Snake and Eagle - Finished Work and Process Video

January 30, 2015

#snake #eagle #mexico #coatofarms #aztec #legend #mortalenemies #sketchbook #inkscape #photoshop

Eryck here, writing some notes about this piece this evening. I finished this awesome commission today for a great client. Initially tossed him a sketch while working on my tablet on Monday but I missed the mark a bit, and the client required changes. Today (Friday) I took his notes and reworked the pencils from the original sketch and when I was happy with the new sketch, I jumped over straight into inks and colors. He seems to be very happy with the finished result, which makes me happy. I also finished producing his process video for this piece which he purchased. The ability to own a edited and polished video of the making of your commission is a fairly new item. When one purchases this item, you get a highquality mp4 recording of the process (which was worked on for hours) between 5 to 10 minutes, that doesnt require much commitment to watching it and still provides a thrilling look behind the scenes of an EWG commission's process. The video is sped up, cropped in places for better transition and set to some inspiring music. Add a intro logo and the client is left with an enjoyable presentation of the art they commissioned. 
I liked this one so much I thought I'd toss it up on EWG YouTube and share it with folks on the site. Can view the embedded video below. Enjoy, and be sure to leave any comments or questions below!

EWG Live Sketch Night 1-28-15 Recap

January 29, 2015

#sketch #comicart #commission #youtube #livestream #stream #cartoon

Thanks to everyone who came out and made the first Live Sketch Night event a success! There were two orders done live for the half a dozen watchers. It worked out to be a nice 2 hour first event.

Please enjoy the video and check out the finished works. We hope that  when you see what went on during the event and the awesome art that resulted, you'll come to future events.

We look forward to seeing everyone next Wednesday for another Live Sketch Night!

I really enjoyed making this chibi caricature of my buddy Ecto. He is a fan of Ghostbusters and My Little Ponies, and games it up weekly on his YouTube channel, 'Containment Gaming'. I used a photo he provided to make the character look like him, but maintained the aesthetic stylization. It will make a great avatar for him. I gave him the final version on a transparent background so he can use it anywhere!

This was a fun cartoony depiction of Ghost Buster's Kylie Griffin getting zapped in the rear by an off camera antagonist. Upon the client's request, I  worked in a second panel showing the hole in her shorts and the Ghostbuster undies underneath. 

Thanks again for a great premier night! This will be a weekly wednesday night fixture so we look forward to seeing you each week. See you Wednesday!

Wolverine In The Mountains - Warmup Ink Sketch

January 28, 2015

#warmup #sketch #wolverine #xmen #marvel #inkscape #inksketch #digitalart

This mornings warmup about 45-50 minutes, some loose pencil sketch in Inkscape and then finished out and articulated in inks over top. A little bit wonky in some of the body position etc but overall lots I dig about this warmup piece. I didn't set out to do a redesign of Wolverine but as I was drawing him did not hesitate to do certain aspects in the ways I felt like I preferred. Shorter, animal-like 'ears', real boots real gloves and sleeveless with the shoulder things acting like honest to goodness padding/ shoulder protection. Gettin ready to tussle in the snowy ever green mountain lands. Alright, onto more work. This is also to get a little practice speed sketching ink style for tonight's first Live Sketch Night! Hope to see folks out 8pmEST sharp for a 'open table' convention style livestream event. One at a time first come first serve requests in order of request. This week's premier features super discounted 26 for black and white like above (minus background) and 37 for some quick colors/ shades slapped on. After this week it'll be 32 for black and white and 47 for full color. Come out tonight and every Wednesday for some live - on the spot art!
See you then! ~Eryck

Live Sketch Nights - Starts this Wednesday!

January 27, 2015
#livestream #art #customize #digitalart #comicart #comic #chibi #sketch #superheroes

EWG is happy to announce that we are launching a new weekly fixture, 'Live Sketch Nights'. Now every Wednesday you can come to EWG's livestream at 8pm EST to get a fast, high quality, on the spot art piece of the character of your choice. It can be fanart of a mainstream comic, animation, movie or video game character OR your original creation!

