Stream Schedule Week of 10/7

October 6, 2019 0 Comments

⏰Stream Schedule Week of 10/7

Mon - 10amET Drawing Inks & Colors
Tues - 10amET Drawing Inks & Colors
Wed - 10amET Drawing Inks & Colors
Thu - 10amET Drawing Inks & Colors
Fri - 10amET Drawing Inks & Colors

Drawing Request Show Is Back From Being Sick

October 3, 2019 0 Comments

#draw #stream #inkscape

Thanks for a great day. Today is the first day in over a week I've felt on my game as far as drawing and streaming. Tomorrow I'll try to do better. And each day after that. Thanks Crew for being Trew! Art sent, masterlist updated. See you in the morning!

ewSICK week 2: Getting back in the practice - streaming 10amET every day

September 30, 2019 0 Comments

Click the above images to view larger!

Fired up the stream ( no cam/ no mic ) on Sunday to get a good hour or two of drawing practice in. Since this cold hit me late Tuesday evening I've not really been drawing. I did a few upgrades off cam/ off mic on Wednesday but then the cold got a lot worse and I have been MIA since. Maybe a random gaming stream to pass the time while I wait for this stuff to pass on by.

Sunday I attempted to get back in practice. Something I really like about these sketches. First one is a random elf warrior girl, second one is two minute sketches of some martial artist references. Third one was a 'automatic drawing' doodle of random automotive related parts. Fourth was 30 drawings 30 seconds each in one session. 

I woke up Sunday morning thinking the worst was behind me. But then the drainage kicks up again and I'm coughing constantly. Lastnight was the best night of sleep I've gotten. Fell asleep somewhere between 10 and 11pmET and didnt wake up till near 7am. Woke up feeling like the worst was behind me till the drainage kicked in again. So I know I'm on my way out. But I'm tired of losing stream time and work time to this. 

I'm going to attempt to stream 10amET till whenever each day this week. Leaving it open ended, as sometimes I might get tired after 2 hours some times I may ble able to go a full 4 or so. 

I'll be volleying between practice drawing and working on upgrades. I feel like I'm too rust and too under the weather to tackle drawing requests properly. Hoping by end of the week thats a different story. Maybe earlier? 

I'm sick of being sick. So I'll stream SOMETHING 10amET each morning. However long it lasts. Join me wont you? Thanks for your patience CRew... hate being sick. Such a waste of time and energy. Thought I did try to make use ot if whenever possible with writing my next book and other tasks. But for the most part its a struggle. An annoying ass struggle. Heres to it passing soon!

New book first draft completed! Despite being sick

September 26, 2019 0 Comments

Working on my new book has given me something to focus on occasionally while dealing with being sick. And I'm excited to say the first draft of the book's copy is done and written! 24 pages of clean first draft book writing is done! I'm very proud of how its turning out and coming along. From what it started out as and what its being refined into. This is a new project thats very important to me, and is not part of the Best of Request series. I will officially announce the book soon. Best of Request Volume 4 is slated for next spring at the latest, this will come out later this year.

Time for another nap... *being sick sucks*

This weeks ewDISCORD artjam prompt - Scary, Pumpkin, Robot !

September 25, 2019 0 Comments

For this week's Crew art jam prompt using the three randomly generated words: 'scary, pumpkin, robot'. Look forward to seeing everyones solutions to the prompt! Over on the ewDISCORD !

Was sick today! So I streamed upgrades!


#draw #stream #art
Thanks for a fun, unconventional, Wednesday stream! We went live 10am and worked on upgrade orders till 4pmET! All while I was off cam/ mic because I've caught a cold. Felt better by the end though, and anticipate being back proper tomorrow! See the CRew then!

Twitch Stream Schedule Week of 9/23

September 22, 2019 0 Comments

⏰ Stream Schedule Week of 9/23

Mon - 10amET Drawing Request Show
Tues - 10amET Drawing Request Show
Wed - 10amET Drawing Request Show
Thu - 10amET  Drawing Request Show
Fri - 10amET Drawing Request Show

We'll be drawing, inking, and coloring each day!

