Twitch: Thanks for a great July

July 31, 2019

A work in progress inks upgraded request we worked on today. Still needs some fixed areas and final sauce but really digging how it came out so far.

This has been a challenging and really good month for me and the channel. We ended July on a challenging and high note! See you next time as the channel continues to evolve and improve! All art sent, list updated. Goodnight, see you next month ( tomorrow)!

Digital Book: Best Of Request Volume 3


Best of Request Volume 3 - Digital Edition

- Released 2019
- Collects drawings from the 2018 stream year on Twitch!
- 200+ pages
- 500+ drawings
- Commentary and retrospective
- Color Covers
- Black and White Interior
- PDF can be viewed on any computer or mobile device
- Digital Download
- Available in print here 

SKETCHBOOK: Grape Ape Warmup

#ape #grape #hannabarbera #cartoon #retro #80s #grapeape #wacom #inkscape #intuospro

A warmup sketch of Grape Ape in Inkscape this morning to start my day. Had the idea to draw this character, after being inspired by a recent 'Fred Flintstone' illustration by the guys over at CreatureBox. I thought I'd take my own stab at drawing a Hanna-Barbera character but with more of a serious portrayal. In the end, it showed why one should do warm ups before starting your professional day as an artist. There was a lot of over night rust and I wasn't quite flowing yet this morning. I don't know why i relied so heavily on the hatching, and also am not 100% happy with the overall head/ face shape. But overall it was fun to try. Onto the work that pays! Will have to do this again with other characters in the future. May try Grape Ape again as well!
Got some backlog work to do this morning and then streaming upgrades and drawing requests live on Twitch this afternoon at 1pm Eastern Time ! Have a good Wednesday! 

TWITCH: Stream Schedule Week of 7/29/19:

July 30, 2019

⏰ Stream Schedule Week of 7/29/19:
- Monday DRS 1pmET

- Tuesday DRS 1pmET

- Wednesday DRS 1pmET

- Thursday DRS 1pmET

- Friday DRS 1pmET

Starting this week, we will feature one Priority Upgrade segment and the usual Drawing Request segments in each stream! If we hit the bottom of the list or run out of Drawing Requests as we tend to do this time of year while most of the audience is off for summer vacation with their families and such, we will raffle to choose individuals in chat to have drawing requests!

Come out join in the summer drawing fun! We still got a truck load of sauce to unload daily on Twitch!

TWITCH: Thanks for a great week! See you after the weekend!

July 26, 2019

#twitch #art #inkscape #wacom

Thanks to the CRew and all of Yew for a great week! All art sent! I did my best, and we still got more to do. See you next week for more as we focus more on ink and color commission upgrades! Have a great weekend, goodnight!!

Inhouse art: Skull Boy Warmup 72619

#drawing #inkscape #skull #boy #headphones #urban #chilling #listening #to #music #boots

A warm up this morning playing around with a more minimalistic style. Something I would like to explore more in the future. As far as decision making goes and this being finished or not, this to me is a finished piece... aside from some clean up of a few stray marks here and there. I like the style and decisive lines and shapes of this piece. I basically took my time in doing the clean lines, picking out shapes and contours and using big blocky shapes and not getting too concerned with detail. I also wanted the shading to do its job but be as simple as possible. I think the less is more approach ends up being a bit stronger and more purposeful. What do you think? 

Well, onto the work that pays! But its always fun taking time each morning to draw for myself, stretch the creativity and get warmed up before tackling client work.

Speaking of client work. I'm currently at the bottom of the list with 3 or 4 people on the drawing request list for my Drawing Request Twitch stream I run. But I have an enormous stack of ink and color commission upgrades. Starting next week, I will be emphasizing work on the upgrades, and dialing back the drawing requests. But I will still be streaming 5 days a week or so. Look for the final schedule to go live over the weekend. But for those of you who follow this website, and read these posts, you have a heads up before everyone else. 

This was drawn in about 20 minutes in Inkscape with a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium.

SKETCHBOOK: Random Mercenary Character Warmup Drawing In Photoshop

July 25, 2019

#mercenary #warmup #soldier #fortune #drawing #photoshop #wacom #intuos #practice #dailysketch 

This is a random character I hashed out this morning while fine tuning my monitor/ wacom tablet settings. Making sure the proportions of the wacom and monitor were lined up ok. Drew in Photoshop of all things, which I havent really drawn in for a long time! Onto some upgrade work this morning and Drawing Request Show today at 1pm Eastern Time - see the Crew then!! Only on 

Check out more sketchbook items like this in the ewGALLERY on this site. The main source for the latest and greatest EW art posted on the web. Be sure to bookmark/ follow this site for all the main posts Eryck Webb makes! 

Dat ewSHOP too tho!

SKETCHBOOK: Calvin & Hobbes

July 24, 2019

#calvin #hobbes #friends #wagon #samsung #galaxybook12 #autodesksketchbook #spen

An idea ive had for a few. Did it for fun n practice tonight. Want to finish it and make it into an art print soon.