We hope to see YOU at the first event TOMORROW night and every Wednesday night thereafter!!!!

This will be great if you do not want to pay for the high-end publish-quality illustration work but are looking for some high quality fresh exciting character art for your hobbies and interests! All you need is $26 (for inked black & white) or $37 (for full color over inks) per character (sent through PayPal), and a solid reference picture. That's it!!!!

We look forward to seeing you Wednesday for the launch of EWG Live Sketch Nights happening exclusively at Picarto:

More details:

    You have your choice of a black and white or colored ink sketch
    You can choose a normal or chibi form
    There are no backgrounds
    You must either provide an existing visual reference of the character 
        or be willing to use whatever interpretation the artist applies to the
    All changes made once your order is complete will incur additional
        charges. Changes may include upgrading to color ($30) or adding a
        background ($15 black & white, $30 full color)
    Payments are only accepted via PayPal
    Please do not pay until you have been prompted to do so
    ● Orders will be done one at a time and as many as possible will be
        completed in the given night
    In most cases the event will last two or three hours, but may be longer
        if necessary
    If, for any reason, an order is not completed Wednesday night, it will
        be finished by Friday

Razorback Protecting Her Brood - Sketch Dailies Warmup

January 22, 2015

#IMAGINARYDINOSAUR @Sketch_Dailies #Sketch_Dailies #sketchbook #sketch #warmup #dinosaur

For sketch dailies topic today, 'imaginarydinosaur' basicaly create our own dinosaur. I ran with a triceratops-esque big horned 'razorback'. This momma is in a braced stance protecting a nest of babies underneith of her. Theres an approaching predator. Eh, was fun could have come out better but was fun.

EWG Live Sketch Nights - New Weekly Event

#commission #livestream #sketchnight #sketch #liveart

Happy to announce the new format for EWG weekly livestreams. Now moving to Wednesday nights and reformatted to focus on live commission sketches. That's right, starting 1/28 you can come out, and get in line to watch some sweet digital art, that you just ordered, be drawn live right before your eyes. No 2 or 3 week turnaround for these bad boys. $26 inked character art sketches or $32 colored ink character art sketches. One at a time in order of received. Limit to however many I can do during an event. Will accept paypal only and payments for these events will only be accepted during the event by those in attendance. Black and white sketches can be upgraded with color afterwords for $15.00

Event is exclusively held at EWG Picarto site. Here:

Look forward to having you out in one week for the first one and every Wednesday in 2015!

Gnome Left Behind

#gnome #nomanleftbehind #sketch #inkscape #inkwarmup #ewgoriginal

A warmup this morning, spent more time on than should have but needed it. Got some page inks to do here this morning and my hand was JUST not warmed up ready to ink. So, with inkscape and the nib brush i worked out the kinks. I really do enjoy playing with exaggerated proportions a lot. Like wide nose bridges, big teeth, deep inset eyes, and big forearms. Had fun with some textures in this inking sketch as well, like the texture of the fabric of the scarf, the hair on the skin and the fuzzy of the hat. Started thinking of all kinds of gnome puns like instead of no man left behind, 'gnome man left behind' or 'gnome for the winter' or 'happy and you gnome it' and instead of garden gnome - 'guardian gnome'

Anywho, onto get those pages inked. Also fyi, the folks who visit this site and read these posts will hear it first, there will be a new format for evening Livestream events. Starting next week EWG Livestream Nights will be Wednesdays and in most cases be dedicated to discount live sketch nights. Stay tuned, get your pay-pals warmed up and look for the ad to post before the weekend.

In other news, I will be wittling away at things that are taking up time or not leading to any constructive improvement/ benefit. Will shed unnecessary art groups and other extra curriculars as well as getting my core clients in a row so i'm making what i need to make each month but not stressing over acquiring a lot of individual commissions all the time. All geared towards a less stressful lifestyle - work/ living coexistence hhopefully. Heading through the first quarter of the new year, I will also be reevaluating prices, and redesigning the pricelist. I have accumulated time sheet data over the last year that will go to more accurately compensating for the average completion time of a given job. Especially comic work. I believe, to do those as well as I can I have to spend a lot more time on them and when I do, I'm just losing money I should be making.  Character art and design are about right. But comic work is monstrously time consuming. So this will have to see some shift one way or another.