Drawing Request Show Schedule Week of 9/16

September 15, 2019 0 Comments

⏰Stream Schedule Week of 9/16

Mon - 10amET Drawing Request Show
Tues - 10amET Drawing Request Show
Wed - 10amET Drawing Request Show
Thu - 10amET  Drawing Request Show
Fri - 10amET Drawing Request Show

We'll be drawing, inking, and coloring each day!

Thank you for a great 2 Year Twitch Affiliate Celebration stream!

September 13, 2019 0 Comments

Great Day, thank you CRew and the rest of Yew for allowing me to Dew what I Dew! Have a great weekend - get your art out soon!

This video was used to announce the stream going live and advertise the special stream. It was also used in parts as the stream's intro video and as alerts triggered by viewer support during the stream.


The clip below is from a memorable moment at the end of the stream. Thank you to everyone for your overwhelming kind words, support and gestures. Means a lot and I will not let you down!

Back at it with a new schedule!

September 11, 2019 0 Comments

#draw #request #stream #schedule 

I was out for the count literally all day yesterday with sinus/ allergy headache and related fog brain. I kept the fluids going and the proper sinus/ allergy meds and are still on them this morning. I did some rough copy writing on my new book ( yet to officially be announced ) when I felt good enough. And that wasn't very good. But it did keep my mind off the discomfort for a bit. Ultimately I rested, relaxed, kept a heatpad on and watched youtube videos/ twitch streams all day. I did manage early on before it got too bad to update the masterlist and send out art from Mondays stream.

Today I'm back, and with an idea I had while off yesterday. Morning Upgrade Inks and Colors and afternoon Drawing Requests, all live on Twitch!! While the morning will be more focus mode production the afternoon will be Drawing Requests and giveaways and stream as usual. This will extend streams across the weekday more and allow viewers to see the other end of the drawing request process.

I had a thought towards the future of the stream regarding this as well. Eventually I'd like to integrate everything under one roof. Drawings, Inks and Colors all on the same list with the option to have all three done in sequence with obvious breaks in between from cooldowns if a buyer pays for all at once.

That'll take a little figuring, but for now, I'm getting ready to rock it this morning! A hot shower, and some fresh sauce and I'll be ready for an extended Drawing Request Show going live at 10amET on Twitch!

Sinus/ Allergy Fog/ Headache Affecting My Drawing

September 10, 2019 0 Comments

A lil' warmup attempt this morning. Probably recognize who I was trying to draw haha. Two diff attempts. Never really got it to pop off right. This sinus/ allergy headache and fog throwing me off big time. Going to refrain from drawing today and just rest up. Try again 2morrow!

Eryck Webb Twitch Stream Schedule for Week of 9/9


⏰Stream Schedule Week of 9/9

Mon - 1pmET Drawing Requests
Tues - 1pmET Inks N Color Wurk N Lurk
Wed - 1pmET Drawing Requests
Thu - 1pmET  Inks N Color Wurk N Lurk
Fri - 1pmET Drawing Requests

Stream Schedule Week of 9/2 + ewARCADE

September 2, 2019 0 Comments

⏰Stream Schedule Week of 9/2

Mon - No Stream

Tues - 1pmET Inks N Colors

Wed - 1pmET Drawing Requests
        - 8pmET ewARCADE - Game TBA

Thu - 1pmET Inks N Colors

Fri - 1pmET Drawing Requests

Best of Request Volume 3 Digital Edition - Available Now In The EWShop!

August 31, 2019 0 Comments

Catch up on your Eryck Webb artbooks over the long Labor Day Weekend! Volume 1, 2 and now 3 of Best of Request are available in the newly remodeled ewSHOP! Thank you for your support! 

10 Upgrade In 10 Hours Starting At 10am Challenge!!!

August 29, 2019 0 Comments

EW is taking the 10 Upgrade Challenge! Starting at 10amEST/EDT and attempting to get 10 upgrade orders done in 10 hours. OR BUST.

