My new KoFi page - a way to support my personal art

November 30, 2022


Introducing my new Ko-Fi page! I intend this page to help me towards doing more personal works. It will feature hires access to practice drawing, character designs, concepts and finished works. Hope you'll tag along!

#kofi #drawing

Black Friday Weekend Sale

November 25, 2022

Save 30% on any new character art commission order requested between Thursday 11/24 and Monday 11/28 that lead to an order! Look forward to drawing for you!

#BlackFriday #CyberMonday #thankgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 23, 2022


Happy Thanksgiving from Eryck, Kiwii, and Chico!

Hope you will join us in being thankful to make it through the past year, through the challenges, and the memorable moments and be here now looking towards the end of the year and the new year to come. Thank you for being part of, and thinking of EryckWebbGraphics, EryckDrawz and the family it all supports. We couldn't do it without you. 

We are thankful for you!

Work resumes Monday 11/28 offline and on stream. 

Be safe and have a wonderful rest of your week and weekend!

November 2022 Twitch Stream Schedule

November 13, 2022


#drawing #commission #request #improv #sketch #stream #twitch

Come out put down a request! Now streaming 10amEDT till 1pm 5 days a week until Thanksgiving! See you at the next Drawing Request Show - an extension of Eryck Webb Graphics!

Make sure to stay tuned to the EWG discord, or any other EWG social website for day to day postponements and bonus production/ personal art streams outside this schedule above!

Look forward to drawing for you!

Call Of Duty Sunflower Process Video on YouTube

November 12, 2022



Check out the process of coloring this badass sunflower getting mad dubs in Call Of Duty Warzone and see you next drawing!

#drawing #callofduty #sunflower #warzone #fps #br

Gobble Gobble Turkey Warmup 110822

November 9, 2022

#turkey #gobblegobble #gobble #inkscape #drawing #warmup 

Warmup and practice, getting used to a new nib and tweaking wacom tablet settings to make it feel right for me. Still got plenty of rust and etc to get through after the time off. But overall still pleased with how little I lost during that time. Still, got some repetition and flow and control to get back.

Have a good Wednesday!

First Drawing in Inkscape in 4 weeks + Update

November 7, 2022

My middle monitor is a dedicated canvas space. I put my palletes on a seperate screen on the side.

First time sitting at my desktop workspace in 4 weeks. Had to search for my Wacom tablet's USB cable for some reason it was in a drawer. I also did some tweaks to my main canvas and reduced the amount of things on the screen for maximum canvas space. Didn't feel too bad drawing on the Wacom Intuos again with hands on the tablet, eyes on the screen. Like riding a bike. Only thing really different was, apparently I carted my Wacom Intuos pen all over the country on our 3.5 week road trip we just got back from. And somewhere along that trek, I remember the button coming off, but I put it back on and zipped it up in a pocket to keep it safe till we got home, as its almost 100 bucks for a new stylus. But when it came off, I apparently lost a spring. So the button on the side doesn't work anymore. So I took it off completely and stuck it in a drawer for now, and i wrapped the whole pen in Gaffer Tape for a nice grip and to keep it all from moving and getting crud in the pen. The hole where the button was even makes a nice indent in the tape to put a finger on while drawing. I dig it. 

Slowly getting my feet under me to get back on those commissions on the masterlist today, and going to attempt to stream tomorrow. Maybe start with free raffles till I get the hang of things, or not. I'll decide come time. So remember, even with daylight savings time. I'll be starting 10am Eastern Time! Whatever that is for where you are!

Girl 110622

November 6, 2022


#girl #cartoon #woman #sketch

Back Home From Vacation

November 2, 2022


In no particular ordrr, a few highlights from our trip. Click to enlarge

Back home in the tropics of Pennsylvania after almost a month on the road. Had an amazing vacation, adventure and trip. Now to rest, acclimate to being home, and figure out what's next. #goodtobehome

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