Run Of The Mill - 31 - Gobble Gobble Blues

November 30, 2015 0 Comments

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#webcomic #cybermonday #smallbizsat #runofthemill #thanksgiving #turkeyday #comic #millmonday

Took last week off to crank hard on commission orders for folks. Still didn't get quite where I had set the goal for myself to get, but all in all pleased. Was very thankful to have 5 days off though. Traveled north for Thanksgiving with Kristinas side of the family and was a very nice day. But felt good after all that driving and family chaos to get back home. Also very happy to be back in the studio. Kicking off the return to the ol' mill is none other than a double sized Run Of The Mill! Enjoy!

Enjoy! Share with a friend! See you next 'Mill Monday'!

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EWG Black Friday - Till Nov 30th

November 25, 2015 0 Comments

#blackfriday #smallbizsat #shopsmall #thanksgiving #cybermonday

EWG is getting in on the action! But unlike all these corporate moguls out there abusing Black Friday all month long, EWG is sticking to tradition like the art wielding pilgrims of old. From when this posts, till end of business day November 30th, any commission order received will automatically qualify for 35% off its total price and be waived of additional paypal fees. 

Step 1 - Check the EWG pricelist here for your prefered item:

Step 2 - Email with your image reference and request! 
Invoices will mostly be handled Monday Nov 30th. Will process a couple when/ if able between now and then. Any orders sitting in EWG's inbox when I get back from Thanksgiving (Nov 25th-Nov30th) will be eligible! Only orders received within this time frame will be accepted. All others subject to normal prices listed on Pricelist page.

Step 3 - Get your awesome EWG art for 35% less in a couple weeks!

Bonus! - Traditional Art is 35% off as well. 
Browse the available pieces here:
Then email within the sale timeframe requesting which item(s) you wish to buy. Do not use the cart if you want the 35% discount. You must email me to get the discount. I will then invoice you for the total of the one or several pieces including the discount rate when I return after the weekend. Traditional pieces can be bought together to save shipping. Just a flat $6.00 will be added for shipping. This is for two week shipping. Each mailed order will be in a flat stiff cardboard envelope mailer.

Some Notes:
- Must wait for invoice before sending Paypal as I will factor in the discount.
- Multiple items are encouraged. 35% gets bigger and bigger the more quantity. This is just a fact.
-Turnaround is still the standard 3-4 weeks. Can not guarantee everyone's order in time for Christmas, sorry. But will do them as quickly as I can.
- Will be attempting to wrap up these orders by mid December though.

Happy Thanksgiving
Enjoy this sale!

Livestream Character Arts


#commission #inkscape #photoshop #art

Just a slew of what I got done on livestream tonight between 730pm and 1230am. Inked the majority of the two girls piece, and all of the smoking gun guy. The other two colored single characters I inked/ colored tonight. And the chun li lounging reading in her chair I drew/ inked tonight. Out of steam though going to finish the chun-li lounging on the chair tomorrow morning before finishing a batch of TnC strips and then heading out for Thanksgiving. 
The dogs are off to their sitters and the wife and I will be heading north to have Thanksgiving at her sister's. Pray for light traffic, no accidents and light weather! 
This break is much needed. I've been pushing too hard lately creatively/ labor-wise. I tried my best to juggle everything and have it all done by Wednesday but its just not going to happen. Got a heck of a lot done though. Will get right back on it come Monday. Have a great Thanksgiving and weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving 2015

November 23, 2015 0 Comments

The Natives Are Restless....
Every year in November, a new artwork is forged to celebrate the coming Thanksgiving, and is a tribute to a life long fandom of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This annual piece reflects a capstone on that year's artwork. Each year's installment represents the evolution in workflow and artistic skill that Eryck Webb and EWG as a business, has under gone.

Each year the theme remains the same, the Thanksgiving Marauding Ninja Turkeys at odds with those feasting pilgrims! This year, like every other, sees little tweaks in character design and style reflecting this year's preferences.

