Change o plans

January 31, 2013

My 14-18 hour 'pining for the hospitalized wife' work days are complete, as I am off to get my wife (and her mom) at the hospital. A couple hours trip stay and return but very happy shes coming home.

Will work later on what I can. Schedule is up in the air right now. Must-completes for this week will def get done by end of the day tomorrow though.

Working on Livestream today

January 30, 2013

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at
On Livestream today. Not recording just broadcasting. Come say hi ... working on multiple things today! -

This Morning's Warmup Sketch - Dropped In

January 29, 2013

Click To Enlarge

This morning's warmup sort of dropped in at the perfect time. From the ceiling light straight down to the top of my monitor where it stayed there, maybe surprised by the experience, in what I thought was an interesting pose/ position. So I quickly sketched him up before he moved and then finished out the details after grabbing h im with a tissue and tossing him out. But not before closely studying his details. Thanks Mr Stinkbug for your modeling today. I can not pay you, but I instead tossed you on your way outside instead of flushing you.  Do take care to not come back in now please :) 
Anywho, cool stuff. Honestly dont remember lasttime i really sat down and drew an insect to draw one.

"The brown marmorated stink bug was accidentally introduced into the United States from China or Japan. It is believed to have "hitched a ride" as a stowaway in packing crates. The first documented specimen was collected in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in September 1998.[3][10] Several Muhlenberg College students were reported to have seen these bugs as early as August of that same year.[6][11]Other reports have the brown marmorated stink bug recovered as early as 2000 in New Jersey from a black light trap run by the Rutgers Cooperative Extension (RCE) Vegetable Integrated Pest Management program in Milford, New Jersey. [12] In 2002, it was again collected in New Jersey from black light traps located in Phillipsburg and Little York and was found on plant material in Stewartsville. It was quickly documented and established in many counties in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware,Connecticut and New York on the eastern coast of the United States. By 2009, this agricultural pest had reached Maryland,West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Ohio, and Oregon.[13] In 2010 this pest was found in additional states including Indiana,[14] Michigan,[15] Minnesota,[16] and other states.[17] As of November, 2011 it has spread to 34 U.S. states.[4]"

5 Heroes Final Art Sneak Peak

January 25, 2013

Currently working on this 5 figure piece. Doing all the inks in crisp vector style with pen tool to give it a sharper edge with its transparency when it goes on the web. Already posted the baby on DeviantArt to test the transparency. Workin great. Here is other snapshots of the other characters. All finished, and the woman on top left i'm currently doing right now. Just loved how it was coming out wanted to show it off a bit.
Final art will be released when it goes live on the client's site. But heres a few sneak peaks.

Clockin inz-

Clockin in 7am this morning... gettin shiznit done! Lots due today. Go Go Go. Priorities are a 5 character piece (I have one character left to do on it), a charity logo and getting out all remaining pencil proofs. Stay tuned to to see where your particular orders are at.

A Bery Bat Bity Warmup

January 24, 2013

Click to Enlarge

This mornings 15 min warmup in similar style to the 'Jumping Bity' we have BatBity! You can't see him, hes cloaked in mystery! Alright on to client work. Must-completes for this week are now the priority. Spent the first half of the week trying to juggle pending and new orders and now shifting over to focus on the stuff that has to be done by this weekend. Git er done!

Also available to fav / watch on Deviant Art! -

15 Sec Drill Warmup This Morning

January 22, 2013

Click to Enlarge

This morning's warmup brought to you by Posemaniacs, their awesome 30 second drawing option (i had mine set for 15 seconds each) and it'll keep going forcing you to speed up your skill and figure out how to capture the pose in the time you set and its amazing how fast you learn to simplify and really knock it out without looking at the page after a while. 
I recommend. I basicaly let it run till I felt like I wasn't able to cram any more figures on the canvas and then stopped. Was about 8-10 minutes of figures here on an 11x17 canvas. 
On to pencil client work, and I think it'll be better result today because of this great session!
The figures include female, male and 'super male' figures.

