Black Fusion Burnout Drawing and Process Video

October 30, 2021

#drawing #burnout #fordfusion #hotrod #smokingtires #peelout #artcustom #inkscape #wacom #rollout #whip 

Things are going well. Taking a few days to be with kw at the hospital while she's treated and be back to streaming soon. 

Taking a little extra time this morning since we're basicaly waiting till Monday at this point. Doctors dont work on weekends... Felt good to zone out and draw in Inkscape at my computer this morning. Been a a week since last time I drew in Inkscape on stream, and seems like the last 3 weeks I only streamed/ drew in Inkscape in my main Mill computer office abbout once a week. All else was on tablet. 

Tossed the process start to finish on YouTube here

This is our 2016 black ford fusion - this is a real depiction of me driving into the city to visit KW at the hospital. LUL... just kidding.

Thank you for looking/ reading/ watching!

Thanks for a great stream week!

October 22, 2021


Had a great stream with you guys, thanks for all the love and support as we celebrated me and Kiwii's 10th anny. All art sent, see you guys Monday!

#mortalkombat #scorpion #drawing #request #ninja #warlock #hacker #coder #sith #guitar #wine #hippy #groovy #wine #fish #vibes

Sketchbook 8 2021 Page Dump 10192021

October 19, 2021

Sketchbook 8 2021 Page Dump 10192021
#sketchbook #drawing #characterdesign #ballpointpen #micron

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Sauce Blob monster - Sticker & More

October 18, 2021


 Sauce Blob Monster - Sticker & Other Products

- Released October2021
- Full color original artwork available on several products via RedBubble vendor
- Click the link to checkout the available items you can get this art on!

Drawing Requests On Hiatus For A While - Going To War

October 8, 2021


#kellysheroes #army #warmovie #war #tank #sherman #chihuahua #pug #pughuahua #oddball #tanker #worldwar2

A favorite one from today's Drawing Request stream, and the last request I'm doing for a while. Thank you to all the supporters that make what I do possible, the folks who come out laydown support/ snatch up drawing requests day in day out! 

Wife and I are going to battle on Monday versus a returned foe that set up camp on the back of her head once again... but we caught it super early this time. I don't know when I'll be back. But it will be soon as able. Stay tuned for drawings/ artwork/ sketch posts, and sometime next week an update. Will be working on upgraded and offline commissions in the meantime. Wish her luck, send her ( not me ) all your thoughts and prayers her surgery goes well and the invader stays in remission via the treaments that come after... we want it gone for another decade if not longer! 

See you soon. Eryck, Kristina and Chico

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