Best Of Request Volume 3 Pre Order: Launches Monday 4/22

April 19, 2019 0 Comments

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The interior and final corrections are complete, as well as the front and back cover. Only thing left is to send it off to the printer! Best of Request Volume 3 Pre Order officially launches Monday! More details about it, what it includes and other available books with the PreOrder will be released Monday when the book goes up for sale. Thank you to everyone who helped us get here! In the mean time, enjoy hunting for those eggs!

Best Of Request Volume 3 will only be available here on the EWG website in the ewSHOP! 

2019 Easter Egg Hunt Has Begun! Ends 4/22


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Its EWG Easter Egg Hunting time again!  Hidden on this site from Friday 4/19 through Monday 4/22 are 6 EWG Easter Eggs! For every one of the six eggs decorated with the EWG 'Face Logo' you find, you are rewarded 5 minutes of drawing on a future live character art request on Drawing Request Show at! The potential total prize is 30 minutes of drawing! Here's what the six eggs look like. The actual hidden eggs are much smaller and will NOT be easy to find! But we promise they are there.

This is open to everybody All you have to do is:
1. Find an egg ( or all 6 ) 
2. Email your find(s) to 
3. Include in your email the color of each egg and the title of each post they were found on
4. If correct your total will be available as credit in your bank on future Drawing Request Shows and you can come out to any stream Monday through Friday and request your desired character drawing and watch it created live!
5. You will be notified of your total rewarded credit after the hunt ends.
6. Badda Boom!

Some rules:
1. Don't share your findings with others. If it is discovered that you have helped others find the eggs you will be disqualified and your wins forfeit
2. Your DRS credit will be in your bank for you to use and is applicable to the expiration limitations there of. It will be held up to 6 months from the last time your bank was updated incase you want it. At some point if it should be over 6 months since last used or updated it is assumed you do not want a drawing with it and may be removed.
3. Eryck Webb and EWG retain the right to deny credit to anyone who does not follow the instructions correctly ( aka - does not have either the title, or the egg color or does not have the right answer in general, and does not email it to the specified address. ) or if they have cheated, or somehow chosen the eggs before or after the Easter Egg Hunt timeframe.
4. This is for on-stream request credit. Read the full options and rules of requesting drawings that are available to you by visiting the EW Twitch Channel and browsing the info panels on this page.
5. You must be present in chat for your drawing to be done when it is your turn. Its part of the live-creation process and approval stage for the drawing. After drawing is approved you do not need to be there for inks colors etc.
4. Have fun!


ewBOOK - Best Of Request Volume 3 Preorder Launches this month!

April 16, 2019 0 Comments

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Today on stream, we finished the cover to Best Of Request Volume 3! Thank you to all who came out and watched the process from loose thumbnail to finished art! Completing the cover officially unlocked the launch of the book pre order! As Kiwii and I lock down the final copy corrections error checking, we are also getting the pre order ready for launch within the next week or so! Stay tuned and thank you to all who have made 3 volumes of this possible! Keep an eye on this site, to the social s and the ewSHOP for when the preorder goes live! Preordering will give you the opportunity to buy the new book, or even all the books in the series, for less cost than it will regularly be listed as. Each pre order includes a personalized sketch and signature and also comes with an extra surprise goodie from EW! 

Launches soon! 

ewTWITCH: Stream Schedule Week of 4/15

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Stream Schedule 📙 Week of 4/15 ☢️Monday - 10am-4pmET Best Of Request Vol 3 Cover Art / Drawing Requests ☢️Tuesday - 10am-4pmET Upgrades/ Drawing Requests ☢️Wednesday - 10am-4pmET Comic Commission / Drawing Requests ☢️Thursday - 10am-4pmET Upgrades/ Drawing Requests ☢️Friday - 10am-4pmET Upgrades/ Drawing Requests
☢️Saturday - New Best Of Request Weekly Posts to ewYOUTUBE
☢️Sunday - New 5Min Lessons Posts to ewYOUTUBE

See you LIVE for the draws! At

ewYOUTUBE: 5min Drawing Lessons - 03 - Square Peg


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Check out the new 5min Lesson on ewYOUTUBE now!