(o I also just took about a minute afterwards and added some loose shades to define some of the figures better :) just had fun with it... important when starting a long day o drawing ) 

EWG on livestream tonight

January 21, 2013

EWG on livestream, with a quickie JB chibi warmup and then getting pencils and inks squared away on 4 commissions - as of 7:20pm EST - see you there

Give and you shall receive

See kiddies, this is what happens when you +Watch EWG on deviant art and have your wall comments set to allow muro art :) In most cases I try to throw a little 'thanks' doodle in there !

2013 EWG Logo Redesign Released!

January 19, 2013

Click any of these images to enlarge!

Introducing the newly redesigned Eryck Webb Graphics logo! Shown here in black and white and in color. And with its set style when combined with the type logo.

Basicaly a top to bottom tweak of the previous logo, but lowering the eyes a bit, lowering the hair closer to the eyes, articulating a little more hair, and redesigned the ears. Wanted it to be a little less 'perfected' as far as the shape as well to give it more of an illustrated look like my comic art and character art commissions. Showing where I'm at now in my work as more of a fully realized illustrator than a graphic designer. So more of a nod in that direction.

What do you think? Will feature a contrast/ comparison and the process of developing this (went through many redesigns and variations to nail this one down) versus the logo style changes from previous years. SO thats to come in a future post.

The EWG initials and EryckWebbGraphics type logo treatments haven't changed, pretty happy with those.

Heres to EWG 2013, and this also marks the start of the 5th year since EWG was started! Thank you to everyone who helps keep this train chugging down the tracks.

Wow... been that long?

Voting for End of January Special is Closed.

January 18, 2013

Alright. This voting is over. It'll be $30.00 full color one character with background.
Special will start soon with limited slots. Thanks for voting everybody!

Flu YOU!

January 17, 2013

Well, I'm officially vaccinated for the flu this year. Rather... vaccinated for this year's popular type of the multiple types out there (according to a lil' research). All the news channels, newspapers and websites can stop hyping up this "Flu Epidemic"  now please. Seriously, its brought up every 5 minutes. Whether or not its as bad as they make it out to be (and if I recall, they make it out to be horribly bad every year around this time... helps boost sales) ... they are right in reporting the shortage. I'm amazed how much the stores struggle to keep supply in. I essentially checked with 3 stores (two rite aids and a CVS) and they had nothing. But a hot tip that another Rite Aid in Beaver Falls had some. But they ran out for a day previously. So I find the media contradicting itself badly. On one hand it hypes everyone into a anxiety stricken panic to go get your flu shots, on the other hand its reporting the very real shortage. Maybe there wouldn't be a shortage if they weren't making it such a mad rush of a situation. Start reporting calmly early fall and not wait till after the new year to start sending everyone in a panic and suddenly all stores supply of the vaccine are depleted cause the lemmings like to all run over the cliff together.

But feels good to take the step towards keeping myself healthy. Don't do a lot of that lately. And hopefully that's one less thing to worry about as my wife continues her chemo treatments till June and last thing i want is to get her gravely ill with the flu when i could have avoided it.

On a side note, I had a funny decision to make when the pharmacist asked if i wanted it in my left or right arm. My right was facing her so I went ahead and said that. But I had this post-decision anxiety hoping it wouldnt effect my ability to draw. LOL. Oh well. We shall see.

Bandwagon secured.

Vote for next EWG commission special

End of January will see the launch of the next EWG special (and first special sale of 2013) - in a constant effort to innovate this entity known as commission art, I'm giving fans/customers the chance to vote on which type of special they rather have. I came up with three I'm willing to do for this one, and put them up as options. The one with the most votes will launch sometime before the end of the month. If theres a tie, then I get to choose which I rather do. 

Voting ends Friday (tomorrow) 1/18

How We Do Things Downtown...

Click to enlarge

Well, tonight's first installment of 'Watch EWG At Work Wednesday' is done. Heres the finished artwork of the customers original character (OC) 'Taryn' ready to do some serious ghost busting. I made up the slimey monster/ghosts in the background, I refer to them as 'super slimers'. Shes got her work cut out for her.
And enjoy the entire 3+ hour video of my penciling, inking and coloring this piece below!

