Sketchbook: Staying Loose and Stoking The Creative Fire With Some Newsprint Practice

July 24, 2019

#drawing #newsprint #sketch #ballpoint #pen #practice #doodles #stickfigures #automaticdrawing

Doing a little homework. I've felt a bit stiff and lacking on flow in my drawings lately. I have been looking through many of my favorite art books and sketchbooks by other artists, and feeding the creative 'bank account' ( jake parker ) by watching inspiring movies like Mad Max Fury Road and animated kid shows. But last night I wanted to hammer out some practice, and nothing helps you loosen up in your drawings like filling 18x24 newsprint pages using ballpoint pen. Its fun thrashing around on such a big paper surface. Recommended! I will definitely be trying to do this more. Maybe even with my brush pen. Or a big fat sharpie sometime. Only problem with sharpies is they bleed through everything lol.

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