This installment of this YouTube exclusive series from Eryck Webb Graphics focuses on a square lady named Peg.

Suggestions have been made for 'narration' and 'explanation' voiceover for the drawing. But I believe if you mimic the structural lines and shapes, and then draw over them on a new layer or with a darker pen like you see in these videos, you will develop muscle memory and eventual understanding that can apply to almost any object you draw in the future. And always, the key to this is repetition and regular practice! You don't need me blabbing over the video telling you what you are already seeing and copying. The whys and whats will become clear the more you practice. Now get drawing!!

Come out and study more drawing by Eryck weekly on Twitch over at !

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I will be uploading a new one every sunday ( fate permitting ) and a Best Of Request Weekly every Saturday!

Want feedback? Post your drawing in the comments below or in reply to any social posts of this video.

Thank you for watching! Keep drawing!

Music by Fascinating Earthbound Obje

Check out all things Eryck Webb over at

Enjoy the video? Post your drawing here and/or suggestions for future subject matter! Enjoy!

Check out the new 5min Lesson on ewYOUTUBE now!

ewYOUTUBE: Best Of Request Weekly 4.8 - 4.12 is LIVE!

April 13, 2019 0 Comments

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EWG introduces a new rebranded series to the ewYOUTUBE channel. Best Of Request Weekly! Featuring Erycks favorite drawing moments from the past week. One favorite drawing moment from each stream. Similar to the previous DRS highlights but after spending some time in the gym.
Look for a new BOR Weekly to post every Saturday and 5minDrawingLessons to post on 5min Mondays!

Support the artists! Music by


Ride The Sun

The Trikes

Deserts Of Mars




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Questions? Comment below!!

See more drawing weekdays on Twitch LIVE!

Check out Eryck Webb Graphics website for all things EWG

All art drawn/ inked in Inkscape and colored in Photoshop with a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium

Best Of Request Volume 3 Finished Teaser

April 12, 2019 0 Comments

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The interior of Best Of Request Volume 3 is 100% complete. We'll be illustrating the cover this coming week on Drawing Request Show and then we'll launch the preorder! Stay tuned as the preorder drops this month! ( in the next week or two ) !

ewYOUTUBE: 5Min Drawing Lesson 02 - Coffee Cup

April 5, 2019 0 Comments

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This second installment of this YouTube exclusive series from Eryck Webb Graphics focuses on a Coffee Cup whose had a few too many shots of caffeine. Its a bit more advanced than the first installment, but like any drawing Eryck does, they all start with the same basic exploration of shapes, structure lines and figuring out in sketch, then going over it and picking out your final lines in the second pass. 

Practice over and over in your own sketchbook till you've filled a few pages and you'll be drawing Eryck Webb style coffee cups in no time! The fundamentals in these 5 minute lessons will teach you the ground work to draw anything you can think of in time.

Come out and study more drawing by Eryck weekly on Twitch over at !

Subscribe to be notified when new videos get posted! I will be uploading a new one every Saturday ( fate permitting )

Want feedback? Post your drawing in the comments below or in reply to any social posts of this video.

Thank you for watching! Keep drawing!

Music by Fascinating Earthbound Objects

Enjoy the video? Post your drawing here and/or suggestions for future subject matter! Enjoy!

Check out the new installment of 5Min Drawing Lessons by Eryck Webb Graphics!

ewYOUTUBE: 5 Min Drawing Lessons 01 - Bucket Hat

March 30, 2019 0 Comments

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Click here to view the new ewYOUTUBE video!

Eryck Webb Graphics is proud to launch a new series of original content to its YouTube channel! Introducing 5 Min Drawing Lessons. Each video will be a simple, easy to follow break down from start to finish of how Eryck Webb approaches drawing different subject matter. Some will be very simple. Some will be challenging. For this first installment, it seemed appropriate to kick it off with the first subject being a bucket hat.

Come out and study more drawing by Eryck Webb weekly on Twitch over at !

