Its My Time To Shine Illustration - Art Print and Merch

July 31, 2021

Its My Time To Shine

- Released 2021
- This original artwork features a stylus wielding independent artist, with her teddy bear companion in tow, shooting for the stars with her creativity!
- 12x16 Artwork
- Available in print on many products
- Available as a digital hires print here

Original Publication: Best of Request Volume 5


Best of Request Volume 5

- Released 2021
- Collects drawings from the 2020 stream year on Twitch!
- 200+ pages
- 500+ drawings
- Commentary and Retrospective Material
- Color Cover
- Black and White Interior
- Includes sketch and signature!
- Ships world wide
- Available in Digital

2014 Toad Redraw In 2021

July 28, 2021


Thanks for a fun Drawing Request Show today crEW! Get all the art out soon, and knocking out commission orders till I see you all tomorrow 10amET for more!! Here's a 2014 soldier Toad that I redrew for warmup today in 2021! Did I get any better at drawing? I'll let you be the judge haha - I think so! #goodnight #toad #mario #nintendo #militia 

Drawing Request Show is BACK!

July 25, 2021


Drawing Request Show is back! 10am-1pmET Monday Through Friday this week! Request the drawings so I can draw your requests!!! See you there!
#drawing #request #commission #characterart #comicart #cartoon #illustration #sketch 

Horizons - Drawing

July 22, 2021

#horizon #robot #drawing #sketch #clipstudiopaintpro #tone #manga 

Its My Time To Shine - Digital Download


Digital Art Print Download: Its My Time To Shine

- Released 2021
- 11x17 inch 300dpi 5100x3300 pixels
- Digital Download

Drawing On An Infinite Canvas In Inkscape | Tewtorial

July 15, 2021


New on the YewTUBE! - Drawing On An Infinite Canvas in Inkscape! My new Tewtorial!

Enjoy! And see the crew 12pmET for some Ink & Color art streaming at!

#drawing #inkscape #tutorial #infinitecanvas #howto #sketching #art 

The Mill: Dat TikTok Tho

July 11, 2021


#drawing #comic #comicstrip #funnypages #webcomic #tiktok #generationgap #youtube

Twitch Channel Summer Hours Begin!

July 6, 2021


#drawing #sketch #live #stream #commissions #channel #schedule #update

As we're knee deep into the summer following the 4th of july, I wanted to officially kick off some summer hour action! This is the season where I enjoy the morning summer activities and then come in and stream inside and stay cool during the heat of the day -- this morning definitely concreted this concept as I enjoyed a nice morning summer outting with Kristina and the 3 doggies and came back and got ready for work. So look for these hours to continue into September probably. Stay tuned for that to change! Happy Summer CRew and the rest of you! Lets do some summer time drawing!

July 1st - September 1st
Summer Twitch Schedule:
12p-4p Eastern Time M, W, F Drawing Requests
12p-4p Eastern Time T, TH Upgrade Commission Production

See you there!

4th Of July Flash Sale

July 3, 2021



Use code: 4THOFJULY on checkout and save $10 on every copy of your EWG print art book purchase! Only till Monday 12amET! 
Each comes hand signed and sketched inside the front!

#drawing #book #4thofjuly #sale 

Request Rewind: Hamiltoons Chillin Drawing Request

July 1, 2021


 A favorite drawing request highlight from a recent request on Drawing Request Show! Drawn In Inkscape with a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Tablet. About a 15 minute drawing overall!
Watch Eryck Webb draw live, and interact! Weekdays LIVE on Twitch!

Marvel/ Stan Lee Tribute Commission Finished Inked

Thanks for an awesome Thursday stream! We got this large Marvel/ Stan Lee tribute private commission all done! Its only black and white inks for now. But may be colored in the future! Heres a few close ups! This is the largest piece I've done in 2021 so far, and definitely one of my best! I will be putting together a time lapsed video of the process on the EWG YouTube channel in the near future!

See you next drawing!

#marvel #drawing #antman #stanlee #spiderman #silversurfer #rocketracoon #galactus #drstrange #fantasticfour #xmen #avengers #wolverine #rogue #spiderham #spiderverse

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