Happy New Year from EWG!

December 31, 2019

Eryck Webb Graphics hopes every single member of the Drawing Request Show Crew, and the rest of Yew, have a safe and happy New Year! We look forward to the new opportunities and memories awaiting in the 2020, and can't wait to conquer the challenges and trials that await as well. Thank you for being with us for the last 10 years and here's to the next 10! This baby new year drawing officially marks the last drawing using the ! signature. Going forward will be a different signature without the use of the 1 effect. Here's to new books, here's to bigger and better streams, bolder more exciting drawings and lots more of all of it!

Happy New Year, and see you soon!

Happy Holidays from Eryck Webb

December 27, 2019

Practice drawing in clip studio on my samsung galaxy book 12 with spen about 30 minutes

Happy Friday ewCAMPERS!  Just checking in, and hope everyone has had a good holiday week! Kiwii and I have had a really nice vacation so far. We started with prepping for Christmas festivities. Then my family came in and we enjoyed lots of catching up and good drinks and Christmas cookies. We all got wonderful gifts Christmas morning. Then we had Kiwiis family and a friend of ours join us for Christmas dinner totalling about 10 loved ones around a big table covered with amazing food. The weather was nice so I spent some time out on the deck or in the backyard while dinner was cooking with a big mug of eggnog and bourbon with a pinch of nutmeg. Sipping on this tastey beverage, soaking in the Christmas vibes and being thankful for the previous year and looking forward to the year to come. The day after Christmas, the weather was even nicer my family, Kiwii and I spent the morning and afternoon outside. i cleaned up some leaves on our property and helped my dad and my friend steve stabilize a bad rotted post on our deck! It'll be solid till we fix it properly next spring / summer. 

The family has gone back home and the feasting and drinking have subsided. The drawing practice has continued in my sketchbook. I am working hard to put the finishing touches on my new book. I am thoroughly enjoying this holiday time off. Resting, regrouping and being thankful for another memorable year under the belt, and getting ready for a new year to come!

I look forward to a new stream year and new books released and whatever else 2020 brings! 

Thank You to everyone who has supported me and encouraged me this past year! See you soon!

Off For The Holidays - See you in 2020!

December 20, 2019


Thank you to every viewer, follower, subscriber, fan, client, trew believer and friend who helped make 2019 a memorable one for Eryck Webb, EWG and Drawing Request Show. Stay safe, have a wonderful holiday and see you all in the New Year!!


Final Stream Schedule Update for 2019

December 16, 2019

🕙Stream Schedule Week of 12/16

Final stream week of 2019!

-Mon - 10am aET 
-Tue - 10am ET
-Wed - 10am ET
-Thu - 10am ET
-Fri - 10am Last stream before holiday break

Stream will return in January

I Just Finished My 4th Sketchbook Of The Year - Onto Number 5!

December 13, 2019

May be a personal record... 4 sketchbooks filled in one year. And still time to crack open a fifth. Just can't stop drawin baby! 

No Stream Today - Took Kdubs for GREAT checkup. Flawless Victory!

Thank you to the Crew and the rest of yew for understanding about not streaming today! I like to be there with Kdubs for her oncology checkups for morale support and do everything I can to make the day go smoother for her. From the hour to 2 hour ( depending on traffic ) commute into Pittsburgh to the waiting and process of getting her MRI, getting her her traditional soft pretzel after the MRI then waiting and wishing and hoping for a good report when we meet with the doctor a little while later. Then safely transporting her/ us home after in the crazy afternoon rush hour. Well - I'm happy to say Kdubs had a GREAT checkup today - great early christmas present! The whole day went really smoothly and well I must say. She even had some fun vendors in the hospital to look at lots of neat stuff between the scan and the doctor visit. I bought her a cute plushie sloth that she picked out to take home with her. She snuggled the whole ride home. Very proud o' dat wifey. Have a great weekend everyone see you Monday!!! #thankful

Announcing 'TEN' - Eryck Webb's 4th Self Published Book from EWG!

