Sketchbook: Drawing Kung Fu - Practicing and Improving Every Day

July 24, 2019

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As I mentioned on previous posts, Kung Fu is a term that can be applied to a lot of things. Kung Fu means hard work over time to learn a skill. Literally. And I've noticed lately my drawing requests and commissions not flowing or laying down on the paper smoothly. Took me a while, but I realized its because the creative flame is a bit diminished. I haven't been doing the work. You cant just sit down every day and start drawing and hope it comes out good. You have to keep practicing, relearning and drilling every day to be able to draw the way I do. And even I have not been doing that. So I'm going to make time and re-develop the habit. I've been neglecting the number one thing I do in my life and I feel like my professional work has been suffering a bit from it. Clients may not see it, but I see it, and I feel it. And that's not ok. So, in my free time I will be getting back to basics, retraining, relearning and turning up the practice. Here's a good example. I did a bunch of ball point pen drawings on news print last night. But this was sort of a next step. I drew digitally in Inkscape for about 45 minutes with google images set to a search of 'Sports Action' and I just picked out the poses that excited me and I drew those. I was really surprised by some that I found and how 'marvel way' and comic action similar they were. I recommend this for anybody wanting to practice more. Don't worry about details, indicate where the eyes/ ears etc may line up otherwise just nail down those proportions, foreshortening and body forms. Its a great way to practice. Exercises like these really feel good. Get that old drawing fire stoked. Looking forward to seeing how it effects me on Drawing Request Show today. See you all 1pm Eastern ( about 1 hour ) for the Drawing Request madness. Donate a dollar and get a drawing request. It goes up from there. See you at for the sauce! 

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