Transform Your Selfie

January 21, 2015

#transformers #selfportrait #selfie #autobot #decepticon

Something fun I whipped up this afternoon. A profile pic for a blurb, which will be part of the 'meet the 2015 comic artists' feature in a future issue of Transformers Collectors Club Magazine. Don't know if anybody else has taken this approach to a profile pic before, but I thought it would be fun and different. Big Transformers fan, so its a lot of fun to be part of the 2015 creative team. I do the black and white art, then its sent off to a colorist and another person does the lettering.The magazine I believe comes out bi-monthly (every other month) if I'm not mistaken.
More on Fun Publications and the magazine can be found here: 

Garfield The Loaf - Sketch Dailies Warmup

#Sketch_Dailies @Sketch_Dailies #sketch #warmup #sketchbookpro #Garfield #Loafy

This morning I did a drawing based on an ol' fav cat o' mine named 'Loafy' - the most easy going, follow you around for a good head scratching cat I've ever known. I always thought he'd make a good Garfield so tried it on. Not my best drawing of a cat definitely but... worked to get the idea down and me all warmed up for work today.

The pic this was referenced from:
Miss you Loafy!!

Martin Luther King Jr Day - Tribute Warmup

January 19, 2015

#martinlutherkingday #mlk #civilrights #freedom #warmupsketch #sketch #sketchbook #sketchbookpro #eryckwebb

Will let this piece I did for warmup this morning speak for itself, but wanted to do a tribute for one of the great 'renegades' of our time. Its a shame he got assassinated doing what he was so good at. Who knows what other crucial changes he would have made happen in this country and the world.

I also can't help but think of the Optimus Prime quote today: 'Freedom is the right of all sentient beings'.

Have a great week!

Saiyan Sketch - Warmup

January 13, 2015

#sketchbook #warmup #sketch #dragonballz #goku #saiyan #supersaiyan #dbz #sketchbook pro

Didn't feel like doing too long a warmup this morning. Got work I need to jump on but took the time to scratch around in Sketchbook and draw some DBZ homage. Not necessarily adhering to accurate character design or anything just representing the show/ super saiyan characters in general. Continuing the trend of 'fav animes' homages this week in my warmups/ practice sketches. Big fan of the general idea and concept and time line of Dragon Ball/ Dragon Ball Z - but just have a supe rhard time getting past the juvenile dialogue and the slow slow pace. The movies are really where its at for the most part. But done right, could make an amazing movie trilogy. First one he goes super saiyan, second one he finds out he can go super saiyan 2, then 3rd one maybe he goes super sayan 4 or something. The endless training, striving to get more powerful and improve and the new power levels and new threats (challenges) is the coolest part of the show.

Alrighty, onto TnC and UTMNT rest of the day.

From The N O Cometh - Warmup Sketch

January 12, 2015

#flcl #foolycooly #anime #warmupsketch #warmup #sketchbookpro #sketchbook

Today's warmup post lunch, getting ready to pencil some comic pages - this week I've decided the theme for warmups will be 'tributes to favorite anime'. Starting it off is one of the vivid images that come to mind when thinking of this awesome 6 episode anime. I even have the two volume manga which is a good deal different in story portrayal but equaly as original and awesome. FLCL baby.
About 15 minutes in Sketchbook Pro with Wacom Intuos 2 Stylus. Not trying to be accurate to model or the exact character designs of this scene just paying homage/ doing it my own style. Fun stuff.
N O was the energy that was used to create portals in naota's forehead and the pirate king atomsk.
If you haven't seen the 6 episodes of FLCL, you are missing something. And you should watch it several times over and over to catch things you missed previously, and to get all the metaphors laced throughout.