December 11, 2019

Today, December 11th 2019, Eryck Webb Graphics celebrates its 10th anniversary in business! Thank you to every family member, friend, fan and client who has made the last decade of this drawing dream possible. Here's to the next 10 years of Eryck Webb Graphics!

To celebrate the milestone, EWG is proud to introduce its 4th self published book, 'TEN: A Trew Story'. A retrospective, personal, true story from the beginnings of the business to the streaming, drawing entity EWG is today! 

Look for 'TEN: A Trew Story' pre-order to launch January 2020!

10 Years of Eryck Webb Graphics

Today, December 11th 2019,  Eryck Webb Graphics celebrates its 10th anniversary in business!

10 years ago today, Eryck Webb Graphics ( EWG ) was a simple side project to pay the bills while going through the trials and tribulations of searching for my next graphic design job. After no success and bills to pay, I finally decided to generate my own work and take my side business full time. There was no reason to think it would amount to anything, but a decade later, I've had the privilege to work for 100s of clients around the world, I've got 1000s of works under my belt and 3 self published books to my name! When I started down this path, I had no idea what challenges awaited or the variety of cool projects that I would get to work on. Over this last decade, the business model has changed many times, but Eryck Webb Graphics has always been about 3 things: Getting to draw for a living which is all i ever wanted to do, generating my own work and income without being at the mercy of an employer and being my own boss and the flexibility and decision making freedom that comes with it.

Thank you to every family member, friend, fan and client who has made the last 10 years of this drawing dream possible. Here's to the next 10 years of Eryck Webb Graphics!

#drawing #selfemployment #smallbusiness #business #commission #artist

Thanksgiving Marauding Native Turkeys 2019

November 16, 2019

#turkey #thanksgiving #tmnt #ninja #native #digitalart #inkscape #photoshop

Look out, it's the Thanksgiving Marauding Native Turkeys! They're back to kick the stuffing out of those Pilgrims and rescue fellow turkeys from their feasting fates!

This annual November art tradition is both a homage to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Have a great November and Thanksgiving! Enjoy that tasty turkey ... if you can defeat one!!!

Get a copy of this art for your very own! The turkeys are in the ewSHOP for a limited time!

Gobble Gobble!!

Sketchbook: Napoleon Dynamite

November 10, 2019

#napoleondynamite #tots #inkscape #wacom #intuos #drawing #Nickelodeon

For this week's theme over on the ewDISCORD art jam of characters whose name begins with 'N' ... dem tots

Watch the process of drawing this picture start to finish on ewYOUTUBE!

DRS Stream Schedule Week of 11/11

DRS Stream Schedule Week of 11/11
*All times EDT

● Mon - 10a Upgrades + Requests
● Tue - 10a TMNTurkeys + Upgrades + Requests
● Wed - 10a Upgrades + Requests
● Thu - 10a Robot Commish  + Upgrades + Requests
● Fri - 10a Upgrades + Requests


Sketchbook: They're Coming... Gobble Gobble...

November 6, 2019

#turkey #ninja #tmnt #cranberry #harvest

They're coming! Its that time of year again... for now just sketching around playing with styles...

Drawn in Inkscape on toned bg color with wacom intuos pro medium tablet 

Contest Winner Piece and Week Recap 110119

November 1, 2019

#drawing #inkscape #photoshop #request #characterart #digitalart #wacom 

Thank you for a fun, busy and challenging week! I was foggy from sleep-aid meds on Monday but we had a normal Drawing Request Show stream and Tuesday had some sinus headache thing going on all day that canceled the stream. Wednesday was nearly a 9 hour stream with all the support, hype and giveaways to match. Thursday we carved pumpkins all day with me in face paint and the stream in halloween mode. Finally, today ( Friday ) we had a really cool stream featuring untimed pencils, inks and colors of an art request for Trayde. Trayde won the Haunted Stream Contest that ran all October and in doing so won a drawing request with ALL THE SAUCE. Even untimed sauce. It was a really cool piece to work on and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Trayde you deserved to win, you were first to figure out the contest puzzle and you have been the top supporter on this stream for the last 4 years. Only seemed appropriate, thank you! We managed to get in a drawing request or two at the end as well! 
Have a great weekend, all art sent as of this post! Get the schedule for next week and the masterlist all updated by Monday. Have a great weekend be safe out there, and look forward to drawing for you soon!