All day starting 10amET on ... challenge... accepted! #twitch #draw #ink #color #digitalart #stream #challenge

Stream Art: Dinosaur and Cave Duck 82219

August 23, 2019 0 Comments

Thanks for a great Friday stream!! All art sent out! See the CRew next week with more!! Have a great and safe weekend!! #ewDRAW #dinosaur #caveman #duck

Warmup Drawing: Mickey Saves Spidey 82319


#mickey #mickeymouse #disney #sony #marvel #spiderman #spidey #rescue 

This situation with Disney-Marvel not being able to use Spiderman anymore because of some deal with Sony is ridiculous. I thought that was over and Marvel had bought back all their characters. In the end though, Spiderman belongs at Marvel, and I know the mouse will do what it takes, to bring him home. Go get em Mickey!

All metaphorical of course. But current events can spawn fun drawing prompt ideas. After having a dedicated work day on Wednesday and then crashing/ burning out on Thursday, a day of rest, lots of food and lots of sleep helped a lot. My head is no longer going crazy my body is no longer like 'nope not happening' and I am up a bit early this morning getting to work on upgrades this morning and other things.

See folks 1pm Eastern Time on for some live drawing action! 

Twitch: No Stream Today!!

August 21, 2019 0 Comments

CRew! No stream today! I am opting to cranking hard on all these Priority Upgrades today! Thank you for your orders! I want to get as many done as possible today! I'll be back with the Drawing Requests tomorrow 1pmET! #geterdone

Drawing Request Show Schedule Week of 8/19/19

August 18, 2019 0 Comments

⏰DRS Schedule This Week:

Monday - 1:00pmET
Tuesday - 1:00pmET
Wednesday - 1:00pmET
Thursday - 1:00pmET
Friday - 1:00pmET

What Will Yew Request?

TWITCH: The EWG Twitch Channel Is Under Construction Over The Weekend

August 17, 2019 0 Comments

#comingsoon #underconstruction #renovations #updates #improvements #rebuild

Eryck Webb and EWG are hard at work this weekend, planning and building a bigger better stream. The mill is undergoing extensive remodeling to head into fall with a bigger more entertaining stream than when we've had most of the summer. The viewers have been heard, the plans locked down and construction has begun! We're hoping to launch live on Monday but will take longer if needed to get this right. Thank you to everyone who is a fan and client of EWG, and the Drawing Request Show. We are working to return the favor for all the faith, time, and support you have given us. Going forward the goal is consistency, fun and of course... lots and lots of drawing!! See you soon!

Twitch: New stream content under construction - coming soon!

August 14, 2019 0 Comments

#giveaway #twitch #stream #underconstruction #comingsoon #newcontent

Eryck Webb Graphic's "Drawing Request Show" is known for being a drawing stream, a humorous entertainment based stream and game show like stream all mixed together. In 2019 a lot has been shaved away to focus more on the drawing request side of the stream as well as the commission level ink and color upgrades. 

On Tuesday, August 13th, 2019, what was supposed to be a bot run, chat based giveaway segment, surprised viewers with a never before seen construction scene. Eryck walked onto the scene in front of a construction barrier and a bunch of cranes working on something in the background hidden from view. Eryck wasn't able to see over the tall barrier, but left the scene "...looking forward to whatever was coming."  

This is a two fold announcement. One, a promise to the viewers and CRew members who come out weekly to enjoy the stream that the stream is in fact on its way out but in a transition period. There are many new ideas for content related to entertainment, games and subscribers in the works, many of which will be implemented over the next couple months. Two,  the game show elements that have been missed most of the summer are coming back. Whether that means wheels or something entirely different  has yet to be revealed. Regardless, a new giveaway segment is coming. Fans and Subscribers can look forward to new surprises and interactivity on the way.

Eryck has trouble keeping a lid on new projects, products and ideas that excite him, so this surprise tease/reveal Tuesday was one way to let the CRew know things are happening behind the scenes but he doesn't want to ruin the surprise yet. Expect more info and more reveals in coming weeks.

Can you guess what new content is coming? Do you have a particular type of content that you would like to see come back or be added for the first time? Let us know in the comments! 

See you weekdays, over at for all the drawing shenanigans!

Daily Discipline: Green Lantern Warmup

August 12, 2019 0 Comments

#warmup #drawing #inkscape #wacom #intuos #greenlantern #dccomics #teeth #sketch #practice #dailysketch 

A warmup drawing to start the day and week, some cartoon green lantern action. Onto the work that pays!