Jelly Bean Lizard - Warmup

January 9, 2015

#sketch #warmup #jellybean #creature #monster #space #inkscape #digitalinks

Did this warmup while waiting on my computer to run virus/ spyware scans etc. Long over due so taking a moment to do that so it'll be running at max awesomeness. This was drawn in Inkscape start to fin. Its a fun exercise I'll have to do again. I basicaly whimsicly with no planning whipped out a circular wobbly shape (the basic outtershape of this critter) and then saw if I could make something purposeful out of it. This guy came out. I started with the eyes/ face sort of thinking of a whale and then thought of it as almost a space worm and added the small arms legs. This creature is cruisin through space to its next destination. Wherever that is. Fun random exercise. Onto some client work next hopefuly!

Je Suis Charlie - Sketch Dailies Warmup

@Sketch_Dailies #JeSuisCharlie #sketchbookpro #sketch_dailies

Sat down to get to work this morning, and I have my browser homepage set to the sketch website. I was inspired by the overwhelming response to yesterday's art prompt 'jesuischarlie' in response to the shooting of french cartoonists and journalists among others. All apparently from cartoonists depicting the prophet mohammed in satire and editorial cartoons.

So who do you think has the most effect on people? The terrorists who murdered people for their freedom of expression, or the people who expressed themselves, caused this reaction and not only that, after this horrible occurance, caused a such an outcry of defiance from the internet, artist community and people around the world?

The people holding the pens obviously. But I hope people don't look at islam as being behind this, this was the act of a few extremist nut cases. So, I was inspired to throw down EWG's contribution to this outcry.

May it be heard.

This is 'EWG Dewd' the EWG mascot wielding a power stylus from his bag of graphic art tricks. Taking on a bunch of looming terrorists. They're going down.

Sketchbook pro about 45 minutes start to post. Had to draw this. Was massively inspired to do so this morning. Can't believe cartoonists and writers were killed for doing what they do. In the end its just lines on paper/ canvas - but it truely, obviously, communicates so much more.

Strap - Warmup Sketch

January 8, 2015

#warmup #sketch #sketchbookpro #transformers #autobots #decepticons #eryckwebb #ewg #practice #artkungfu

This morning's warm up - getting in the art groove for another day of furious graphic production! This week continuing the bot theme, yesterday was bilbot baggofbolts - then Tuesday i sort of deviated by using the warm up time to get ahead on a character art commission. But today I took the warm up freestyle draw-for-my-self reigns again and did another bot. I enjoy the chunky squarish G1 guys the most. This guy was inspired by Transformers Shattered Glass which I'm currently working on a story for, more specifically the characters Excavator and Stonecruncher. The basic form of the shoulders and overall proportions are where it ends though, and I actually pulled out the chest and head design of a robot I designed as an original character as a kid. And I decided to make this guy more of a cybertronian dump truck hence the bucket on the back. Also hes riding a double barrel blaster and the 'codpiece' if you will is just meant to look more like front armor protection kinda like a suit of armor or a Japanese gundam. Fun stuff, took about 45 minutes and was completely sketched in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro! Now I got the groove going good I'm going to go work on comics rest of the day. Seems to be the bulk of EWG work these days! But they take 4x as long as character art lol. Labor intensive for sure. Alright, thanks for checking this out. Head over to the 'art gallery' section of this website to see more warm ups and other finished works!

Comments and questions can be directed below! Thanks for following EWG! Have a great Thursday!

Bilbot Bagg of Bolts

January 7, 2015

@sketch_dailies #sketch_dailies #hobbit #bilbobaggins #bilbo #baggins #shire #robot #bot #android

Warming up and also joining in today's Sketch Dailies art prompt 'hobbit'. Where we're encouraged to design our own hobbit or obviously pay homage to the hobbit movies and books out there. I went a direction I think most would not expect... don't know how it came about or what not. I just felt like doing a robot, not just copying the existing look of the hobbit from the movies, old cartoon movie or book. This here is Bilbot, the Hobbot who comes from a long line of Hobbots in the family of BaggofBoltins. He oiled up and equipped himself with all necessary aftermarket bolt-ons to take the journey of his operation time. Look out Mount Doomolition! Bilbot is treking the scrap yards of Mechanical Earth to defeat the evil that lerks there!