Watch me draw, ink and color live, daily! Plus look forward to an upcoming annual Thanksgiving Marauding Native Turkeys piece for 2019 that I'm thinking about creating live on stream one day! Get notified when I go live by following and enabling notifications on Twitch! @ twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Welcome to November from EWG!

From all of us here at EWG ( yes the hat too ), here is wishing you a Happy November! Its a brand new month, with brand new opportunities! Do it to it!

Congratulations Haunted Stream Contest Winner!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Haunted Stream Contest! Several people gathered the clues and solved the puzzle, but only one was the first to do so! The winner gathered every letter clue over the course of streams in October, and unscrambled the message. The answer was DRAWINGWITHSAUCE. When this was entered into a password-sealed gate on the contest page, you were allowed through and congratulated and informed of your prize! Thank you for playing, congratulations on winning and good job sealing away the ghosts that were haunting the stream!

The winner is Trayde11 ! 

The prize is a max time drawing request of one character, which is immediately inked and colored as a single 11x17 300dpi illustration! You will receive a hi resolution copy of the pencils, the inks and the colors. This piece is slated to be created live on stream November 1st ( today ) or as soon as your ready!

Thank you to all who played, I hope you had fun. And congratulations Trayde!

Stream Schedule for the week of 10/28

October 27, 2019

⏰Schedule for the week of 10/28
Mon 10/28 - 10amET Drawing Requests
Tues 10/29 - 10amET Inks & Color Upgrades
Weds 10/30- 10amET  Drawing Requests
Thur 10/31 - 10amET Halloween special
Fri 11/1 - 10amET Haunted Stream Winner & Upgrades



ewYOUTUBE: Eryck Webb Draws A Skeleton In A Skull Cap In Inkscape

October 26, 2019

#inkscape #photoshop #skeleton #skull #beanie #wacom #tonedpaper 

New Drawing Video!

Eryck Webb Draws A Skeleton In A Skull Cap In Inkscape


Stream Schedule Week of 10/21

October 20, 2019

#drawing #commissions #live 
⏰Schedule for the week of 10/21

Mon 10/21 - 10amET DRS
Tues 10/22 - No Stream E&Ks 8yr Anniversary
Weds 10/23- 10amET DRS
Thur 10/24 - 10amET DRS
Fri 10/25 - 10amET DRS


Stream Schedule Week of 10/7

October 6, 2019

⏰Stream Schedule Week of 10/7

Mon - 10amET Drawing Inks & Colors
Tues - 10amET Drawing Inks & Colors
Wed - 10amET Drawing Inks & Colors
Thu - 10amET Drawing Inks & Colors
Fri - 10amET Drawing Inks & Colors


Drawing Request Show Is Back From Being Sick

October 3, 2019

#draw #stream #inkscape

Thanks for a great day. Today is the first day in over a week I've felt on my game as far as drawing and streaming. Tomorrow I'll try to do better. And each day after that. Thanks Crew for being Trew! Art sent, masterlist updated. See you in the morning!

ewSICK week 2: Getting back in the practice - streaming 10amET every day

September 30, 2019

Click the above images to view larger!

Fired up the stream ( no cam/ no mic ) on Sunday to get a good hour or two of drawing practice in. Since this cold hit me late Tuesday evening I've not really been drawing. I did a few upgrades off cam/ off mic on Wednesday but then the cold got a lot worse and I have been MIA since. Maybe a random gaming stream to pass the time while I wait for this stuff to pass on by.

Sunday I attempted to get back in practice. Something I really like about these sketches. First one is a random elf warrior girl, second one is two minute sketches of some martial artist references. Third one was a 'automatic drawing' doodle of random automotive related parts. Fourth was 30 drawings 30 seconds each in one session. 

