Sketchbook: Eryck Webb Draws Skull Explorer Warmup In Inkscape With Wacom Intuos

July 23, 2019

#skull #suit #robot #mech #space #explorer #twomoons #warmup #sketch #hatching

A fun 'clear your mind and draw' session this morning for warm up before getting started on Upgrade Inks. Playing with shapes and proportions and just not thinking about it seeing where my creativity took me. Ended up with some skull headed ( or masked ) explorer in his exploration pod/ mech thing. Fun stuff. I tried to simulate as if I was drawing in my sketchbook and hatching with a ballpoint pen for shades and textures. I think it worked alright! Onto the work that pays. See you guys 1pm Eastern Time every day this week for Drawing Request Show. Come out, donate for a drawing request, or enjoy the stream and hangout till you win one. I'll draw you any character you want. One character request can be any fan art character, original character, any kind of creature, vehicle, building, complex object. You can even through a word or two at me and I'll come up with something creative and original for you. I've also been known to do stuff like, emotes, logos, mascots and even spend the time allotted creating a scratch sheet of one offs and concepts.

So come out, hang with the crew and check out the draws. Today and every day this week at 1pm Eastern Time only on Twitch

What can the hat, draw for yew?

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