We hit 4000 followers on Twitch

August 30, 2022


This is a highlight of the 4000 Followers milestone moment on my Twitch stream over at http://www.twitch.tv/eryckdrawz

Music 'Some Of You' by Text Me Records'

Thank you for getting me to 4000 followers on Twitch in only 6 years ( lul ) 

Come out Friday 10amET for a bonus stream, I'll be drawing what the chat tells me for a special 4000 followers commemorative illustration piece in collaboration with the community!

Thanks and see you next drawing!

6 Chibi Commission Slots Done This Week

August 26, 2022


#chibi #carrot #princess #sailor #stomp #davidbowie #mandolorian #babyyoda #grogu #military #valyrie #chihuahua

Heres a finished batch of 6 chibi commissions I finished today. I opened the slots Tuesday night and started working on them a little each day on Wednesday. It was really refreshing to have a 3 day turnaround on orders as well as the built in free reign I had on these fun character requests. Onto more commission work, and then the weekend. Stay tuned for future slot openings on the EryckWebbGraphics, 'Drawing Mill' Discord! If you enjoy my work, and want to follow my availability and overall updates, thats the place to lurk. Thanks for looking! 

Also don't forget to grab YOUR copy of my new drawing collection book 'Best of Request Volume 6' during the preorder going on NOW! Print edition will not be available after the preorder ends. Thanks for your support! 

Book Monster Warmup Timelapse

August 24, 2022


Get my new drawing-collecting book 'Best Of Request' Volume 6! It won't bite! Preorder going on here:

A wicked book creature for warmup today!

Thank you for watching see you next drawing!

Get more Eryck Webb drawing videos on my YouTube 

#drawing #book #artbook #creature #short #shorts #clipstudiopaint #monster #graffiti #hotrod #teeth #spooky 

Request Your Copy Of My New Book!

August 22, 2022

Drawing Request Show is live Tuesday & Thursday 10amET this week! Till then, go request your copy of my new book 'Best Of Request: Volume 6' during its pre-order, going on now! It will only be available in digital after! Thanks for your support!



Dexter's Laboratory

August 21, 2022


Dexters laboratory cartoon in my style drawing in clipstudiopaint

#dexterslaboratory #cartoon #draw #timelapse 

Check out the timelapse process video here

Bus Head

August 20, 2022

 #drawing #bus #school #head #clipstudiopaint

Some bus action for the monhly prompt on the Drawing Mill Discord right now,

Submarine head

#drawin #submarine #navy #paddle #clipstudiopaint #samsung #tablet 

Just a fun little underwater character drawing on the samsung galaxybook while chilling, resting up and staying in the AC during this sudden 90 degree weather day. 

Zombie Wants His Coffee || Warmup Drawing In Inkscape

August 19, 2022


#zombie #coffee #warmup #drawing #inkscape

Zombie Wants His Coffee || Warmup Drawing In Inkscape 

New timelapse video from my warmup today before getting to work on commissions


Thanks for watching

Happy National Potato Day


A potato battleship via Captn' Honour

Bill Spudburg via iamlarcyn

My Neighbor Potatoro via iamlarcyn

The spud life via iamlarcyn

Happy National Potato day, heres a few favorite potatoes I've drawn over the last year or two! Fry them, bake them, mash them, can't go wrong! Heres to that tasty tasty vegetable!

#potato #potatoe #fries #mashedpotatoes #starch #frenchfries #bakedpotatoe #grits #hashbrowns #tatertots #drawing #inkscape #clipstudiopro

Ronin Guinea Pig says - thanks for the great streams!

August 18, 2022


Thanks for some great requests and streams this week, and for making my book launch on Tuesday a success! All art sent, masterlist updated - see you next stream!! 

One of my favs from today: Ronin Guinea Pig! With my splotchy ink brush in inkscape!

#drawing #request #commission

Best of Request Volume 6 is now available for pre order!

August 16, 2022


Very thankful for a great live book release / pre-order launch! Thank you crew!

My new book: 'Best of Request Volume 6' is available now:

#drawing #book #memoir #autobiography #yearbook #retrospective #bestof #artbook #art #book

Best Of Request Volume 6 Pre Order Launch

August 12, 2022


Launching after the weekend! Live on stream! Have a good one! 

Best Of Request Volume 6 Off To The Printer


Its official, the book is 100% done and order is placed with the printers. Soon a physical copy will be sitting on my front porch, and I'll be signing, sketching and shipping your copies! 

Its been an uphill battle getting here, mentally, physically, and in-real-life-lly? But it still made it before the end-of-summer buzzer! 

Thank you for your patience, and support!

Pre order launches soon, we'll unbox/ look at the first printed copies live on stream in a few weeks and the book will be in folks sweaty, drawing-loving hands soon!


Bus Cartoon Timelapse And Walkthrough

August 11, 2022


Watch the walkthrough timelapse process video here: https://youtu.be/n5syHJ77ngM

School Bus Hot Rod Chibi Cartoon || Timelapse Drawing In Inkscape & Clipstudio

A fun cartoon bus drawn as part of the August prompt over on the Eryck Webb Graphics discord draw jam! 
Thanks for drawing!

Get more Eryck Webb drawing content here:

See me draw live on Twitch weekdays:

See you next drawing!

Music: Pixelated Autumn Leaves - Jeremy Blake

#drawing #inkscape #clipstudiopaint #timelapse #schoolbus #school #backtoschool #bus #cartoon #hotrod #stylizedart

Watch the walkthrough timelapse process video here: https://youtu.be/n5syHJ77ngM

Different Stream Schedule This Week

August 10, 2022


#rooster #commission #design #emote #graphic #inkscape #clipstudiopro

Just a reminder that the stream schedule is a bit different this week. Drawing Request Show will be Thursday 10amET and I'm working on commissions whether be off-stream or upgraded from stream requests on Wednesday ( today ) and Friday this week.

Sorry for the confusion, and hope you have a great week! I really get to work on cool things here at EWG. Like starting my day with a badass rooster emote design like the cropping above.

Have a great week. Do it to it.

True Story.

Best of Request Volume 6 is complete

August 8, 2022

My new book, Best of Request Volume 6 - is all done! Cover, and interior copy/ image layout and everything is done. It is now in the final proof reading stage to check for any lingering mistakes and correct them. Then its off to the printer and soon, launch the Pre Order! Stay tuned!


Im Dragon Today - Original Art Product

August 7, 2022


[ BUY ] [  SHOP ]

'I'm Dragon Today'
For days when we're just dragging along, and coffee won't help


- Released August 2022
- Cute and emotional design, with punny slogan and hunched over sleepy dragon
- 12x12 Artwork
- Available in print on many products 

Millnions: TamTam

August 2, 2022


#millnions #gremlin #hardhat #buckethat #overalls #smash #drawing #clipstudiopaint

Meet the hard hat wearing gremlin crew who keep the mill running! I'll be adding to this roster over time, and sending a high res to each sub I do one for!

This is TamTam, a long time crew member and supporter. He has been part of the drawing mill a long time, since before Twitch! Back then the drawing mill was a hole in the wall setup in whatever dank basement that I could rent out. Now on Twitch, he was the first sub I ever got and continues to smash the sub button every month! Thank you for the heavy hitting support TamTam!

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