I woke up Sunday morning thinking the worst was behind me. But then the drainage kicks up again and I'm coughing constantly. Lastnight was the best night of sleep I've gotten. Fell asleep somewhere between 10 and 11pmET and didnt wake up till near 7am. Woke up feeling like the worst was behind me till the drainage kicked in again. So I know I'm on my way out. But I'm tired of losing stream time and work time to this. 

I'm going to attempt to stream 10amET till whenever each day this week. Leaving it open ended, as sometimes I might get tired after 2 hours some times I may ble able to go a full 4 or so. 

I'll be volleying between practice drawing and working on upgrades. I feel like I'm too rust and too under the weather to tackle drawing requests properly. Hoping by end of the week thats a different story. Maybe earlier? 

I'm sick of being sick. So I'll stream SOMETHING 10amET each morning. However long it lasts. Join me wont you? Thanks for your patience CRew... hate being sick. Such a waste of time and energy. Thought I did try to make use ot if whenever possible with writing my next book and other tasks. But for the most part its a struggle. An annoying ass struggle. Heres to it passing soon!

New book first draft completed! Despite being sick

September 26, 2019

Working on my new book has given me something to focus on occasionally while dealing with being sick. And I'm excited to say the first draft of the book's copy is done and written! 24 pages of clean first draft book writing is done! I'm very proud of how its turning out and coming along. From what it started out as and what its being refined into. This is a new project thats very important to me, and is not part of the Best of Request series. I will officially announce the book soon. Best of Request Volume 4 is slated for next spring at the latest, this will come out later this year.

Time for another nap... *being sick sucks*

This weeks ewDISCORD artjam prompt - Scary, Pumpkin, Robot !

September 25, 2019

For this week's Crew art jam prompt using the three randomly generated words: 'scary, pumpkin, robot'. Look forward to seeing everyones solutions to the prompt! Over on the ewDISCORD !


Was sick today! So I streamed upgrades!

#draw #stream #art
Thanks for a fun, unconventional, Wednesday stream! We went live 10am and worked on upgrade orders till 4pmET! All while I was off cam/ mic because I've caught a cold. Felt better by the end though, and anticipate being back proper tomorrow! See the CRew then!

Twitch Stream Schedule Week of 9/23

September 22, 2019

⏰ Stream Schedule Week of 9/23

Mon - 10amET Drawing Request Show
Tues - 10amET Drawing Request Show
Wed - 10amET Drawing Request Show
Thu - 10amET  Drawing Request Show
Fri - 10amET Drawing Request Show

We'll be drawing, inking, and coloring each day!


Drawing Request Show Schedule Week of 9/16

September 15, 2019

⏰Stream Schedule Week of 9/16

Mon - 10amET Drawing Request Show
Tues - 10amET Drawing Request Show
Wed - 10amET Drawing Request Show
Thu - 10amET  Drawing Request Show
Fri - 10amET Drawing Request Show

We'll be drawing, inking, and coloring each day!


Thank you for a great 2 Year Twitch Affiliate Celebration stream!

September 13, 2019

Great Day, thank you CRew and the rest of Yew for allowing me to Dew what I Dew! Have a great weekend - get your art out soon!

This video was used to announce the stream going live and advertise the special stream. It was also used in parts as the stream's intro video and as alerts triggered by viewer support during the stream.


The clip below is from a memorable moment at the end of the stream. Thank you to everyone for your overwhelming kind words, support and gestures. Means a lot and I will not let you down!

Back at it with a new schedule!

September 11, 2019

#draw #request #stream #schedule 

I was out for the count literally all day yesterday with sinus/ allergy headache and related fog brain. I kept the fluids going and the proper sinus/ allergy meds and are still on them this morning. I did some rough copy writing on my new book ( yet to officially be announced ) when I felt good enough. And that wasn't very good. But it did keep my mind off the discomfort for a bit. Ultimately I rested, relaxed, kept a heatpad on and watched youtube videos/ twitch streams all day. I did manage early on before it got too bad to update the masterlist and send out art from Mondays stream.