Subscribe to the ewYOUTUBE channel to be notified when new videos get posted! I will be attempting to do a new one of these about weekly!

Interested in more process? Check out the process section of this blog site and also other process videos on ewYOUTUBE! 

Thank you for watching! Keep drawing!

I'd be interested to hear your positive and critical comments on this new series and its first installment in the comments below or on the video's page.

Click here to view the new ewYOUTUBE video!

Stream Notes: Eryck Webb Twitch Channel Passes 2000 Followers

March 29, 2019 0 Comments

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Thank you to all the CRew and those who are new for all the follows that got us past our 2000 follow goal! It seems like only a few months ago I was trying for that first 1000. There's been a lot of new faces lately and its been really great meeting all of you! I am constantly saying that planet Twitch gets a little smaller every day. As it does, the communities blend and new friendships and chances for creative growth are formed. I feel like this threshold took a while to cross but we finally popped that bubble in the last few minutes of the last stream of this week. Big big thanks to all who helped bring over their communities to make it possible, and to the new faces I've enjoyed meeting and drawing for this week. Onward and upward as 2019 promises to continue to be one of the best stream years yet! Hope to see you at the next stream, live, M-F on Twitch!!

Stream Art: New 2018 Crew Collage Artwork Finished


#twitch #drawing #creative #chibi #subscribers #crew #collage #art 

Happy to say we finally completed this 2018 Crew Collage featuring 59 subscribers to the Eryck Webb Twitch channel! Every subscriber that was actively supporting the stream on November 30th 2018 was illustrated as a chibi over the course of 4-5 hours for this special commemorative piece. Even several that subbed the day of were added in as well. Ultimately there were a couple of folks that did not make it in because they were not subbed as of that day or till after that day. But this is a solid representation of the main crew that has been here and is still here to this day. Thank you to everyone in the crew, especially you 18 monthers for being here for the ride since I became affiliated. Be sure to head to the CrewHQ to get your free subscriber copy of this artwork for you to own, post or print however you like. All else please feel free to go to the ewSHOP and grab yourself a digital download or poster order! Every purchase supports this drawing dream of mine. Thank you everyone! I had a lot of fun drawing, inking and coloring this with you guys and am seriously considering doing a new one at the end of this year. Maybe we can break my current record of 59 for the largest character art piece I've done to date.
Anythings possible... ;)

ewSHOP! - New ewSPRING 2019 Design is Live In The Shop!

March 28, 2019 0 Comments

#merch #twitch #spring #easter #ewg #eryckwebb #eryckwebbgraphics #robin #easterbunny 

Happy to announce the new Spring design for 2019 is live in the ewSHOP! Enjoy this fun original artwork by Eryck Webb featuring lots of fresh blooming flowers, green grass, blue skies, and a happy easter bunny and robin hanging out enjoying the day. 

This artwork is available as a decorative design on mugs, pillows, tees, posters and digital downloads!

This is a limited time item only lasting till about mid April, so be sure to spring into action and grab an original ewSPRING 2019 product to have and to own before it hops away!

StreamArt: Thank You For A Great Week!

March 22, 2019 0 Comments

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Thank you to the CRew and all of Yew for a really really cool week. I feel like I hit some kind of stryde this week with you guys and its been great. Thank you for coming out, enjoying the upgrades and making drawing requests. Thank you for all the sauce you guys throw at me and all the draws I get to whip out for you. When the ewHOTROD art is done it will be available for purchase as a digital download like the exclusive wallpapers, and available as a print in the shop as well. Same goes for the crew picture. Thank you everyone for making this drawing dram a reality. From me, Kiwi and Wally and the Hat, have a safe night, safe weekend and we'll see you next week for more! Look for posts on ewTWITTER over the weekend and the schedule for next week post Sunday. 
See you next week!

