TWITCH: Solid Last Week of July And First Week of August!!

August 2, 2019

#drawing #twitch #creative #commissions #streamer #art 

Thank you to Yew and the CRew for a super fun week! We tweaked a few rules for the 'Request Show' going into August that are working out well. This week began an emphasis on getting one priority commission grade ink and/ or color upgrade done each stream, and drawing supporter requests around it. I think the adjustment is going smoothly and I look forward to more next week! Kiwi and I are also hard at work on the pre 2019 backlog in the mornings as well as other projects in progress we want to wait to announce properly. 

Thanks to all the supporters, the subs, the donators and the bit cheerers, and those just hanging out having fun watching the stream. Its been a great summer drawing and hanging with you guys. Its hard to believe kids are heading back to school soon and crickets are already chirping like its Fall. But before any of that we have lots more work to do! See you Monday for more! 

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