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at

4 Heroes On Rooftop Finshed

January 15, 2013

Click to Enlarge

Here's the finished artwork, check previous posting for a look at the process with updated WIP along the way. This was an awesome commission for a very patient client and I'm happy to call it a wrap and get it over to him to enjoy. I hope the four players depicted here love it as much as I did working on it!
Sketched, Inked and Colored in Photoshop with my Wacom Intuos 2 and Photoshop software. 
This is a four character, full background, full color commission, one of the many creative services offered by EWG. Contact me if you are looking for something similar and I'd be glad to set you up with some quotes.

A look at the process can be found on this site [ here ].

Group of heroes in progress

The original approval sketch showing layout and basicly the idea

Inked lineart. I then put a flat layer of color behind them and had the characters in their own layer set, then turned it off to render the background seperately in its own layer set

Original post of the above screenshot from this morning [ "A 4 character full background commission in the works this morning!
Thanks to D-wald, for your patience, its coming buddy!
At this stage, have the lineart inks on the characters and have them separated color from the background. Going to go render the city background inks now. Then color this beasty up!" ]

The finished inks. At this point, even with the grey shades the characters and the background are in two different sets. If I needed to see the background without the characters making my eyes hurt, I turned them off. Visa versa. At this point, all that is needed is flat color and extra lighting embellishments.

Check out the finished art on a recently added post [ here

Chainsaw Swordplay

Click to enlarge

This mornings warm-up  I'd say took about 15-20 minutes. An idea I've had lurking around my brain for the past week or so. More so the idea of chainsaws and those big power hand-held industrial circular saws as hand held weapons like swords. Don't know if its been done before. But I wanted to try it out, and I like the look. Same chainsaw with modified handle/ guard  Maybe the pull chord is replaced with a trigger near the hand and it still runs on gas. Modified to have bigger blades on the chain. Could be brutal. 

Alright, getting straight to work. Have a good Tuesday everybody

Vote for the next special

In an attempt to really zero in on what people prefer in their comic art specials, I've put up a poll with three options I'm willing to do for the next. Vote on which you prefer, the one with the greatest number of votes will be the next special to kick off in a couple of days.

Ungrounded Kickstarter Project

Recently EWG was commissioned to do some page work for Patrick Gerard on his project 'Ungrounded'. Well, those 4 sample pages are just scratching the surface. Its a fun book with lots of creative ideas and a lotta heart. Go support his kickstarter project so that I can draw more pages! :) Check out the pitch for the project above, featuring the art produced by EWG so far. And click the link below to check out the kickstarter drive!

Foreign Spammers

January 12, 2013

Due to the increasing number of foreign spammers on the EWG website commenting how great the site or article is and then requesting checking out their site (with a link), I am now setting comments to moderated. They will be allowed if you are legitimately commenting but may take a little longer.
1. This is annoying as I look forward to feedback and interaction with my site goers, so its a little disheartening to go 'ah sweet, a comment' and it was some European, Australian  Middle Eastern or Asian - based website spam.
2. Its in a way flattering as I guess these people have decided my site has enough traffic drawal to try to cash in on it. Thanks to all the regular readers for that.
Moderation-on. Or rather, I'll start with a word verification and then upgrade to full 'moderate comments' if that doesn't work.
Follow Up [5 Min Later] - Yep, works like a dream. Take that spam bots.

Customer Order Tracking

January 10, 2013

Yes, a larger part of this week is eat up with Hospital stuff, but that takes priority over everything else. That being said, time in the waiting rooms has allowed some very inspired brainstorming and I even was impressed with the surgery lounge's monitor that showed basicaly a table chart of each patient's assigned number, and let people know in the waiting room where the patient was and what step they were on at all times. Seems like a simple/ obvious thing, but it has given me the idea to design a system like that for EWG customers. I have attempted something sort of similar in the past, but I like the way they did it at the hospital and think I will swipe the method too.

So this is just a bit of a note to myself in my EWG 'notebook' here. One of many improvements to come in the new year.

Along with the updated branding when I get the chance. Don't worry, time away from the studio means customer orders get delayed, and so does my own stuff. Right now I've got no rush orders (except one or two that are skimming on sensitive timing) or anything that can't wait a couple days. Life comes first. Thats the way it always will be. But nobodies orders slip through the cracks.