Happy Thanksgiving! 
Enjoy That Turkey! ...If You Can Defeat One!

Original inks

Spidey and Kid - Finished Commission

November 20, 2015 0 Comments

#spiderman #spidey #marvel #kid #fan #wheelchair

Finished commission artwork of spiderman and a kid who helped take out the badguys.
For a client as a gift for his cousin. Went through a lot of changes to get it where the client wanted it but I like this version best so I'm adding this one to my gallery/ portfolio. Onto the next project!

Human Pony OC and sidekick Approval Sketch


#mylittlepony #mlp #pony #girl #aviator #sidekick #pet #pokemon #inkscape

Pencil sketch done in Inkscape for 'Spydergirl' and her MLP OC in human girl form, retaining her wings and her pet sidekick creature dude in tow. Fun stuff. Always enjoy being able to delve more in the anime-style of my style spectrum. Sending this out for approval, moving onto the next project on today's to-dos.

Pre Thanksgiving Crunch is GO


#thanksgiving #crunch #deadline #pressurecooker

Got the production itinerary for today and through noon on Wednesday all mapped out. Been tackling it all week but officialy in the last 3 days to crunch the work before Thanksgiving holiday. Most are deadlines and must-complete goals i've set for myself, but thats how you maintain being self employeed, pushing yourself to get shiz done. 
Strong coffee, some WFNGR crankin on the headphones and a timer to keep me on task. So probably wont hear a whole lot from me on the websites. Will post to the EWG website when I can. But for those heading out early, have a great weekend and a great Thanksgiving. No more slots or livestreams till we're back in December. Just taking new orders to get on after the holiday and till the holiday knocking out the queue as much as possible!
Strong coffee check, kickin tunes, check. chewing gum, check. 

2 Character Art Slots Live Streaming Tonight 9pmEST!

November 19, 2015 0 Comments

#ungrounded #livestream #characterart #picarto #live

Mr Solenoid is happy, you should be too. EWG will be drawing two character art commissions LIVE tonight at 9pmEST till complete. Start to finish. One is of a masked female character for loneblade/ badguyinstall and the other is a pinup of Kylie from ghostbusters workin a lil' cheesecake with some pie for Thanksgiving. 
This is the last livestream of the month, after thanksgiving, till december etc etc. So hope to see folks out. Always a fun time. Chat with fellow geeks, watch some art magicaly materialize before your eyes and enjoy the tunes. Also one of the only ways to interact with Eryck Webb in real time :) 
Look forward to seein folks out. Will have Mr Solenoid save you a spot.

Rose Sisters and Kid Ballistic - pencils


#rosesisters #ballistic #championsonline #characterart #digitalpencils

Digital pencil sketches of two commissions, gettin ready to lay down some inks but wanted to share the sketches

Citenik and Ms Majestic Pencils


#characterart #championsonline #cityofheroes #superhero

Two pencil sketches done in Autodesk Sketchbook this morning, sent out to the client for approval. 

Thanksgiving EWG Face Logo

November 18, 2015 0 Comments

#thanksgiving #pilgrim #logo #vector

Finished version of the Thanksgiving variation of the EWG face logo. Turkey day is only a week away. Unbelievable! I do find it funny that I'm listening to christmas music to help the mood while working on Christmas card orders this week. Christmas music before thanksgiving? The nerve I say! :) Kinda strange at the very least. 

Hellbity - Warmup Sketch

November 17, 2015 0 Comments

#hellboy #mignolia #bity #chibi #sketch #warmup #sketchbook

Loose sketch in Autodesk Sketchbook of red in a more bity package. 
Onto some holiday card production

Star Wars Sketch Cover - In Steps


Check out the step by step on this traditional sketch cover commission piece below!

@tnccomics #starwars #forceawakens #sketchcover #comic #webcomic

EWG is currently juggling several projects that aren't really aloud to be shown, so while the mill is in the midst of production on those, it might be a good opportunity to check out some other posts. Today is a step by step walk through of a comicbook sketch cover commission created in the spring for TnC's own, Cory Matthews. With his blessing, and waiting a few months so he could enjoy it himself first, I now show the various stages behind it and my method for creating it. Enjoy and I'd be happy to answer any questions in the comments below!

