Drawing Request Show 273 Recap

July 31, 2017

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As of this post, all art sent! Thank you so much to everyone who came out and made it a fun Monday request stream! Trying out 10min requests as a max time starting today, so far going pretty epicly. Wasn't happy with myself on the one drone hotrod request so I took a second stab at it on me. The customers seemed to like the second one more. Fun stuff. 
Also received in the mail my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 today. I unboxed it during the stream! Really beautiful device but I still got a bit of learning and getting used to it. Already I have figured out that Inkscape tho runs great on there, won't recognize the N-Trig stylus. And there seems to be no workaround. So I can use inkscape for vector logo work and such. But right now, seems Autodesk sketchbook pro is the one to go with. It runs really good and I can do 300dpi+ resolution sketches, finished digital pencils and even nice inks with the brush tools. So it would work great for commissions away from the studio! Next to test is my older copy of Adobe Photoshop which Im in process of transfering over now. But i'm optimistic! I heard Manga Studio works really good on it too. Definitely an upgrade from my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014. Though for simplicity and ease of use i think it will always be my pick-up-and-go digital 'sketchpad' solution!
No morning stream tomorrow but will see folks back 2pmEST tomorrow morning for more DRS!

Original Book: Best of Request Volume 1

Best of Request Volume 1


- Released 2017
- Collects drawings from the 2016 stream year on Twitch!
- 200+ pages
- 500+ drawings
- Commentary and retrospective
- Color Cover
- Black and White Interior
- Includes sketch and signature!
- Ships world wide
- Available in Digital

Digital Book: Best Of Request Volume 1

July 29, 2017


Best of Request Volume 1 - Digital Edition

- Released 2017
- Collects drawings from the 2016 stream year on Twitch!
- 200+ pages
- 500+ drawings
- Commentary and retrospective
- Color Covers
- Black and White Interior
- PDF can be viewed on any computer or mobile device
- Digital Download
- Available in Print here

Drawing Request Show 272 Chibi Special Recap

July 28, 2017

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As of this post, all art above has been sent! Thank you very much to all who came out and made it an awesome stream! Starting 10am I began the day with inking two transformers 'gull' pieces for hamiltoons and from there the special chibi item available today took off and kept going until quitting time. We had 8 giveaways due to hitting the tip goal 8 times and got really close to crossing the next follow goal. Thanks to everyone who made this special chibi event a massive success and encouraging me to do it again soon! Really glad I could do something everyone was so in to! See you guys Monday with some new refreshing of things on stream and some new surprises. Have a fantastic weekend

Drawing Request Show 271 Recap

July 27, 2017

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As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the stream. Worked on request colors this morning and then drew more drawing requests all afternoon! Gotta be a record... got a lot of art done man! Hit a real stryde. See if i can keep it going. See everyone out tomorrow 10am for a special Drawing Request Show featuring a special comic character chibi item for a special offer tomorrow only. See you then!

Drawing Request Show e270 Recap

Art done this morning/ afternoon

Art done this evening

Today was full of epic drawings. Started the day off inking a big 7 character piece and started a 3 character piece, drew and colored a whole bunch of requests. And this evening I decided I wanted to draw more and got the 3 character inks piece done, two lingering star wars chibis done and even drew a 10 min Guacamole Bandito for MoltenInk who raided my stream this evening with 300+ viewers?! thats insane... thank you very much man and thanks everyone who came out. All art sent, check your whispers! See you guys 10am for more! Working on colors and drawing requests. 

Drawing Request Show e269 Recap

July 25, 2017

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As of this post, all art sent! Thanks all for a fun Tuesday stream and Im gonna be back tomorrow for more! Dont forget there will be a Comic Character Fanart Chibi Friday special stream on Friday! Basicaly same as always but with an available special item! If you enjoyed the May The 4Th Be With You special youll dig this me thinks. Have a great night and check those whispers! Be back tomorrow same drawing time same drawing channel. Only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Drawing Request Show e268 Recap

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As of this post, all art sent! Thank you so much for all the fun requests today and all those who hung out during todays super long streaming sessions! I streamed ink upgrades this morning for 3 hours, drawing requests this afternoon for 3 hours and 3 hours this evening as well working on cover inks for trayde and emote for twogirls1game! But time to go get some sleep cause we have a lot more to do! Also, get ready to rock the socks on Friday we'll be having a special 'comic book character' chibi stream. If you were hre for the May the 4th be with you then you know what to generally expect. See you guys then! But till then, see you 10am tomorrow for more upgrades and afternoon drawing! 
Only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb 

Daily Discipline: Mushroom Monster

July 23, 2017

#littlewitchacademia #mushroom #monster #drawing #inks #inkscape #samsung #tablet #autodesk #sketchbook

Practice/ Free time art of a Mushroom Monster - inspired by Little Witch Academia on Netflix! First season was really fun and good and hope for more!