Stream Art: Cyber Viking Warrior Dude - Warmup Drawing

#drawing #request #stream 

All art sent, and masterlist updated - thanks all! See folks 1pmET tomorrow - we're near bottom of the list ( tis that time of year ) good time to get in on the ground floor on some drawing requests! See you guys then! 

Sketchbook: Drawing Kung Fu - Practicing and Improving Every Day

Click to enlarge

#action #sports #figure #drawing #sketches #stickfigures #characterart #atheletes

As I mentioned on previous posts, Kung Fu is a term that can be applied to a lot of things. Kung Fu means hard work over time to learn a skill. Literally. And I've noticed lately my drawing requests and commissions not flowing or laying down on the paper smoothly. Took me a while, but I realized its because the creative flame is a bit diminished. I haven't been doing the work. You cant just sit down every day and start drawing and hope it comes out good. You have to keep practicing, relearning and drilling every day to be able to draw the way I do. And even I have not been doing that. So I'm going to make time and re-develop the habit. I've been neglecting the number one thing I do in my life and I feel like my professional work has been suffering a bit from it. Clients may not see it, but I see it, and I feel it. And that's not ok. So, in my free time I will be getting back to basics, retraining, relearning and turning up the practice. Here's a good example. I did a bunch of ball point pen drawings on news print last night. But this was sort of a next step. I drew digitally in Inkscape for about 45 minutes with google images set to a search of 'Sports Action' and I just picked out the poses that excited me and I drew those. I was really surprised by some that I found and how 'marvel way' and comic action similar they were. I recommend this for anybody wanting to practice more. Don't worry about details, indicate where the eyes/ ears etc may line up otherwise just nail down those proportions, foreshortening and body forms. Its a great way to practice. Exercises like these really feel good. Get that old drawing fire stoked. Looking forward to seeing how it effects me on Drawing Request Show today. See you all 1pm Eastern ( about 1 hour ) for the Drawing Request madness. Donate a dollar and get a drawing request. It goes up from there. See you at for the sauce! 

Sketchbook: Staying Loose and Stoking The Creative Fire With Some Newsprint Practice

#drawing #newsprint #sketch #ballpoint #pen #practice #doodles #stickfigures #automaticdrawing

Doing a little homework. I've felt a bit stiff and lacking on flow in my drawings lately. I have been looking through many of my favorite art books and sketchbooks by other artists, and feeding the creative 'bank account' ( jake parker ) by watching inspiring movies like Mad Max Fury Road and animated kid shows. But last night I wanted to hammer out some practice, and nothing helps you loosen up in your drawings like filling 18x24 newsprint pages using ballpoint pen. Its fun thrashing around on such a big paper surface. Recommended! I will definitely be trying to do this more. Maybe even with my brush pen. Or a big fat sharpie sometime. Only problem with sharpies is they bleed through everything lol.

Sketchbook: Eryck Webb Draws Skull Explorer Warmup In Inkscape With Wacom Intuos

July 23, 2019

#skull #suit #robot #mech #space #explorer #twomoons #warmup #sketch #hatching

A fun 'clear your mind and draw' session this morning for warm up before getting started on Upgrade Inks. Playing with shapes and proportions and just not thinking about it seeing where my creativity took me. Ended up with some skull headed ( or masked ) explorer in his exploration pod/ mech thing. Fun stuff. I tried to simulate as if I was drawing in my sketchbook and hatching with a ballpoint pen for shades and textures. I think it worked alright! Onto the work that pays. See you guys 1pm Eastern Time every day this week for Drawing Request Show. Come out, donate for a drawing request, or enjoy the stream and hangout till you win one. I'll draw you any character you want. One character request can be any fan art character, original character, any kind of creature, vehicle, building, complex object. You can even through a word or two at me and I'll come up with something creative and original for you. I've also been known to do stuff like, emotes, logos, mascots and even spend the time allotted creating a scratch sheet of one offs and concepts.

So come out, hang with the crew and check out the draws. Today and every day this week at 1pm Eastern Time only on Twitch

What can the hat, draw for yew?

TWITCH: Stream Schedule For Week of 7/22

July 22, 2019

#twitch #stream #draw #create #hat #orange #sauce #wacom #inkscape

🕐Stream Schedule Week of 7/22 !

■ Monday - 1pm Drawing Requests
■ Tuesday - 1pm Drawing Requests
■ Wednesday - 1pm Drawing Requests
■ Thursday - 1pm Drawing Requests
■ Friday - 1pm Drawing Requests
*All times eastern

TWITCH: Retry July Friday - Gun Girl 2009 and 2019

July 19, 2019

Click either the finished colored piece, inks or pencils for a larger version of the 2019 piece!

#twitch #drawing #personalart #10years #throwback #redo #reimagine

I am excited to show off this piece I did on stream, start to finish today. The chat and I spent about an hour looking at old artworks of mine. I purposely avoided commissioned art as I would probably owe the new version to those who have commissioned me. I wanted to use a personal work that reflects where I was artistically in 2009. I picked a few with the help of the chat, and they voted on the piece shown below. It was originally a piece inspired by and themed around the date 9.9.09 as I have occasionally commemorated unique once in a life time dates with art pieces.