[Click To Enlarge]
Utilized my digital art skills to get it all mapped out ahead of time, was a bit stressed over the fact theres no 'tossing it out and starting over'. Just one sketch cover whether I mess it up or not. So light boxed the completed design and traced it lightly in pencil.

[Click To Enlarge]
I was concerned by the porous and toothy texture of the cover paper. It was not at all 'marker-smooth' so I worried about major bleeding. 

[Click To Enlarge]
So I sort of did the process in reverse from normal. I colored everything using the pencils as a guide then doing finished ink lines and black fills last.

[Click To Enlarge]
Had a seperate design for the darth pug and penciled that in back.

[Click To Enlarge]
Finished up the lineart/ inks. I planned to use a white ink pen that I had to draw in more fighters and stars and such in the black background. It ended up not being as solid as I would have liked. I had to go over them several times. But the results were satisfactory enough. I still even here in Fall have gone through a couple different white pens trying to find one I'm truely happy with. Still looking.

[Click To Enlarge]

The finished cover. Was a lot of fun and a major learning experience, also a bit nerve wracking as it was one of two or three pieces I did traditionaly in 2015 right as I was just starting to get back into it. 

Materials used: lightbox, table top drawing board, spectrum noir markers, micron/ pigma pens and copic / prisma color black markers for the fills. White was done with 'PAINTPEN' if thats the brand. I since then have however really gotten to like sakura gel pens. Best I've found so far. Still want to find one that is solid white, no see through at all. 

Thanks, and as I said before please pick my brain/ and this project in comments below, i'll answer what I can :) Thanks!

Run Of The Mill - 30 - Whats With That

November 16, 2015 0 Comments

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#runofthemill #comic #webcomic #millmonday

Got strips planned out through January just gotta try and keep up/ ahead making them so I don't miss a week :) But heres the one for this week. Enjoy! Whats with the wrappers yo?.

Enjoy! Share with a friend! See you next 'Mill Monday'!

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Peace For Paris

November 15, 2015 0 Comments

#peaceforparis #peace #paris 

My own design, vector version of the symbol designed by paris graphic artist Jean Jullien, i also incorporated the flag.

This should not have happened, anywhere at any time. The numbers are up for the terrorists involved, its only a matter of time. This kind of outrageous crap just makes the world stronger. They'll find this out soon.

And if anybody likes this symbol i've made and wants to use it please feel free. No credit needed.

Slots for 11/17 & 11/19 - CLOSED

November 13, 2015 0 Comments

#slotcommission #commission #characterart #slot #oc #comicart

Tuesday 11/17 - 9pmEST-11pmEST
 $50 Inked/Color Slot 1 -  TransFan2 - Thank you!
 $50 Inked/Color Slot 2 -  DWald - Thank you!

Thursday 11/19 - 9pmEST-11pmEST
 $50 Inked/Color Slot 1 -  BadGuyInstall - Thank you!
 $50 Inked/Color Slot 2 -  CDB - Thank You!

EWG is offering 4 $50 slots for next week! Cost includes all pencil, ink, color work and any vendor fees. Not to mention a one week turnaround. Email to claim a slot! Hurry, they go within 12-24 hours usually. 

+  These slots are for pencil sketched, inked and full color commission portrayal of one character, simple to no background. Background and extras will be at Erycks discretion when deemed appropriate.
+  Please do not just send payment as there may not be slots available!
+  First come first serve. Must have paypal and request ready before claiming! 
+  Please provide one solid picture of reference! Can be your original character, your game avatars, fanart of popular characters, etc. The sky is the limit! 
+  No explicit (nude, gory, disturbing, overtly sexual ) requests will be accepted. Sexy pinup style is ok.

This week's offer is two slots for 11/17 and two slots for 11/19 (4 total). Both dates will be live streamed on Picarto starting 9pmEST on those evenings! Can buy more than one if available.