Today I'm back, and with an idea I had while off yesterday. Morning Upgrade Inks and Colors and afternoon Drawing Requests, all live on Twitch!! While the morning will be more focus mode production the afternoon will be Drawing Requests and giveaways and stream as usual. This will extend streams across the weekday more and allow viewers to see the other end of the drawing request process.

I had a thought towards the future of the stream regarding this as well. Eventually I'd like to integrate everything under one roof. Drawings, Inks and Colors all on the same list with the option to have all three done in sequence with obvious breaks in between from cooldowns if a buyer pays for all at once.

That'll take a little figuring, but for now, I'm getting ready to rock it this morning! A hot shower, and some fresh sauce and I'll be ready for an extended Drawing Request Show going live at 10amET on Twitch!

Sinus/ Allergy Fog/ Headache Affecting My Drawing

September 10, 2019

A lil' warmup attempt this morning. Probably recognize who I was trying to draw haha. Two diff attempts. Never really got it to pop off right. This sinus/ allergy headache and fog throwing me off big time. Going to refrain from drawing today and just rest up. Try again 2morrow!

Eryck Webb Twitch Stream Schedule for Week of 9/9

⏰Stream Schedule Week of 9/9

Mon - 1pmET Drawing Requests
Tues - 1pmET Inks N Color Wurk N Lurk
Wed - 1pmET Drawing Requests
Thu - 1pmET  Inks N Color Wurk N Lurk
Fri - 1pmET Drawing Requests


Stream Schedule Week of 9/2 + ewARCADE

September 2, 2019

⏰Stream Schedule Week of 9/2

Mon - No Stream

Tues - 1pmET Inks N Colors

Wed - 1pmET Drawing Requests
        - 8pmET ewARCADE - Game TBA

Thu - 1pmET Inks N Colors

Fri - 1pmET Drawing Requests


Best of Request Volume 3 Digital Edition - Available Now In The EWShop!

August 31, 2019

Catch up on your Eryck Webb artbooks over the long Labor Day Weekend! Volume 1, 2 and now 3 of Best of Request are available in the newly remodeled ewSHOP! Thank you for your support! 

10 Upgrade In 10 Hours Starting At 10am Challenge!!!

August 29, 2019

EW is taking the 10 Upgrade Challenge! Starting at 10amEST/EDT and attempting to get 10 upgrade orders done in 10 hours. OR BUST.

All day starting 10amET on twitch.tv/eryckwebb ... challenge... accepted! #twitch #draw #ink #color #digitalart #stream #challenge

Stream Art: Dinosaur and Cave Duck 82219

August 23, 2019

Thanks for a great Friday stream!! All art sent out! See the CRew next week with more!! Have a great and safe weekend!! #ewDRAW #dinosaur #caveman #duck

Warmup Drawing: Mickey Saves Spidey 82319

#mickey #mickeymouse #disney #sony #marvel #spiderman #spidey #rescue 

This situation with Disney-Marvel not being able to use Spiderman anymore because of some deal with Sony is ridiculous. I thought that was over and Marvel had bought back all their characters. In the end though, Spiderman belongs at Marvel, and I know the mouse will do what it takes, to bring him home. Go get em Mickey!

All metaphorical of course. But current events can spawn fun drawing prompt ideas. After having a dedicated work day on Wednesday and then crashing/ burning out on Thursday, a day of rest, lots of food and lots of sleep helped a lot. My head is no longer going crazy my body is no longer like 'nope not happening' and I am up a bit early this morning getting to work on upgrades this morning and other things.

See folks 1pm Eastern Time on twitch.tv/eryckwebb for some live drawing action! 

Twitch: No Stream Today!!

August 21, 2019

CRew! No stream today! I am opting to cranking hard on all these Priority Upgrades today! Thank you for your orders! I want to get as many done as possible today! I'll be back with the Drawing Requests tomorrow 1pmET! #geterdone

Drawing Request Show Schedule Week of 8/19/19

August 18, 2019

⏰DRS Schedule This Week:

Monday - 1:00pmET
Tuesday - 1:00pmET
Wednesday - 1:00pmET
Thursday - 1:00pmET
Friday - 1:00pmET

What Will Yew Request?


