Wolverine In The Mountains - Warmup Ink Sketch

January 28, 2015

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This mornings warmup about 45-50 minutes, some loose pencil sketch in Inkscape and then finished out and articulated in inks over top. A little bit wonky in some of the body position etc but overall lots I dig about this warmup piece. I didn't set out to do a redesign of Wolverine but as I was drawing him did not hesitate to do certain aspects in the ways I felt like I preferred. Shorter, animal-like 'ears', real boots real gloves and sleeveless with the shoulder things acting like honest to goodness padding/ shoulder protection. Gettin ready to tussle in the snowy ever green mountain lands. Alright, onto more work. This is also to get a little practice speed sketching ink style for tonight's first Live Sketch Night! Hope to see folks out 8pmEST sharp for a 'open table' convention style livestream event. One at a time first come first serve requests in order of request. This week's premier features super discounted 26 for black and white like above (minus background) and 37 for some quick colors/ shades slapped on. After this week it'll be 32 for black and white and 47 for full color. Come out tonight and every Wednesday for some live - on the spot art!
See you then! ~Eryck

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