Of course if you JUST can't wait. Got yer refund right here, though I would prefer you be patient and wait as my wife and I can use all the help we can get with these medical bills.


Quick thought 1/9/13

January 9, 2013

Also, what the heck is with these friggin stink bugs still occassionaly finding ways in in the middle of a frozen-over winter. The lil' buggers are unstoppable! That is all.

Status Update: Second Half Of The Week

Long story short, lot of time being monopolized by hospital visits this week so some tasks will get pushed to next week. Nothing is dropped through the cracks or anything. Will all get squared away. Sorry for any delays get it to you soon! Essentially doing half of my usual work hours Thurs Fri and today was pretty much a bust. So working when I can. Thanks in advance to customers for their patience.

Transformers on Livestream tonight

January 7, 2013

Will be doing a livestream session tonight @ 8pm EST featuring Transformers Generation1 characters. See if I can't get this badboy knocked out and out of the park while I'm at it.
Free signup for those who don't already have a livestream login, and hope to see you all there. Heres where the magic will happen: 

Hop over there and when the show starts feel free to chat it up with questions and comments!

If it takes me a few minutes to get in and setup just sit tight :) Will get drawin in no time. See you then/ there.

5 Heroes Tight Sketch and Color Concept

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

Some serious character design from look to colors goin on. This is only first concepts. Officialy the last thing I'll really get to show of this project for a good while till it goes live on the clients site and all that. But having a lotta fun pushing the boundries of the box with these. Each character is on a seperate layer set. So they are all complete figures arranged as a group in this particular instance.
Anywho, definitly subject to form and color changes by the time its finalized. But yeah, will pop up links to the company's site when this stuff goes live for sure. Its gonna be very cool! Was told to come up with 5 characters, there were some nods to 'incredibles' as a starting point but i was given free reign, so theres influence from incredibles, fantastic four, secret saturdays and saturday morning cartoons from their glory days. Everything else, like the baby and the little details are from some crazy place in my brain, all having their own look but having a uniform theme with the logo and colors. But given just the palette of each character you can tell which one each one belongs to and also silouette design, where each has their own unique silouette which is really important in the land of character design.
Alright, fun stuff. Pending client approval to finish out or what not!

Hulkin Warmup

Click to Enlarge

This morning's warmup sketch of The Hulk, pretty happy with how he came out considering its a quicky. Sketched, inked and gray shaded this far in 25 min. Kept it loose and fun, decided to use a different brush for this too, it was a more angled calligraphic style but I found it a blast, then coupled it with my signature black shades and grey tones and really pops. Might have to play with it more. Now off to client work rest of the day! All photoshop and wacom w/ 25 min timer

The Geeky Epicness - and process!

January 4, 2013

Finished this promotional artwork up for the awesome guys over at The Good The Bad and The Geeky podcast - - sorry it took as long as it did but I hope it was worth it and it generates a lot of attention for them!

Check out the livestream video of the colors on this piece here

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at

Sort of a ghost busters/ poltergeist/ wormhole/ rift in the geeky universe of doom going on. Featuring the 4 hosts of the podcast and the geek-dom from which the mic emanates!

Whew! This one was a monster. That's it for EWG this week. See you all Monday!

The original inks

The pencils

The rough sketch

and the first thumbnails of the four ideas for this new artwork promoting the show

15 Min Bat-Warmup

Click to enlarge

15 min Batwarmup - LOL, about half way in somebody came knockin on the door pulled me out of it so the 'zone' was lost and i think the thing generaly started out cool but somewhere lost it. Ah well, its quick and dirty but thats the point of a warmup, now to make everything to follow much better but hopefuly w ithout that hickup of not having the fluidity- video of it here: 

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at

This week's Livestream sessions dump

Just a quick dump of this week's Livestream sessions. Yesterdays inks of a great piece I had tons of fun on for GOOD BAD GEEKY guys and their podcast.
Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at

And heres this mornings finish up of the colors on Ungrounded page 4 (last of this commission that needed colored) plus readjusting the lighting on the cover.

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at

Production on Livestream all day

January 3, 2013

Head over to the EWG livestream channel ( ) to check out production in real time.

Will be doing:
1. a 'Killshot' character prelim sketch
2. finishing colors on Ungrounded page 4, tweaking the cover art
3. finishing GoodBadGeeky podcast art today.