Original Autodesk Sketchbook sketch on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 - https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DFcAijdW0AAApwX.jpg:large

Took into Inkscape on my PC and finished the inks n such! Fun stuff.

Might color eventualy - but for now, diggin the black and whites

Drawing Request Show 267 Recap

July 21, 2017

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As of this post, all the art above has been sent! Thanks for a super fun and art filled Friday! Have a fantastic weekend all and see you next week with some new surprises and more epic drawing!  An announcement at end of today was another chibi event will be held one day soon just like the Star Wars Day 504 special. This one will be comic character fanart themed. Stay tuned for that to happen as soon as we settle on a date. Either towards end of July or beginning of August. 
See you guys next week, same drawing channel same drawing time.

Drawing Request Show 266 Recap

July 20, 2017

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As of this post, all art sent! I try to average around 7 drawings per show and this ones a bit above par so can't complain. That list has whittled down real low love it, I think the two requests per stream limit helps keep that changeup of who im drawing for at a nice consistent variety. I consolidated a lot of miscellaneous TBDs into the retainer so as far as the active request list, we're down to 10 requests! Not including those who during the stream pull out of their retainer for drawings. But I rather draw for the active participants that way anyways. If you think you have been skipped, make sure to use !ewlist in the chat to check the master list. Its up to participants to check that list and pull their requests out. I anxiously wait for a 'skipped' date to reach 30 days so i can remove it! So grab it while you can. Retainer has 4 months of never seeing a person before i remove their retainer. There are those top 10 supporters who i know will never have to worry about that. Also I tend to put them back on the list at the end of each show. Anywho lots of fun stuff. I think my favs from this are the inked pieces and the colors on the TF5 hotrod gull for Hamiltoons. Sorry again Hamiltoons as I know your a big fan of the movies and I hate that I got on a rant about how under par i felt the new Transformers movie was. I really enjoyed the 8 min drawings of this batch the most, the amazon girl, the rom space knight ( ok that was 10) and the chibi yoyo kid. Really makes me wanna cap sketches at no more than 10. Anywho, thank you so much everyone. We will do it one more time tomorrow. Color upgrades on flats Kiwi has ready for me 10am Eastern tomorrow and then 2pm ET more drawing request show! Looking forward to it. See you all then! 

Drawing Request Show 265 Recap

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As of this post all art sent! Check those whispers! Thanks for a fun day of drawing and streaming! i will be back tomorrow to do it again! Only on twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Drawing Request Show 264 ( LATE NIGHT ) Recap

July 18, 2017

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As of this post, all art sent! Check those whispers! Thanks so much all for hanging on a late night edition of Drawing Request Show! It was a lot different than my normal daytime time slots but fun as well! Started with a fun chibi warmup giveaway and ended with a kickass garbage/ filth controller with trashcan lid hands and a whole bunch of coloring and inking and drawing in between. 
See you all back tomorrow 10am for some inking/ upgrade production and 2pm for more Drawing Requests! Only at http://twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Drawing Request Show 263 Recap

July 17, 2017

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As of this post, all art sent! Some really fun stuff, some challenging ones and all around super fun ones. Thanks so much everyone for the awesome long Monday stream and look forward to drawing for you again tomorrow, Tuesday 7/18 at 7pmET! See you for some DRS latenight, only at http://twitch.tv/eryckwebb - see ya then!

Drawing Request Show 262 Recap

July 14, 2017

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As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! Thanks for an amazing Friday full of Quantums and colors and other good stuff. And see you guys Monday 2pmET with some new wheel items and other surprises! Thank to the Request God Trayde, Request King Hamiltoons, and all of the Requesteers for your awesome support! Can't do this without you. Have a fantastic weekend! EW outtie!