Same Drawing Time, Same Drawing Channel! | M-F 10amEDT

Stream Art: Thanks For A Sauce-ome Week

March 21, 2019 0 Comments

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Thanks for a great week of drawing, inking and coloring requests for the TRew believers! Its not over yet, but I wanted to show off a few of the pieces that got us over that hump this week. Thanks for all the support, fandom and encouragement. I continue to learn new things, push my drawings in new directions and constantly work to level up. I could not do this drawing dream with out every single member of the CRew and I appreciate all the things they make possible for me, Kristina and our life. 
Just felt compelled to show off some of these awesome requests from Wednesday, and invite you to come out see this stuff happen first hand, M-F on - look forward to having you!

Stream Schedule for the week of 3/18/2019

March 17, 2019 0 Comments

#drawing #leprechaun #fighting #irish #fiesty #aftermepotogold

⏰Stream schedule for the week of 3/18/19
🔶 Monday - 10am EDT 
🔶Tuesday - 10am EDT 
🔶Wednesday - 10am EDT 
🔶Thursday - 10am EDT 
🔶Friday - 10am EDT 

New in the ewSHOP: 2019 St Pattys Hires Wallpaper Art! An EW Original!

March 11, 2019 0 Comments

#twitch #art #digitalart #drawing #stpattys #leprechaun #potofgold #rainbow #imp #dwarf #gnome

EWG is happy to present a new original digital art piece available for digital download! As seen on Erycks own desktop background, this new artwork features a speedy Leprechaun making haste with his pot of gold! This artwork is the first of 2019 in a series of original monthly art from Eryck Webb! Download the 11x17 300dpi horizontal art by heading to the ewSHOP! Pay securely via PayPal balance or credit card ( through paypal ) over at the PayHip vendor. A link to download your item is provided via checkout. Enjoy!! Please comment below or on any social posts about this item let EWG know what you think of this digital artwork purchase, and what you'd like to see for the future!

ewSHOP Updated! Best Of Request Vol 2 Digital Edition Now Available!

March 10, 2019 0 Comments

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I'm happy to announce the ewSHOP has been cleaned up for 2019 and a new addition has been made available to purchase! Best Of Request Volume 2 is now available as a Digital Edition!! Use a credit card or PayPal through the PayHip vendor its available through, and enjoy the 250 pages of drawings, commentary and stream yearbook content on your favorite phone or mobile device!!

Look for Volume 3 Print PreOrder to go live Spring 2019!

Happy Shopping!

Best Of Request Volume 3 Update 3919

March 9, 2019 0 Comments

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Update as of 3/9 930am:

Happy to update folks waiting on my new book, Best Of Request Volume 3! 

The total page count has been established, thought its subject to change. All the art that's going to be in the book has been laid out, and the page count currently including extra content after the art is about 210 pages. After finishing inserting the art this morning, I started to then scroll through the book and button up any missed border lines or spacing issues and I have to say, I am so proud of all the art in this book. Spread after spread is just saturated with sauce ( digital ink and shades ) and there's such a huge variety. I think volume 3 represents the boldest year of streaming and drawing for folks on Twitch yet. There's tons of experimentation with new styles, bold attempts in new directions and leveling up across the board on overall execution of the drawing requests. I think fans are going to love it. I'm really really happy with this collection. 

Next up is locking down the type copy and inserting it, as well as some extra curricular content in the back. There's also a cool intro that I will be finishing for the front as well. 
I'm officially calling it 75% done. Not a ton left to do. I might also celebrate the completion of production on the book by illustrating the cover live on Twitch soon! Please look forward to it! 

Update later that afternoon 3/9 130pm:

The entire book is built. The end of book content and the page count will be 214 interior pages. The next steps will be proofreading, editing, refining and any final tweaks and then to design and create the cover and get it to the printer! Thanks to all the crew for staying trew!

