Inktober 2023 Recap Video

October 31, 2023

Thats a wrap!

#inktober #inktober2023 

#sketchbook #ink #drawing #recap

Warmup Sketch and Notes

October 13, 2023


A quick warmup today - testing out new Wacom 'Flex Nibs' I ordered that came in the mail this morning. Theyre getting harder to find so I ordered a couple packs. Any other nib just isnt the same. 

I like this sketch, might finish it in the future. 

Have had a productive morning so far, got art from yesterday out, picked the giveaway winner for the latest kofi goal, and getting some inking done. Do it to it guys! Will have those books signed and out soon and got some ideas for future shop items to come - like hand drawn bookmarks and stickers and artworks and more. 

Thank you for supporting me and my drawing-for-a-living, and the dog, wife and mom it currently supports. 

Preciate you.

Viking Robot Inks

October 11, 2023

Viking Robot Inks for warmup this morning!

Read the full notes on this drawing and follow for free on my KoFi! 

Off to the draws that pay. Have a great day!

#robot #viking #cartoon #axe #helmet #horns #kofi #drawing #warmup #sketch #ink #inkscape

Happy Thanksgiving Canada Crew!

October 9, 2023


Happy Thanksgiving Canada crew! 

Some turkey action for warmup drawing today.

Grab the hires version from my KoFi here:
Just by supporting one time coffee or monthly

Gobble gobble aye?
#canadianthanksgiving #thanksgiving #turkey #gobblegobble

The drawz are live!

October 5, 2023


The drawz are live! ...LIVE! 
FrankenDrawz is going live this morning 10amET on Twitch, drawing viewer requests!
#drawing #stremer #frankenstein

Halloween Caricature Chibi - Special Oct Offer

October 4, 2023

 A special October offer!
Get your own portrait/ likeness as a halloween chibi artwork in a week or less!

#halloween #portrait #caricature #chibi #cartoon #drawing

Best of Request Volume 7 and other books back from printer!

October 2, 2023


#artbook #bookorders #copies #printer #drawingcollection #selfpublishing #printpublishing

Just got 3 big boxes full of books on the front porch today! I cracked them open and checked them all out. Another stellar printing and binding job from Ka-Blam Digital Publishing! 

Next begins the process of sketching/signing each one and packing them in their envelopes with their bookmarks! Then shipping them off to their forever homes! 

I'm happy to announce that there will be a few in stock of each volume for a higher cost than the preorder cost ongoing for anybody who missed a copy. The post-preorder copies will also not have a bookmark. But each one comes signed/ sketched in. When this becomes available, so will the digital copy of the book for those waiting for that.

But Preorders get first dibs and extra perks for preordering.


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