This Morning's Warmup Sketch - Dropped In

January 29, 2013

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This morning's warmup sort of dropped in at the perfect time. From the ceiling light straight down to the top of my monitor where it stayed there, maybe surprised by the experience, in what I thought was an interesting pose/ position. So I quickly sketched him up before he moved and then finished out the details after grabbing h im with a tissue and tossing him out. But not before closely studying his details. Thanks Mr Stinkbug for your modeling today. I can not pay you, but I instead tossed you on your way outside instead of flushing you.  Do take care to not come back in now please :) 
Anywho, cool stuff. Honestly dont remember lasttime i really sat down and drew an insect to draw one.

"The brown marmorated stink bug was accidentally introduced into the United States from China or Japan. It is believed to have "hitched a ride" as a stowaway in packing crates. The first documented specimen was collected in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in September 1998.[3][10] Several Muhlenberg College students were reported to have seen these bugs as early as August of that same year.[6][11]Other reports have the brown marmorated stink bug recovered as early as 2000 in New Jersey from a black light trap run by the Rutgers Cooperative Extension (RCE) Vegetable Integrated Pest Management program in Milford, New Jersey. [12] In 2002, it was again collected in New Jersey from black light traps located in Phillipsburg and Little York and was found on plant material in Stewartsville. It was quickly documented and established in many counties in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware,Connecticut and New York on the eastern coast of the United States. By 2009, this agricultural pest had reached Maryland,West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Ohio, and Oregon.[13] In 2010 this pest was found in additional states including Indiana,[14] Michigan,[15] Minnesota,[16] and other states.[17] As of November, 2011 it has spread to 34 U.S. states.[4]"

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