Stream schedule for the week of 3/4/19

March 3, 2019 0 Comments

⏰Stream schedule for the week of 3/4/19

🔶 Monday - 12pEST
🔶Tuesday - 12pEST
🔶Wednesday - 12pEST
🔶Thursday - 12pEST
🔶Friday - 12pEST

DRS 2019 Highlights Of The Week: Chefs, Dux and Socks

March 1, 2019 0 Comments

#highlight #stream #twitch #creative #drawing #inking #coloring #recap #youtube

As I've talked about on stream this week, I want to minimize the number of outside projects I have to juggle outside of the stream and the work it generates. So in an effort to do that, I am continuing to not take on any outside-of-stream work, or extra inhouse projects like designing new merch or original art to sell. Right now, I have more work than I can handle with drawing requests and upgraded commissions for folks on stream. I also am trying to fit production on the new book, Best of Request Volume 3 to get it out this spring, and a family obligation that I probably should not have taken on but none the less must finish. I'm hoping to have the family project done in the coming week. Anyways back to my point.

The previous DRS 2019 highlight video edits were fun but very time consuming and constantly riddled with copyright issues from youtube in terms of music i used in the videos and dealing with them being blocked after having spent hours making them, a good hour or two saving it out and a good hour or two more uploading and waiting for them to be processed.

To continue my efforts for more focus on just the stream work, I am not making those full edits anymore. Instead I think a daily highlight or a couple highlights from the week cropped out of a given stream and exported to YouTube should work just as well. Important stream goof or discussion moments, and especially requests that I deem worthy to stick up on youtube. At the end of the week I'll post like I am now, and feature those highlights in one post. This will take much less time and still serve to keep new content on ewYouTube for general viewing! I also generally plan to upload sketchbook and other free time art recordings as well as process videos as bonuses every now and then.

Enjoy these clips from this week, and I hope those who enjoyed the episodic format will understand the change. That way when I am working, I can just worry about the stream work. When I'm not working, I'm having quality time with the wife, family, myself and general mental health balance. Enjoy and see you guys same drawing time, same drawing channel, over at ( 12pmEST weekdays )

Full drawing, inking and coloring request  of a gnome-like chef from 22519

A request of a furniture based town from 22719

A fan art request of Dux from a video game series from 22819

EW On Twitch: Stream Schedule For The Week Of 2/18/29

February 17, 2019 0 Comments

#twitch #streamer #drawer #artist

EW and the Hat have been enjoying a restful weekend  and quality time with the Kiwii. Today we've been dusting and reorganizing the studio getting it in fighting shape for another productive week! Here's the stream schedule you can expect this week! M, W will focus on Drawing Requests while T/ TH will start earlier and focus more on upgrades. Friday Kiwii goes in for an important medical checkup in the city so I will be accompanying her and there will be no stream. See you at the next stream! 

 ⏰Schedule for the week of 2/18/19

♥ Monday - 12pEST - Drawing requests for viewers and one upgrade

♥ Tuesday - 10aEST - Working on upgrades first half of stream and drawing requests second half

♥ Wednesday - 12pEST - Drawing requests for viewers and one upgrade

♥ Thursday - 10aEST  12pEST - Working on upgrades first half of stream and drawing requests second half

♥ Friday - No Stream

DRS 2019 Highlights - Episode 7: Sinus Sauce

February 15, 2019 0 Comments

#drawing #creative #streaming #streamer #art #twitch #twitchart #twitchcreative #orange #hat #sauce

Fav drawings and moments from the week of Jan 11 - Jan 15th

This week focused on my struggle with my sinusitis which is at its worst this time of year, as well as focusing on Valentines Day on thursday! I picked my 5 or so favorite drawings from the week and a few of my favorite non-drawing stream moments. Enjoy!!

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See you at the next live stream on !

Sketchbook: Reimagining My OC Malcom

February 13, 2019 0 Comments

#malcom #character #duck #kangaroo #lizard #alien #originalcharacter #inkscape

A first attempt at and idea I had after stream today for a reimagining of my so far unused OC Malcom. The robot battling alien. I reimagined him with more DuckTales style proportions, his big round snout more like a duckbill but not actualy a duck bill. He still has the classic ears and tale, and still maintains an amphibious like skin texture. I like him being more cartoony in nature too and the belt and puches is a nice touch. Im digging these new take on his boots and gloves. I'm not sold on his clothing though, bt I do want to create something for him to actualy wear instead of the naked look he used to have. I do like the use of shape patterns on his garments to help make him look more alien or futuristic. Maybe do a short story with him soon or something. I like the more animated/ cartoon look for sure. Made for a fun cool down/ quick experiment at the end of my work day here.
Thanks for looking! As always feel free to comment on this article's social posts or on the comments section below!

