Give Em The Finger - Desert Kickin!

November 9, 2015

#desert #stoner #rockabilly #psychobilly #cruising #hotrodchevy #rockband

So, THIS happened lol. I came off of lunch break psyched and ready to roll. Turned on on winamp and put on the headphones... immediately was feeling some high momentum kickin the deserts ass rockabilly shovin his finger straight ahead lol. And this happened. Was the fastest most whirlwind flat out sketching on the wacom I've done in a while. Love the potential of it though and everything was just clicking. l think I'll add a women member to the group and call this my new 'stoner rockin' tribute piece (refer to this piece from a few years back inspired by Grip of Delusion radio's own ensemble of epicness ). So this will be my next personal work to work on in my free time. Will see if i can get it done by the new year haha. Just love the energy of the lines and angle/ perspective. Skeleton driving, big skull on the grille x'd out headlights and nitro burnin hot.

Yep, definitely going to finish this one. :) Enjoy thanks for checkign out the sketch. Was seriously 10-15 minutes of WFNGR fueled full-arm sketching fury

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