See folks for more drawing like thism, live at 1pm ET on Twitch over at all week long! 

Also, if you like drawings like this, my 3 art books collection 500+ of my best drawings from each volume's respective years are still available in the ewSHOP! Get yourself a copy! 

TWITCH: Short But Fun Week - Steel City Con tomorrow!

August 8, 2019 0 Comments

#twitch #drawing #request #commission #sketches #sauce #orange #hat

Thanks to all the CRew and the rest of Yew for a great couple stream days this week! I took the week half off just to take a break and get some perspective and get my head on straight, but streamed Tuesday and Thursday! This is the haul from today's drawing requests, including an upgrade I got done yesterday. Thanks for all the support and the cool requests. I am off for the weekend a bit early, as tomorrow me, Kiwi and my sister are off to Steel City Con! I will not be streaming, but will be walking all over the place soaking up the inspiration and the geekdoms. Looking forward to it! I also got a few things in mind for the stream I want to start working on over the weekend. 
See you all next week I'll post the intended schedule for next week by Sunday evening. 
Have a good one, keep rocking, and see you on the Discord and socials!

Sketchbook: Planetoid Exploring Mech Warmup Drawing 8719

August 7, 2019 0 Comments

#mech #robot #suit #spacesuit #space #planet #explorer #moon #mars

A warmup to start my day today, trying to capture the feel of a ballpoint pen or what not, but in Inkscape. A chunky environment-exploring mech suit with a little creature piloting it. What will he discover on this baron planetoid? Who knows!

Not streaming today, taking the day to focus on upgrade ink and color work. Half of which is priority items and half of which is backlog items. Have a great day and see you around the socials and discords. I'll be back tomorrow, Thursday 8/8/19 with more Drawing Request stream action. 

1pm Eastern Time over at

EWG: A productive day finishing 5 Upgrade Commissions off stream

August 5, 2019 0 Comments

#drawing #inking #coloring #producing

Was a productive day. Got some upgrades sitting in some kiddie's stockings and calling it a night. See the CRew tomorrow for Drawing Requests all day! 1pmET! Goodnight!

NoteBook: Taking Some Time Off Stream Still Working Hard


Good Morning ewCAMPERS! - Taking a short week on stream, but still working hard off stream. Will see the CRew Tues/ Thurs for Drawing Requests only. I will not be streaming today or Wednesday but will be cranking on Upgrades and work all day those days. Friday I will be with Kiwi and my sister at Steel City Con August 9th 2019 walking around soaking it all in. Maybe I'll see one of you there somewhere? Have a good day and week! Dew it Tew it! #burnrubber #rocknroll

Boxer N Gun Girl Practice Drawing 8/4/19

August 4, 2019 0 Comments

#girl #inkscape #drawing #boxer #gun

Some practice drawing today have a good week all! See folks on Stream Tues & Thurs!

Twitch: Stream Schedule Week of 8/5/19


⏰ Stream Schedule Week of 8/5/19:

Monday - No Stream
Tuesday - 1pmET Drawing Requests Only
Wednesday - No Stream
Thursday - 1pmET Drawing Requests Only
Wednesday - Steel City Con ( No Stream )

TWITCH: Solid Last Week of July And First Week of August!!

August 2, 2019 0 Comments

#drawing #twitch #creative #commissions #streamer #art 

Thank you to Yew and the CRew for a super fun week! We tweaked a few rules for the 'Request Show' going into August that are working out well. This week began an emphasis on getting one priority commission grade ink and/ or color upgrade done each stream, and drawing supporter requests around it. I think the adjustment is going smoothly and I look forward to more next week! Kiwi and I are also hard at work on the pre 2019 backlog in the mornings as well as other projects in progress we want to wait to announce properly. 

Thanks to all the supporters, the subs, the donators and the bit cheerers, and those just hanging out having fun watching the stream. Its been a great summer drawing and hanging with you guys. Its hard to believe kids are heading back to school soon and crickets are already chirping like its Fall. But before any of that we have lots more work to do! See you Monday for more! 

