Memorial Day 2023 - Sherman M4 Tank Toon

May 29, 2023


#m4 #tank #sherman #ww2 #memorialday #unitedstatesarmy #cartoon #drawing #inkscape #clipstudiopro

Taking a moment to be thankful for the freedoms earned in the wars of old and the men and women that continue to protect us. Those that served and fell so that I could draw cartoon tanks for a living in Inkscape and color them in Clip Studio Pro with my Wacom Intuos Pro M. 

Kiwii and I have been fighting off a pretty nasty cold that was creeping up on me all week. It hit her last weekend, and then caught up with me Saturday evening. While I think we're starting to get over it, it will definitely impact my work/ streaming this week. Stay tuned to my Twitter, Facebook Page and/or Discord for updates. In the interest of getting some stream time in with the drawing mill crew this week, I might do some sketchbook time or work on commissions or something Tuesday and Thursday. But I will let you know definitively by tomorrow morning.

Saturday sketchin - rockabilly zombie sketch

May 27, 2023


Enjoying a long memorial day weekend mostly off the computer taking a break from stream and work. But wanted to share some saturday sketching. Trying out a heavy toothy paper i got for christmas but havent used yet. I like it. Its super absorbant and has a texture almost like watercolor paper but it doesnt let heavy ink or alcohol marker bleed through or smear into eachother. Definitely has potential.Some kinda paper called Uplama.. not really sure!

No Stream Wednesday and Friday - Got Commissions To Get Out!

May 23, 2023


I will be tackling the commission queue tomorrow and Friday off stream! Thursday 05/25 10amEDT will be the next Drawing Request Show on Twitch! Thank you for all the orders and support!  Need something in the meantime - hit me up by filling out the quote request form on my site! Ill see what I can do! Thank you for keeping me drawing!

 #commissions #commissionsopen #request #art #drawing #illustration #forsale #forhire 

Pompadore Dude - Post Lunch Warmup Sketch

May 19, 2023


Random post lunch warmup sketch!

Commissions are open to draw your OC, superhero, mascot, avatar, etc! Start here: Look forward to drawing for you!

 #pompadore #mohawk #hair #character #dood #dude #drawing #warmup #sketch #characterart #inkscape

Kitty Poses Warmup Drawing - Spring Pricing Ending Soon!


#cat #kitty #kitten #bell #collar #cardboard #catplay #drawing #inkscape #sketch #characterart #modelsheet #charactersheet #characterdesign

A fun warmup this morning with a little kitty character. Its always fun to start the day getting the creative part of my brain awake and having fun before diving into the work grind. Might finish these and put them in the ol EWG Etsy Shop as digital stickers/ clipart/ and emotes soon.

Onto the work that pays! Commissions are open! Make sure to grab some commission character art, logos, emotes or whatever else you might need me to draw before end of May. The general spring discounted pricing will end and June 1st new higher prices will be going into effect! This will not effect stream request prices. Only off stream commissions and upgrades of stream requests to finished commissions. This will be part of a new push to focus on the best work I can do, allowing the time to do it and also decrease wait times.

Get a commission quote for your creative need by starting with the EWG Commission Quote form

or DM on any platform! 

Puppy Poses Warmup Drawing

May 18, 2023


#puppy #dogs #bone #fetch #play #nap #wagging #tail #dog #doggo #doge #fido #inkscape #sketch #warmup #drawing #charactersheet #posepractice

Starting the workday with a 30min warmup drawing what I felt like for myself this morning. This is a  3 pose sheet of a puppy character. Inspired by our chihuahua boy Chico for sure, but probably intending more a jack russel or other kind of dog. 

These sketches might make a good clip art pack for etsy in the future, what do you think? 

Onto commissions and then drawing requests later today. Have a great Thursday

Drawing Requests At New Time This Week!

May 7, 2023


See the CREW for all the drawing mayhem - same drawing channel, new drawing time! Mon-Fri 5/8-5/12 1pm-4pmEDT this week!

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