Print Art Product: Spring Is In The Air Artwork

May 25, 2021


Spring Is In The Air Artwork

- Released 2021
- Features a buckethat wearing robot enjoying the spring day with a host of flora and fauna
- 12x16 Artwork
- Available in print on many products
- Also available as a Digital Art Download

5 Minute Glub Glub Fish Drawing You Tube Video

May 22, 2021

#fish #drawing #glub #underwater #sketch #animal #creature #practice #inkscape 

Watch the process video for this drawing:

5 Minute Glub Glub Fish Drawing in Inkscape, with a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium, by Eryck Webb

5 minute practice drawing with a little extra in front and a little extra in back! 

Watch Eryck Webb draw like this live, weekdays on Twitch!

Music is :
Jeremy Blake - Pixelated Autumn Leaves
From the YouTube Sound Library

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Watch the process video for this drawing:

All EWG Books Back In Sock! Get Yours!

May 20, 2021

 Yay! Restock arrived - all EWG original artbooks back in stock! Missed out? Grab your copy today!

#artbook #selfpublishing #print #drawing #collection

No Stream Today - Mill At Full Tilt!


#comic #art #sketch #digital #pencils #wip #project #clipstudiopro 

Happy Thursday Crew! 

Just a quick reminder, while the sauce cylinders warm up! There is no stream today! I have lots of to-dos going down the conveyor here at the ol' Drawing Mill!

I'm cranking on as many upgrades as possible, warming up with a YouTube video and several personal projects in the works simultaneously, including the new Crew Balloon piece. Thank you to every Orange Hat and beyond that makes this drawing dream a reality! It is a privilege to be supported enough, that I can afford time to tackle personal projects that don't necessarily pay, just for the fun and creative fulfillment of it!

Thank you so much! See you around Twitch and the 'inter-webs' in the meantime! And I'll be back on stream Friday 10amET for some drawing action to cap off the week!

'Skullphones' Warmup Drawing

May 18, 2021

'Skullphones' Practice Drawing by Eryck Webb In Inkscape with a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium

Check out the process video on the EWyoutube: 

A 30 minute drawing condensed into about 4 minutes

Music is:
Freedom Trail Studio - Long Ball
From the YouTube Sound Library

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Mermay 5132021 Drawing

May 13, 2021


Wanted to warmup before some inks on a job this afternoon, and realized I should get one mermaid in before the end of May - so heres my own take/ design/ attempt on an original mermaid - off to the work that pays!

 #drawing #inkscape #mermay2021 #mermay #characterdesign 

5 Minute Gorilla Head For Fun/ Practice


#drawing #gorilla #shape #sketch #practice #fun #creative

I draw a random shape and see what I can make out of it in 5 minutes of drawing for fun/ practice! In this case we make a Gorilla head!

Watch Eryck Webb draw like this live, weekdays on Twitch!

Music is Text Me Records - Some Of You
From the YouTube Sound Library

Interior music provided by Pretzel Rocks 'chill' station

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EW Warmup - Ribbit Robot

May 7, 2021


#drawing #robot #ribbit #frog #television #monitor #screen #inkscape #sketch

Drew this robot, television, frog mashup for warmup at the start of stream today. Thought I'd toss in the sketchbook section of my art gallery here on the EWG website. Took about 10 minutes with a textured brush I made in Inkscape. I want to do more animal/ tech mashups. See you next drawing!

May The 4th Be With You!

May 4, 2021

Long Long Ago .... In A Galaxy Far Far Away....

That time when I drew twenty-something Star Wars chibi in one stream on a 2017 May the 4th special Drawing Request stream! This only scratches the surface of the Star Wars fan art I've done or been commissioned for over the years, but these are definitely some of my favorite drawings! Enjoy!

A storm trooper chibi request taken to finished inks and colors! Inked in Inkscape and Colored in Adobe Photoshop!

This piece of BB-8 and the rest below were all sketched live on on my Drawing Request Show, using Inkscape!

C3PO and R2D2

Death Star and Tie Fighters

The Millenium Falcon

Jawas! Gotta love em!

Darth Maul - in one piece!

Rei Skywalker

The sand people and their beasts of burden

Han Solo, the real hero of the story

StormTrooper and Speeder

Vader himself

Yoda. Nuff said.

#starwars #maythe4th #theforce #darthvader #darkside #sith #jedi #yoda #stormtrooper #hansolo #skywalker #drawing #chibi #art

Sketchbook - Motorheadz - 'Box Truck Head'

May 3, 2021


#motor #motorhead #rockabilly #pompadour #hoodie #box truck #freight #moving truck

A sketch in a series I'm calling 'Motorheadz' for rarely obvious reasons. Its a fun general theme to draw when looking to warmup or practice/ draw for fun but don't want to waste time coming up with what your going to draw. Its generally good to have a handful of things you can enjoy defaulting on. 
Look for more of these in the future. 

About 45min in Clip Studio Paint on my Samsung Galaxy Book 12.

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