TWITCH: The EWG Twitch Channel Is Under Construction Over The Weekend

August 17, 2019

#comingsoon #underconstruction #renovations #updates #improvements #rebuild

Eryck Webb and EWG are hard at work this weekend, planning and building a bigger better stream. The mill is undergoing extensive remodeling to head into fall with a bigger more entertaining stream than when we've had most of the summer. The viewers have been heard, the plans locked down and construction has begun! We're hoping to launch live on Monday but will take longer if needed to get this right. Thank you to everyone who is a fan and client of EWG, and the Drawing Request Show. We are working to return the favor for all the faith, time, and support you have given us. Going forward the goal is consistency, fun and of course... lots and lots of drawing!! See you soon!

Daily Discipline: Green Lantern Warmup

August 12, 2019

#warmup #drawing #inkscape #wacom #intuos #greenlantern #dccomics #teeth #sketch #practice #dailysketch 

A warmup drawing to start the day and week, some cartoon green lantern action. Onto the work that pays!

See folks for more drawing like thism, live at 1pm ET on Twitch over at twitch.tv/eryckwebb all week long! 

Also, if you like drawings like this, my 3 art books collection 500+ of my best drawings from each volume's respective years are still available in the ewSHOP! Get yourself a copy! 

TWITCH: Short But Fun Week - Steel City Con tomorrow!

August 8, 2019

#twitch #drawing #request #commission #sketches #sauce #orange #hat

Thanks to all the CRew and the rest of Yew for a great couple stream days this week! I took the week half off just to take a break and get some perspective and get my head on straight, but streamed Tuesday and Thursday! This is the haul from today's drawing requests, including an upgrade I got done yesterday. Thanks for all the support and the cool requests. I am off for the weekend a bit early, as tomorrow me, Kiwi and my sister are off to Steel City Con! I will not be streaming, but will be walking all over the place soaking up the inspiration and the geekdoms. Looking forward to it! I also got a few things in mind for the stream I want to start working on over the weekend. 
See you all next week I'll post the intended schedule for next week by Sunday evening. 
Have a good one, keep rocking, and see you on the Discord and socials!

Sketchbook: Planetoid Exploring Mech Warmup Drawing 8719

August 7, 2019

#mech #robot #suit #spacesuit #space #planet #explorer #moon #mars

A warmup to start my day today, trying to capture the feel of a ballpoint pen or what not, but in Inkscape. A chunky environment-exploring mech suit with a little creature piloting it. What will he discover on this baron planetoid? Who knows!

Not streaming today, taking the day to focus on upgrade ink and color work. Half of which is priority items and half of which is backlog items. Have a great day and see you around the socials and discords. I'll be back tomorrow, Thursday 8/8/19 with more Drawing Request stream action. 

1pm Eastern Time over at twitch.tv/eryckwebb

EWG: A productive day finishing 5 Upgrade Commissions off stream

August 5, 2019

#drawing #inking #coloring #producing

Was a productive day. Got some upgrades sitting in some kiddie's stockings and calling it a night. See the CRew tomorrow for Drawing Requests all day! 1pmET! Goodnight!

NoteBook: Taking Some Time Off Stream Still Working Hard

Good Morning ewCAMPERS! - Taking a short week on stream, but still working hard off stream. Will see the CRew Tues/ Thurs for Drawing Requests only. I will not be streaming today or Wednesday but will be cranking on Upgrades and work all day those days. Friday I will be with Kiwi and my sister at Steel City Con August 9th 2019 walking around soaking it all in. Maybe I'll see one of you there somewhere? Have a good day and week! Dew it Tew it! #burnrubber #rocknroll

Boxer N Gun Girl Practice Drawing 8/4/19

August 4, 2019

#girl #inkscape #drawing #boxer #gun

Some practice drawing today have a good week all! See folks on Stream Tues & Thurs!

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