6 Chibi Commission Slots Done This Week

August 26, 2022


#chibi #carrot #princess #sailor #stomp #davidbowie #mandolorian #babyyoda #grogu #military #valyrie #chihuahua

Heres a finished batch of 6 chibi commissions I finished today. I opened the slots Tuesday night and started working on them a little each day on Wednesday. It was really refreshing to have a 3 day turnaround on orders as well as the built in free reign I had on these fun character requests. Onto more commission work, and then the weekend. Stay tuned for future slot openings on the EryckWebbGraphics, 'Drawing Mill' Discord! If you enjoy my work, and want to follow my availability and overall updates, thats the place to lurk. Thanks for looking! 

Also don't forget to grab YOUR copy of my new drawing collection book 'Best of Request Volume 6' during the preorder going on NOW! Print edition will not be available after the preorder ends. Thanks for your support! 

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