Sketchbook: Dogalope Warmup Drawing


#zoo #dog #antelope #jackalope #dogalope #inkscape #wacom

A fun imagination stretching warm up drawing today. Just wanted to sketch out some kind of made up creature from imagination, and came up with the Dogalope. Look for more of these creatures to come down the road! Onto the work that pays, and streaming commission production and requests at 1pmET today!

Twitch: Thanks for a great July

July 31, 2019 0 Comments

A work in progress inks upgraded request we worked on today. Still needs some fixed areas and final sauce but really digging how it came out so far.

This has been a challenging and really good month for me and the channel. We ended July on a challenging and high note! See you next time as the channel continues to evolve and improve! All art sent, list updated. Goodnight, see you next month ( tomorrow)!

SKETCHBOOK: Grape Ape Warmup


#ape #grape #hannabarbera #cartoon #retro #80s #grapeape #wacom #inkscape #intuospro

A warmup sketch of Grape Ape in Inkscape this morning to start my day. Had the idea to draw this character, after being inspired by a recent 'Fred Flintstone' illustration by the guys over at CreatureBox. I thought I'd take my own stab at drawing a Hanna-Barbera character but with more of a serious portrayal. In the end, it showed why one should do warm ups before starting your professional day as an artist. There was a lot of over night rust and I wasn't quite flowing yet this morning. I don't know why i relied so heavily on the hatching, and also am not 100% happy with the overall head/ face shape. But overall it was fun to try. Onto the work that pays! Will have to do this again with other characters in the future. May try Grape Ape again as well!
Got some backlog work to do this morning and then streaming upgrades and drawing requests live on Twitch this afternoon at 1pm Eastern Time ! Have a good Wednesday! 

TWITCH: Stream Schedule Week of 7/29/19:

July 30, 2019 0 Comments

⏰ Stream Schedule Week of 7/29/19:
- Monday DRS 1pmET

- Tuesday DRS 1pmET

- Wednesday DRS 1pmET

- Thursday DRS 1pmET

- Friday DRS 1pmET

Starting this week, we will feature one Priority Upgrade segment and the usual Drawing Request segments in each stream! If we hit the bottom of the list or run out of Drawing Requests as we tend to do this time of year while most of the audience is off for summer vacation with their families and such, we will raffle to choose individuals in chat to have drawing requests!

Come out join in the summer drawing fun! We still got a truck load of sauce to unload daily on Twitch!

TWITCH: Thanks for a great week! See you after the weekend!

July 26, 2019 0 Comments

#twitch #art #inkscape #wacom

Thanks to the CRew and all of Yew for a great week! All art sent! I did my best, and we still got more to do. See you next week for more as we focus more on ink and color commission upgrades! Have a great weekend, goodnight!!

PERSONAL ART: Skull Boy Warmup 72619


#drawing #inkscape #skull #boy #headphones #urban #chilling #listening #to #music #boots

A warm up this morning playing around with a more minimalistic style. Something I would like to explore more in the future. As far as decision making goes and this being finished or not, this to me is a finished piece... aside from some clean up of a few stray marks here and there. I like the style and decisive lines and shapes of this piece. I basically took my time in doing the clean lines, picking out shapes and contours and using big blocky shapes and not getting too concerned with detail. I also wanted the shading to do its job but be as simple as possible. I think the less is more approach ends up being a bit stronger and more purposeful. What do you think? 

Well, onto the work that pays! But its always fun taking time each morning to draw for myself, stretch the creativity and get warmed up before tackling client work.

Speaking of client work. I'm currently at the bottom of the list with 3 or 4 people on the drawing request list for my Drawing Request Twitch stream I run. But I have an enormous stack of ink and color commission upgrades. Starting next week, I will be emphasizing work on the upgrades, and dialing back the drawing requests. But I will still be streaming 5 days a week or so. Look for the final schedule to go live over the weekend. But for those of you who follow this website, and read these posts, you have a heads up before everyone else. 

This was drawn in about 20 minutes in Inkscape with a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium.