And thats this afternoon/evenings line-up!

There will be periodic AFK moments as to be expected  but when I'm working I'll be broadcasting. Not recording, just broadcasting.

I always enjoy the support. Stop by say hi.

If your the commissioner of any of the above, feel free to stop in and offer feedback in real time. Some customers find it a blast to control the creation of their commission as it happens.

See ya then.

Warmup sketching Comic Art Alliance style

Comic Art Alliance theme for this morning's warmup. Head over to the CAA site to see the whole drawing -

Sketchin 5 heroes

January 2, 2013

Click to Enlarge
A fun project with a client whos still in the process of getting everything launched and running so can't reveal a lot right now. This is probably all I'll get to show from my work with them for a while, but will post links on down the line when the art goes live on their site or what not. 
Got some free reign here coming up with 5 heroes, encompassing the general ideas of (power, speed, sexy, tech savvy and i threw in a genius baby who is 'resourceful'. Lots of fun, pulling fantastic four and incredibles vibes and throwing in my own mixtures here and there to make it original. Fun stuff. Sketched this concept of what I had in mind in about 30 min to get it to them tonight, may get yay'd or nay'd but I diggin this initial concept sketch. 
Alright, check back tomorrow for another post of what EWG be workin on.

PS~ Was nice getting to finish out today with this sketch session, didn't get a whole lotta drawing done. Just did design stuff all day ha... poor wacom pen been in the holster all day.

Status Update: First Week of 2013

Back in the studio, hope everyone had a good new year. Will be putting a greater focus on production and less on promotion, but I'm still here. Available by email or by contacting on any of my websites for the commission needs of the masses! My big goal is to get as caught up or if not completely caught up on ALL 2012 orders by the end of the January. By tax time I want to be DONE and in the current year.

So that's my goal, will be doing my best to maintain a weekly status update, upload something new once a day even if its the morning's warm-up. Theres client work I have to sit on for a while before I can post it up in the ol' portfolio but there will still be development sketches, warmups, occassional character art commissions on a regular basis.

As we are already getting to the end of this first (and very short) week in 2013, I'm just tying up loose ends from before the holiday, and laying the ground work to get cranking on production before the end of the 'business year'.

My first priority, more than ever is my wife and taking care of her as we got six more months of treatment before we can say shes done one way or the other. And though that schedule will be a lot less hectic than it has been the last 4 months, it'll no doubt be full of surprises.

Second priority is to my business, and the awesome supportive people that keep it running. I want to figure out faster turnaround times and blow more minds with awesome art.

Third priority is extra-curricular art like my webcomics or exhibition art works. These will sit on a back burner if they have to but they will in no way be done instead of pending client work.

So thats my top three, the third priority also includes promotional EWG graphics/ and what not. Will get the sites all updated and newly designed pricelist and yada yada all taken care of after the first two are taken care of.

Bump on a Log 5 days a week was fun while I was able to do it but thats not going to be a regular thing in the coming months, will be looking to get back to that eventualy but for now, morning warmups will be my opportunity to get loose and warmed up in the morning, while at the same time participating more in my favorite Art-Jam groups like Comic Art Alliance and All Tooned Up that I've neglected for way too long.

Quick 15-30 minute warmups of their themes will allow me to participate more and also get me all scratched out so that I can do better on client work.

Thats this week's update, first of the new year! Remember, if you have any comments/ questions or need to commission me I can be reached here or on any of my sites or by email, and will respond usualy same day or as soon as I can, and otherwise, will update the ol' EWG status next week!

Back to the drawing board!

Weekly Wed EWG Livestream ft Harley Quinn

January 1, 2013

EWG Wed Night Livestream
Starts at 8pm Eastern, Wed May 1st, 2013
Watch and chat at
(Or by clicking EWG Livestream on this site's Featured menu)

Come out for tonight's DEMO of a full color character art commission order, this time of DC Comics' Batman's sexy/dangerous anti-heroine, 'Harley Quinn' Always a good time. Watch the process start to fin, ask questions, chat with other viewers. After the demo if theres time will work on a comic strip commission in the queue currently. See you tonight!

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