Sketchbook: Jumping Boy - Playing With Different Style

February 10, 2019 0 Comments

#drawing #illustraiton #creative #jumpingboy #oc #artstyle #simplify #animated #hoodie #boots #skinnyjenas #spikeyhair

Playing with a different look. Was inspired to try to achieve the style of - when I discovered this artists Instagram this morning - I was awestruck by the simplistic nature, the cinematic qualities, and the amazing color palettes and character designs. And all with flat color choices and simple cell shadow. It has made me re-think and reanalyze the way I do things. Which is never a bad thing. But man, have I got a lot to learn! I dont think I really achieved what Varguy can do... but it was fun attempting to mimick his style!
Dat Jumping Boy Tho...

DRS 2019 Highlights - Episode 6: Sauceiversary


#twitch #drawing #youtube #creative #highlights #recap #funny #silly #goofy #draw #inkscape #photoshop #digitalart #commissions #requests #artshow

Highlights and recaps moments from Eryck Webb Graphic's Drawing Request Show, streamed live February 4th through February 8th. 

For time, not every drawing is present, but most of Eryck Webb's favorite requests are shown. 

This week was centered around the start of the 4th year of Drawing Request Show on Twitch! Since February 3rd 2016, EWG has been streaming on Twitch to aquire requests and commissions and creating them live for clients and supporters. Thanks to everyone who makes this possible. See you Monday, same Drawing Time, same Drawing Channel for more!!

More so, thanks to the original crew members, you know who you are... who are still here each week throwing requests at me and support. These individuals followed me to Twitch after I had been working for them off stream all together. Great to still be interacting with you to this day!

Follow EW on Twitch at

Subscribe to this ewYOUTUBE channel for the weekly videos!

Bookmark EWG website for all the blog notes, art gallery updates and official releases over at

Thank you to the CRew and the rest of Yew!!!

Sketchbook: Down Time

February 9, 2019 0 Comments

#downtime #hat #oxyclean #scrub

The hat's been looking a little dirty on stream lately, time to polish him up! I want that orange smooth and not merky, and those white stripes glistening! Oh hat, I put up with you every day you can deal with a little bit of soaking and scrubbing and a ride in the washing machine.

Week End Notes: Thanks for a great Twitchiversary Week!

February 8, 2019 0 Comments

#drawing #twitch #streamer #draw #stream #creative #request #commission #inkscape #photoshop #linkinpark #charlie #chester #rockabilly #terminator #poisoinivy #cheers #centaur #monk #dnd

Thanks for a fun Friday stream to cap off an epic week. This week we celebrated the start of Eryck Webb Graphic's 4th year streaming and creating for clients on Twitch! Shown above is a few favorites from today and yesterday. The variety I get to draw on this stream still amazes me. Everyone brings something different to the table.

This was also the first week of the Valentines special item on the Wheel of Draws. There are three spots with that prize on the whole wheel. Nobody has hit one yet, but its bound to happen anytime. Every time somebody does they can pick their prize themselves, and have it there and then, whatever they want. Just a small way to return the favor and say thanks for all the love the CRew gives me week after week.

Also this week we rolled out the use of Tokens for priority on Upgrades. Each day I tweaked the use of those tokens and how I would integrate upgrades in general into the Drawing Request Show format. Some attempts did not work. In the second half of the week, we got a good stride going and ironed out the kinks. We should be good go to with a firm footing on the ground for next week!

Thanks for all the draws and the support. Its because the CRew and the rest of Yew I get to wake up every morning and do what I love to do for a living... live with all of you!

Have a fantastic weekend, look for the week recap video to drop on ewYOUTUBE ( make sure to sub for notification of new posts ) and see you guys monday, same drawing time, same drawing channel. Only on Twitch! 

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