Art Is Lifestyle Tee - OWN IT!

January 5, 2015

#tshirt #tee #graphic #apparel #lifestyle #skeleton #headphones #art #creativeindustry
EWG Lifestyle by EWG
Only at the Zazzle Eryck Webb Graphics 

Introducing a new motivational tshirt representing the graphic art professionals out there. You know who you are. When your not doing what you love your out in the world taking notes and getting inspired. You spend every day practicing and doodling ideas in sketchbooks and posting your ideas online. You strive to improve and learn new techniques and better work flows daily and if you could sit all day and create without health concequences you wouldn't move from your drawing board.

This graphic, originaly created during 2014's Inktober, is now available to own and wear exclusively from the EWG Zazzle store. You have the option of putting it on a a tshirt, hoodie, girls shirt, sleeveless shirt or other item, in any color of your choosing. Enjoy and be sure to relay feedback!
Recommended get one size above your normal for best fit. If still in doubt, check the sizing charts before ordering.

CliffJumper - Warmup Sketch 1.5.15

#DoWork #churnthebutter #dicethetomatoes #smb #productivitygo #jumpthecliffs #transformers #sketchbook #sketch #warmup #ewg

Have a kickarse Monday! Lots to do and a fresh start to doing it! Last weeks daily sketchbook posts were animal related, this week will be free styling transformers. This one happens to come out looking like Cliffjumper but in general just shooting for playing with proportions and doing random designs seeing what comes out. Have a great week. Remember, today is the only day in this lifetime that will come out 1.5.15 - crazy. L8rs!

Shark Attack - sketch

January 4, 2015

#shark #sharkattack #sketch #warmap #sketchbookpro

Watched Finding Nemo other day, safe to say it influenced today's sketch session

EWG Face Logo Tee - OWN IT!

January 3, 2015

#tshirt #tee #graphic #apparel #logotee
Eryck Webb Graphics Logo Tee
Only at the Zazzle Eryck Webb Graphics

Introducing the official EWG logo apparel over at the EWGear store at This product is shown on a white basic tshirt but looks best on a black tshirt. You have the option of putting it on a a tshirt, hoodie, girls shirt, sleeveless shirt or other item, in any color of your choosing. Enjoy and be sure to relay feedback!
Recommended get one size above your normal for best fit. If still in doubt, check the sizing charts before ordering.

Crankin The Arts - Warmup 1-2-15

January 2, 2015

#warmup #sketch #digitalart #selfportrait #duster #smokin #wacom #studioworking #sketchbookpro

Inking pages all day. Getting close as I can to finishing 3 spreads by end of the day. If not finishing them. Hope you did your warmup stretches today wacom, your getting a workout. Go go go!

King Louie - Sketch Book Pro Sketch

January 1, 2015

#kinglouie #king #louie #junglebook #ape #ruins #gorilla #orangutan #sketch #sketchbookpro #wacom #sketchysketch

Some free sketching before bed. Ended up reminding me of King Louie from Jungle Book - sorta a diff version or something. 
Don't tell him the secret of fire.

New Year Bird - 1st Warmup of 2015

#newyear #newyearbird #sketch #sketchbookpro #warmup #wacom

Warmup for today, and the first official drawing of 2015! I call this random creature that has emerged from the nether regions of my creativity - the new year bird. He be a wretched sort! Bigger than an Ostrich and meaner than a Junk Yard Dog. Onto some must completes for today! 
Don't know if I'll do a Thursday night live-stream tonight. Will be short notice if I do. And will be at 9 if I do. Sound off below if you wish to have one tonight otherwise might not bother!
Happy new year all, excited and anxiety stricken for the potential good and bad 2015 has to offer. Here's to it all being good!

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