Holy crap.... needed more cowbell in my music listening experience. specialy for these massive quality headphones. picked up a winamp plugin called 'Enhancer' by various winamp programming wiz of some sort. My god man LOL. I didnt know the bass could go that high. in the middle is what we all hear normay LOL. this is a screenshot of where the settings are at for me. by the way... those 'harmonic' and 'ambient' settings at the bottom.... make the 5 min searching for this and figuring out how to install it.... absolutely worth it. turns dubstep into freakin heaven. K, that was my rant to just say somethin bout the sweet audio controls i got. cause windows by default doesnt come with crap. not even a nice realtek dashboard. who needs it, i got winamp. 

So after downloading and fittling with many non-impressive plugins, my fav is officialy Enhancer 017 by Adrian Losif - heres the link: http://www.winamp.com/plugin/enhancer-017/81361 man I can't say enough how this just opened up a can of music/ audio universe i was not previously part of. Great stuff!

If you have winamp. You need this. Its a DSP/Effect plug in. You install the download and then go to option/preferences/ under DSP/effect select it and hit 'cnofigure' and just lave that little palette open ... and have fun :) I can't figure out the presets yet but just moving the bars... wow what a difference!

Kay just had to gush about this. $30 Koss headphones and winamp, some killer playlists and this audio enhancer... golden.

Needless to say Livestreams will be crankin harder audibly, and etc :)

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