Click to view a larger version of this 2009 piece!

This art prompt I participated in is themed around artists redoing an older artwork and remagine/ reworking it with our contemporary skills and experience and workflow. 

In 2009, I was deep into my advertising job and doing mostly graphic design. Looking back, my comic-art style creativity had gone a bit out of practice. I think it was better in college, then during my advertising career took a backseat to mostly being in sketchbooks and such. I took an occasional commission on the side for some reason ( maybe clients that carried over from commissions in college and they still asked if I would do some art for them? ) and did stuff for fun as well. Nothing really pushing my abilities. When I started EWG at the end of 2009 and 2010 I began a journey that would prove to be a pressure cooker and push me to improve a lot over a short period of time. 

10 years later, I am the best I've ever been and this exercise really knocks out any doubt that I might have had about my growth or leveling up artistically. My workflow is crispy, efficient, all digital and I definitely draw with way more confidence and speed then I did in 2009. Having drawn thousands of works a year for almost 10 years now will do that. The original 2009 piece was poorly inked with sharpies or microns and scanned and colored to the best of my limited knowledge in photoshop. I was into graffiti at the time and incorporated that for the background. Now a day, as seen in the new artwork, I love creating textures in black spaces with splotchy brush effects and alternating white and black brush strokes, as well as using dust and smoke and other elements to decorate a character. 

This entire piece was done over the course of a 6 hour stream! Picking a piece to do took an hour or two. The sketch drawing took about half an hour, the inks took about an hour or two and the colors took about two hours. My intention as I continued on this was to really portray my best techniques and skills that I can do at this time in my life and creative career. I feel that I have done that.

I recommend the Retry July exercise to show yourself how far you've come, provide good exhibition of what you are now capable of and set a marker for the future. In 10 years, will I look back at this one and cringe over it like I did the 2009 piece? We'll find out :) 

Thanks to everyone who hung out, encouraged my work on this piece and  those who were there to the end. Thank you for the bits, the subs the donations. Its because of the CRew that I'm even able to take a day where I will potentially pooch any real financial gain and have a fun selfish day of creating my own artwork. Just one of many things you guys enable in my and Kiwi's lives. Have a great night and a great weekend, and see you next week for more Drawing Request action!!!

TWITCH: Revised schedule for the week! Jury duty over!

July 15, 2019

🕐Done my duty and the duty is done. Revised schedule for this week!
■ Monday - Stream Canceled
■ Tuesday - 1pm ET Upgrades
■ Wednesday - 1pm ET Drawing Requests
■ Thursday - 1pm ET Upgrades
■ Friday - 1pm ET Retry July 

TWITCH: Thanks for a good week and jury duty next week

July 12, 2019

Thank you very much to the crew, and all of yew new faces that I had the pleasure of meeting this week. Its been a lot of fun streaming, goofing off and drawing for you guys. I have to report for Jury Duty selection 830am Monday morning so will not be streaming the normal time Monday but will have to update everyone as-we-go while the jury duty stuff is going on. I may just plan on streaming at night 3 nights next week to simplify everything. Have a great weekend. And I will see you next drawing request show!! Goodnight! #artsent #dicktracey

TWITCH: A couple favorites from today

July 11, 2019

My best wonder woman to date. A fierce, hard as nails amazon warrior that can go toe to toe with superman

I've been enjoying the 'beauty and beast' aspect of some of these woman and alien requests. I use the alien environment and body as a backdrop for the contrasting woman's body, really fun.

Yep, thats 15 minutes of drawing and shading on a city sized factory concept

I love this 'grunge style' its not quite splotchy style or ink sketch style its something all its own. Really fun request with lots of brain-pleasing negative space and silhouette shapes

#drawing #twitch #streaming #rocking

All art sent! See Yew and the CRew tomorrow same drawing channel ( ) Same drawing time ( 1pm EST/ EDT ) for more! And a 15 minute drawing giveaway i forgot to do today. Heres some favorites from today!! Goodnight!!!

SKETCHBOOK: Off for the fourth of murica

July 5, 2019

Hope everyone had a safe fourth. It was a celebration that lasted from 10am till 10pm and was a fun day with lots of good beverage n food n good people. Enjoying my downtime /time off. Not thinking about work or stream or my own projects at all but still drawing in my new sketchbook occasionally. I discovered I like using my brush pen with ink and ink wash more than standard brushes. Have a good weekend. There's plenty of commission streamers who could use your support while I'm away. See the CRew and all of Yew soon.

Happy 4th of July from EWG!

July 3, 2019

#4thofjuly #july #independence #unclesam #timeoff

Hope the CRew over on Twitch, all of EWG's clients, fans, friends and family have a wonderful and save 4th of july! If you aren't in US or just dont celebrate the 4th, have a wonderful rest of your week and weekend as well! I will not be streaming thursday the 4th or friday the 5th. I am going to attempt to spend 4 days away from the business, the streams and the tablets. I will post a schedule by sunday evening when I have a better idea of whats going on/ what the plan is next week. Till then, stay safe, enjoy the grilling and fireworks and see you guys when the mill fires up again after the long weekend!

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