Drawing Request Show 261 Recap

July 13, 2017

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As of this post all art sent! Check your whispers! Thanks for an outstanding Thursday stream. I kept it moving along to maximinze the drawing and think we got a hell of a lot of art done. Thanks so much guys. Big props to MightyMae for the Zeffur raid! Enjoy your EWJazzerCorn!

Do it again tomorrow. 10am for some morning chill/ coffee and colors and drawing requests in the afternoon at 2pm! All times Eastern.


Drawing Request Show 260 Recap

July 12, 2017

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As of this post, all art above has been sent! Thank you for an awesome Wednesday stream session! With some colorguide work this morning and some request sketches and colors this afternoon! Super fun, and look forward to doing it all again tomorrow 10am starting with finishing colors from pieces Kiwi has flatted and gotten back to me. Then Drawing Requests all afternoon. See you guys then!

And remember, without Net Neutrality, I really would not be able to do what I do anymore. It would be too expensive or limited most likely. So whatever we can do to keep that Repeel happening on the FCC Net Neutrality laws is something we need to definitely do.

Keep drawing!  Checkout Drawing Request Show, streaming live on Twitch every M-F 10am-5pmEST! Only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Highlight request from today's stream

Watch live video from EryckWebb on www.twitch.tv

For ScarletFox's Birthday She Got A 60sec Drawing Lesson

Watch live video from EryckWebb on www.twitch.tv

Drawing Request Show 259 Recap

July 11, 2017

@twitchcreative #twitchcreative #twitch @twitch

As of this post all art above sent! Check your whispers! Thank you for a super fun DRS 259 and see you tomorrow, Wedneday 7/12 for the 260th episode! Will be doing color guides for Kristina and then finishing flats I've got ready from Kristina in the morning then drawing requests all afternoon!

See you tomorrow!

Drawing Request Show 258 Recap

July 10, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #drawing #request #stream

Good to be back! After a week off around the 4th of july holiday Eryck Webb returned to stream and work on those requests! Starting in the morning with a big inks upgrade to a request that had two wolves, one warrior in half and two diff bg environments. Just screaming to be colored. And A slew of pencil sketch drawing requests in the afternoon. There were some kinks to iron out in the first couple that I struggled and pushed through but about mid stream hit a stride and knocked it out of the park from then on. Looking forward to more tomorrow. Tentatively going to ink Upgrades tomorrow morning and draw requests all afternoon!
Good to be back! Feels really good. Cant wait to do more! All art sent and lists updated as of this post. Go get em! ( Check your whispers)

Daily Discipline: BumbleBee G1 Inks N Cols

July 6, 2017

#transformers #bumblebee #g1 #saturdaymorningcartoons #80scartoons #inkscape #photoshop

Some more relaxing and keeping the skills sharp tonight. I liked that BumbleBee warmup I did on a previous DRS stream so I decided to finish ink it and color it. Both versions posted up above! Fun stuff. Inks in Inkscape and colors in Photoshop

Daily Discipline: OctoCrustacean

#drawing #creative #inkscape #dailydiscipline #daily #drawing #sketch #discipline

Some daily discipline today! Inspired by an Octopus artwork MightyMae was working on on her stream today. Had it on in the background whilst doing my drawing practice. The idea was kinda design my own Octopus and it took off and ended up with this lol. Fun just taking a general notion and running and exploring shapes and angles and seeing what comes out. Time spent was bout an hour in Inkscape - fun stuff! Incase you didn't know, I'm taking the rest of the week off and recuperating after a long but fun  holidayweekend and look forward to returning to streaming and drawing for folks live on Monday! Please look forward to it as well as some new surprises/ changes. Draw for you then! 
Draw every day :) 

Original Book: Ten: A True Story

July 5, 2017


Ten: A True Story

- Released 2020
- A retrospective look at the first ten years of Eryck Webb Graphics
Full Color Cover Front and Back
- 232 Full Color Pages
- Features Eryck Webb's best artworks from each year and lots of behind the scenes photos plus other extras!
- Includes sketch and signature!
- Ships world wide
- Available in Digital

Daily Discipline: Summer Banjo Action

July 3, 2017

#drawing #inkscape #daily #practice #sketch #warmup #practice #draw #everyday #creative

Have fun drawing for fun and daily practice. Really got into this and this somber dude came out. Strummin' a toe tappin diddy. Happy 4th of July everyone!!

Inkscape about 45 minutes. 

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