Best of Request Volume 3 Digital Edition - Available Now In The EWShop!

August 31, 2019

Catch up on your Eryck Webb artbooks over the long Labor Day Weekend! Volume 1, 2 and now 3 of Best of Request are available in the newly remodeled ewSHOP! Thank you for your support! 

10 Upgrade In 10 Hours Starting At 10am Challenge!!!

August 29, 2019

EW is taking the 10 Upgrade Challenge! Starting at 10amEST/EDT and attempting to get 10 upgrade orders done in 10 hours. OR BUST.

All day starting 10amET on ... challenge... accepted! #twitch #draw #ink #color #digitalart #stream #challenge

Stream Art: Dinosaur and Cave Duck 82219

August 23, 2019

Thanks for a great Friday stream!! All art sent out! See the CRew next week with more!! Have a great and safe weekend!! #ewDRAW #dinosaur #caveman #duck

Warmup Drawing: Mickey Saves Spidey 82319

#mickey #mickeymouse #disney #sony #marvel #spiderman #spidey #rescue 

This situation with Disney-Marvel not being able to use Spiderman anymore because of some deal with Sony is ridiculous. I thought that was over and Marvel had bought back all their characters. In the end though, Spiderman belongs at Marvel, and I know the mouse will do what it takes, to bring him home. Go get em Mickey!

All metaphorical of course. But current events can spawn fun drawing prompt ideas. After having a dedicated work day on Wednesday and then crashing/ burning out on Thursday, a day of rest, lots of food and lots of sleep helped a lot. My head is no longer going crazy my body is no longer like 'nope not happening' and I am up a bit early this morning getting to work on upgrades this morning and other things.

See folks 1pm Eastern Time on for some live drawing action! 

Twitch: No Stream Today!!

August 21, 2019

CRew! No stream today! I am opting to cranking hard on all these Priority Upgrades today! Thank you for your orders! I want to get as many done as possible today! I'll be back with the Drawing Requests tomorrow 1pmET! #geterdone

Drawing Request Show Schedule Week of 8/19/19

August 18, 2019

⏰DRS Schedule This Week:

Monday - 1:00pmET
Tuesday - 1:00pmET
Wednesday - 1:00pmET
Thursday - 1:00pmET
Friday - 1:00pmET

What Will Yew Request?

TWITCH: The EWG Twitch Channel Is Under Construction Over The Weekend

August 17, 2019

#comingsoon #underconstruction #renovations #updates #improvements #rebuild

Eryck Webb and EWG are hard at work this weekend, planning and building a bigger better stream. The mill is undergoing extensive remodeling to head into fall with a bigger more entertaining stream than when we've had most of the summer. The viewers have been heard, the plans locked down and construction has begun! We're hoping to launch live on Monday but will take longer if needed to get this right. Thank you to everyone who is a fan and client of EWG, and the Drawing Request Show. We are working to return the favor for all the faith, time, and support you have given us. Going forward the goal is consistency, fun and of course... lots and lots of drawing!! See you soon!

Daily Discipline: Green Lantern Warmup

August 12, 2019

#warmup #drawing #inkscape #wacom #intuos #greenlantern #dccomics #teeth #sketch #practice #dailysketch 

A warmup drawing to start the day and week, some cartoon green lantern action. Onto the work that pays!

See folks for more drawing like thism, live at 1pm ET on Twitch over at all week long! 

Also, if you like drawings like this, my 3 art books collection 500+ of my best drawings from each volume's respective years are still available in the ewSHOP! Get yourself a copy! 

TWITCH: Short But Fun Week - Steel City Con tomorrow!

August 8, 2019

#twitch #drawing #request #commission #sketches #sauce #orange #hat

Thanks to all the CRew and the rest of Yew for a great couple stream days this week! I took the week half off just to take a break and get some perspective and get my head on straight, but streamed Tuesday and Thursday! This is the haul from today's drawing requests, including an upgrade I got done yesterday. Thanks for all the support and the cool requests. I am off for the weekend a bit early, as tomorrow me, Kiwi and my sister are off to Steel City Con! I will not be streaming, but will be walking all over the place soaking up the inspiration and the geekdoms. Looking forward to it! I also got a few things in mind for the stream I want to start working on over the weekend. 
See you all next week I'll post the intended schedule for next week by Sunday evening. 
Have a good one, keep rocking, and see you on the Discord and socials!

Sketchbook: Planetoid Exploring Mech Warmup Drawing 8719

August 7, 2019

#mech #robot #suit #spacesuit #space #planet #explorer #moon #mars

A warmup to start my day today, trying to capture the feel of a ballpoint pen or what not, but in Inkscape. A chunky environment-exploring mech suit with a little creature piloting it. What will he discover on this baron planetoid? Who knows!

Not streaming today, taking the day to focus on upgrade ink and color work. Half of which is priority items and half of which is backlog items. Have a great day and see you around the socials and discords. I'll be back tomorrow, Thursday 8/8/19 with more Drawing Request stream action. 

1pm Eastern Time over at

EWG: A productive day finishing 5 Upgrade Commissions off stream

August 5, 2019

#drawing #inking #coloring #producing

Was a productive day. Got some upgrades sitting in some kiddie's stockings and calling it a night. See the CRew tomorrow for Drawing Requests all day! 1pmET! Goodnight!

NoteBook: Taking Some Time Off Stream Still Working Hard

Good Morning ewCAMPERS! - Taking a short week on stream, but still working hard off stream. Will see the CRew Tues/ Thurs for Drawing Requests only. I will not be streaming today or Wednesday but will be cranking on Upgrades and work all day those days. Friday I will be with Kiwi and my sister at Steel City Con August 9th 2019 walking around soaking it all in. Maybe I'll see one of you there somewhere? Have a good day and week! Dew it Tew it! #burnrubber #rocknroll

Boxer N Gun Girl Practice Drawing 8/4/19

August 4, 2019

#girl #inkscape #drawing #boxer #gun

Some practice drawing today have a good week all! See folks on Stream Tues & Thurs!

Twitch: Stream Schedule Week of 8/5/19

⏰ Stream Schedule Week of 8/5/19:

Monday - No Stream
Tuesday - 1pmET Drawing Requests Only
Wednesday - No Stream
Thursday - 1pmET Drawing Requests Only
Wednesday - Steel City Con ( No Stream )

TWITCH: Solid Last Week of July And First Week of August!!

August 2, 2019

#drawing #twitch #creative #commissions #streamer #art 

Thank you to Yew and the CRew for a super fun week! We tweaked a few rules for the 'Request Show' going into August that are working out well. This week began an emphasis on getting one priority commission grade ink and/ or color upgrade done each stream, and drawing supporter requests around it. I think the adjustment is going smoothly and I look forward to more next week! Kiwi and I are also hard at work on the pre 2019 backlog in the mornings as well as other projects in progress we want to wait to announce properly. 

Thanks to all the supporters, the subs, the donators and the bit cheerers, and those just hanging out having fun watching the stream. Its been a great summer drawing and hanging with you guys. Its hard to believe kids are heading back to school soon and crickets are already chirping like its Fall. But before any of that we have lots more work to do! See you Monday for more! 

Sketchbook: Dogalope Warmup Drawing

#zoo #dog #antelope #jackalope #dogalope #inkscape #wacom

A fun imagination stretching warm up drawing today. Just wanted to sketch out some kind of made up creature from imagination, and came up with the Dogalope. Look for more of these creatures to come down the road! Onto the work that pays, and streaming commission production and requests at 1pmET today!

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