SKETCHBOOK: Random Mercenary Character Warmup Drawing In Photoshop

July 25, 2019 0 Comments

#mercenary #warmup #soldier #fortune #drawing #photoshop #wacom #intuos #practice #dailysketch 

This is a random character I hashed out this morning while fine tuning my monitor/ wacom tablet settings. Making sure the proportions of the wacom and monitor were lined up ok. Drew in Photoshop of all things, which I havent really drawn in for a long time! Onto some upgrade work this morning and Drawing Request Show today at 1pm Eastern Time - see the Crew then!! Only on 

Check out more sketchbook items like this in the ewGALLERY on this site. The main source for the latest and greatest EW art posted on the web. Be sure to bookmark/ follow this site for all the main posts Eryck Webb makes! 

Dat ewSHOP too tho!

SKETCHBOOK: Calvin & Hobbes

July 24, 2019 0 Comments

#calvin #hobbes #friends #wagon #samsung #galaxybook12 #autodesksketchbook #spen

An idea ive had for a few. Did it for fun n practice tonight. Want to finish it and make it into an art print soon.

Stream Art: Cyber Viking Warrior Dude - Warmup Drawing


#drawing #request #stream 

All art sent, and masterlist updated - thanks all! See folks 1pmET tomorrow - we're near bottom of the list ( tis that time of year ) good time to get in on the ground floor on some drawing requests! See you guys then! 

Sketchbook: Drawing Kung Fu - Practicing and Improving Every Day


Click to enlarge

#action #sports #figure #drawing #sketches #stickfigures #characterart #atheletes

As I mentioned on previous posts, Kung Fu is a term that can be applied to a lot of things. Kung Fu means hard work over time to learn a skill. Literally. And I've noticed lately my drawing requests and commissions not flowing or laying down on the paper smoothly. Took me a while, but I realized its because the creative flame is a bit diminished. I haven't been doing the work. You cant just sit down every day and start drawing and hope it comes out good. You have to keep practicing, relearning and drilling every day to be able to draw the way I do. And even I have not been doing that. So I'm going to make time and re-develop the habit. I've been neglecting the number one thing I do in my life and I feel like my professional work has been suffering a bit from it. Clients may not see it, but I see it, and I feel it. And that's not ok. So, in my free time I will be getting back to basics, retraining, relearning and turning up the practice. Here's a good example. I did a bunch of ball point pen drawings on news print last night. But this was sort of a next step. I drew digitally in Inkscape for about 45 minutes with google images set to a search of 'Sports Action' and I just picked out the poses that excited me and I drew those. I was really surprised by some that I found and how 'marvel way' and comic action similar they were. I recommend this for anybody wanting to practice more. Don't worry about details, indicate where the eyes/ ears etc may line up otherwise just nail down those proportions, foreshortening and body forms. Its a great way to practice. Exercises like these really feel good. Get that old drawing fire stoked. Looking forward to seeing how it effects me on Drawing Request Show today. See you all 1pm Eastern ( about 1 hour ) for the Drawing Request madness. Donate a dollar and get a drawing request. It goes up from there. See you at for the sauce! 

Sketchbook: Staying Loose and Stoking The Creative Fire With Some Newsprint Practice


#drawing #newsprint #sketch #ballpoint #pen #practice #doodles #stickfigures #automaticdrawing

Doing a little homework. I've felt a bit stiff and lacking on flow in my drawings lately. I have been looking through many of my favorite art books and sketchbooks by other artists, and feeding the creative 'bank account' ( jake parker ) by watching inspiring movies like Mad Max Fury Road and animated kid shows. But last night I wanted to hammer out some practice, and nothing helps you loosen up in your drawings like filling 18x24 newsprint pages using ballpoint pen. Its fun thrashing around on such a big paper surface. Recommended! I will definitely be trying to do this more. Maybe even with my brush pen. Or a big fat sharpie sometime. Only problem with sharpies is they bleed through everything lol.