This page alone will be updated as slots are claimed. So please refer to this for open spots before purchasing!

Friday The 13th - Do You Feel Lucky?


#friday13th #friday #jason #dirtyharry #commission

A bit busy so using an older pic to commemorate today. Old Dirty Jason is back with a question for you on this Friday the 13th!

Also, if your feeling lucky, you might be able to snatch up new slot openings for next week before anybody else. Stay tuned for that.

Bia III - Warmup Sketch

November 10, 2015 0 Comments

#bia #jumpingboy #heavyhand #gloves #fighter #warmup #inkscape #sketch

Warmup this morning before diving into production head on. Some concept sketching of my Jumping Boy character 'Bia' here in a until now unseen 3rd form. Look for this to be expanded upon and explained in the future installments of Jumping Boy! Alright... onto the work that pays :) 

Give Em The Finger - Desert Kickin!

November 9, 2015 0 Comments

#desert #stoner #rockabilly #psychobilly #cruising #hotrodchevy #rockband

So, THIS happened lol. I came off of lunch break psyched and ready to roll. Turned on on winamp and put on the headphones... immediately was feeling some high momentum kickin the deserts ass rockabilly shovin his finger straight ahead lol. And this happened. Was the fastest most whirlwind flat out sketching on the wacom I've done in a while. Love the potential of it though and everything was just clicking. l think I'll add a women member to the group and call this my new 'stoner rockin' tribute piece (refer to this piece from a few years back inspired by Grip of Delusion radio's own ensemble of epicness ). So this will be my next personal work to work on in my free time. Will see if i can get it done by the new year haha. Just love the energy of the lines and angle/ perspective. Skeleton driving, big skull on the grille x'd out headlights and nitro burnin hot.

Yep, definitely going to finish this one. :) Enjoy thanks for checkign out the sketch. Was seriously 10-15 minutes of WFNGR fueled full-arm sketching fury

Run Of The Mill - 29 - Halloween


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#runofthemill #comic #webcomic #millmonday

I got really busy with some comic work that I worked on pretty much day and night, then I got a couple seasonal EWG items that I've been putting a lot of time into. But it ate at me that I didn't post anything new for halloween or since the anniversary strip and I had this halloween strip that I had planned to post, sitting in its folder just missing the lettering. So I did that up real quick this morning (may be some typos i dunno) and tossed it up. Man, that feels good to get it out there. Will color it later on.

Enjoy! Hope everyone had a good Halloween, this is a direct adaptation (with some skewing of course) of our Halloween. Krsitina was a vampire which thingy, I was 'jack-o-box' - i took a box that i had spray painted black, carved a face in it like a jack o lantern, wore a mesh cloth around my head so you could not see skin under the eye/ mouth holes and wore all black gloves, jacket, shoes etc. I became 'Jack O Box'. Nobody knew what the heck I was but sure scared some kiddies :)

Wally was on a line so he could be in the yard to greet trick or treaters but the line was short enough he couldn't get to them. If they wanted to pet him they had to walk over to him. Man, he was a hit! Meanwhile, Jojo does like to growl and carry on and gets overwhelmed with anxiety, so we let him be safe behind the glass door and growl and bark as he pleased. He actualy got over it in about 5 minutes and just watched trick or treaters rest of the night. Even had him out on the porch with us for a good while till he got too anxious again. Then I realized later we just forgot to feed him (oops).

We did run out of candy 20 min early from the end of the 'trick or treating hours' (how stupid we never had a set limited time where i grew up, you go till the lights are off int he houses or your sac is full!) - but no we did not try to hand out silverware. But Kristina kept saying 'cant believe were THAT house' lol.

Enjoy, try to do another one next week. Touch and go as I'm in the busy season with the holidays and all. COME ON END OF THE YEARRRR lol :) But I will miss 2015. But got a long way to go before that happens. And a special release this year for the EWG anniversary in December.

Enjoy! Share with a friend! See you next 'Mill Monday'!

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