Contest Winner Piece and Week Recap 110119

November 1, 2019

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Thank you for a fun, busy and challenging week! I was foggy from sleep-aid meds on Monday but we had a normal Drawing Request Show stream and Tuesday had some sinus headache thing going on all day that canceled the stream. Wednesday was nearly a 9 hour stream with all the support, hype and giveaways to match. Thursday we carved pumpkins all day with me in face paint and the stream in halloween mode. Finally, today ( Friday ) we had a really cool stream featuring untimed pencils, inks and colors of an art request for Trayde. Trayde won the Haunted Stream Contest that ran all October and in doing so won a drawing request with ALL THE SAUCE. Even untimed sauce. It was a really cool piece to work on and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Trayde you deserved to win, you were first to figure out the contest puzzle and you have been the top supporter on this stream for the last 4 years. Only seemed appropriate, thank you! We managed to get in a drawing request or two at the end as well! 
Have a great weekend, all art sent as of this post! Get the schedule for next week and the masterlist all updated by Monday. Have a great weekend be safe out there, and look forward to drawing for you soon!

Watch me draw, ink and color live, daily! Plus look forward to an upcoming annual Thanksgiving Marauding Native Turkeys piece for 2019 that I'm thinking about creating live on stream one day! Get notified when I go live by following and enabling notifications on Twitch! @

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