Sketchbook: Eryck Webb Draws Skull Explorer Warmup In Inkscape With Wacom Intuos

July 23, 2019 0 Comments

#skull #suit #robot #mech #space #explorer #twomoons #warmup #sketch #hatching

A fun 'clear your mind and draw' session this morning for warm up before getting started on Upgrade Inks. Playing with shapes and proportions and just not thinking about it seeing where my creativity took me. Ended up with some skull headed ( or masked ) explorer in his exploration pod/ mech thing. Fun stuff. I tried to simulate as if I was drawing in my sketchbook and hatching with a ballpoint pen for shades and textures. I think it worked alright! Onto the work that pays. See you guys 1pm Eastern Time every day this week for Drawing Request Show. Come out, donate for a drawing request, or enjoy the stream and hangout till you win one. I'll draw you any character you want. One character request can be any fan art character, original character, any kind of creature, vehicle, building, complex object. You can even through a word or two at me and I'll come up with something creative and original for you. I've also been known to do stuff like, emotes, logos, mascots and even spend the time allotted creating a scratch sheet of one offs and concepts.

So come out, hang with the crew and check out the draws. Today and every day this week at 1pm Eastern Time only on Twitch

What can the hat, draw for yew?

TWITCH: Stream Schedule For Week of 7/22

July 22, 2019 0 Comments

#twitch #stream #draw #create #hat #orange #sauce #wacom #inkscape

🕐Stream Schedule Week of 7/22 !

■ Monday - 1pm Drawing Requests
■ Tuesday - 1pm Drawing Requests
■ Wednesday - 1pm Drawing Requests
■ Thursday - 1pm Drawing Requests
■ Friday - 1pm Drawing Requests
*All times eastern

TWITCH: Retry July Friday - Gun Girl 2009 and 2019

July 19, 2019 0 Comments

Click either the finished colored piece, inks or pencils for a larger version of the 2019 piece!

#twitch #drawing #personalart #10years #throwback #redo #reimagine

I am excited to show off this piece I did on stream, start to finish today. The chat and I spent about an hour looking at old artworks of mine. I purposely avoided commissioned art as I would probably owe the new version to those who have commissioned me. I wanted to use a personal work that reflects where I was artistically in 2009. I picked a few with the help of the chat, and they voted on the piece shown below. It was originally a piece inspired by and themed around the date 9.9.09 as I have occasionally commemorated unique once in a life time dates with art pieces.

Click to view a larger version of this 2009 piece!

This art prompt I participated in is themed around artists redoing an older artwork and remagine/ reworking it with our contemporary skills and experience and workflow. 

In 2009, I was deep into my advertising job and doing mostly graphic design. Looking back, my comic-art style creativity had gone a bit out of practice. I think it was better in college, then during my advertising career took a backseat to mostly being in sketchbooks and such. I took an occasional commission on the side for some reason ( maybe clients that carried over from commissions in college and they still asked if I would do some art for them? ) and did stuff for fun as well. Nothing really pushing my abilities. When I started EWG at the end of 2009 and 2010 I began a journey that would prove to be a pressure cooker and push me to improve a lot over a short period of time. 

10 years later, I am the best I've ever been and this exercise really knocks out any doubt that I might have had about my growth or leveling up artistically. My workflow is crispy, efficient, all digital and I definitely draw with way more confidence and speed then I did in 2009. Having drawn thousands of works a year for almost 10 years now will do that. The original 2009 piece was poorly inked with sharpies or microns and scanned and colored to the best of my limited knowledge in photoshop. I was into graffiti at the time and incorporated that for the background. Now a day, as seen in the new artwork, I love creating textures in black spaces with splotchy brush effects and alternating white and black brush strokes, as well as using dust and smoke and other elements to decorate a character. 

This entire piece was done over the course of a 6 hour stream! Picking a piece to do took an hour or two. The sketch drawing took about half an hour, the inks took about an hour or two and the colors took about two hours. My intention as I continued on this was to really portray my best techniques and skills that I can do at this time in my life and creative career. I feel that I have done that.

I recommend the Retry July exercise to show yourself how far you've come, provide good exhibition of what you are now capable of and set a marker for the future. In 10 years, will I look back at this one and cringe over it like I did the 2009 piece? We'll find out :) 

Thanks to everyone who hung out, encouraged my work on this piece and  those who were there to the end. Thank you for the bits, the subs the donations. Its because of the CRew that I'm even able to take a day where I will potentially pooch any real financial gain and have a fun selfish day of creating my own artwork. Just one of many things you guys enable in my and Kiwi's lives. Have a great night and a great weekend, and see you next week for more Drawing Request action!!!

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