See You In 2016!

December 31, 2015

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The picture says it all. Thank you to everyone who helped keep EWG moving along smoothly this year. Heres to new challenges and discoveries in 2016. See you in the new year :)
Happy New Year from EWG!

End Of Year Special 2015!

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This Special Is Now Closed!
Have all orders done by end of January!

$32 End Of Year Special!

One Character Colored/ Inked/  No BG
(You will have a chance to review your order before committing to payment Change desired quantity on checkout. Or use the cart as many times as you require.)

$32 Full Color Over Ink Special 

Can Order from posting (12/31/15) till close of sale on Monday morning (1/4/16)!

Right here on the EWG site only! 

Use the cart below to purchase via paypal! Send one solid picture reference and brief request to in email. Or paste the link/ request in the paypal payment.
All requests are for normal (non chibi) characters, no background. Sexy pinups and cheesecake is OK no inappropriate/ explicit sexual or violent requests accepted.

All items slated to be finished by end of January via current production schedule, but special price is only available till Monday! Normally a 50 dollar value (basically getting the colors for free)!

Thank you for supporting Eryck Webb Graphics!! 
Happy New Year!

Bamboo Smart Super Gremlin Warmup

December 30, 2015

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This is a sketchbook post, and sort of a 'first use' review. Got a Bamboo Smart stylus for christmas to use with my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 tablet. Gotta say its a great upgrade. Feels natural in the hand, and is way more responsive than the s pen with pressure and glides on the screen more confidently for smoother lines, less 'slippery wiggle' from the smooth screen. I can't wait to get more practice in with it, and am excited to use it for some serious commission penciling and inking projects soon! I recommend it as an upgrade to the Spen. Only draw back I see at this point is the pen doesn't fit in the spen slot so it always remains seperate. Also, and this is without investigating if theres software on the wacom site or not, but the button on the pen seems to have the potential to be programmed but theres no way obvious to do so. Something to look into later. But heres my first official warm up sketch with it. Look forward to more! 

Here it is:

Works great straight out of the box on any spen-equipped device and is a clear upgrade in ease of use and responsiveness.

Ungrounded Chapter 4 - Released Today!

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Brand New, never before released, Ungrounded #4 by Tom Peyer and Eryck Webb Graphics hits ComiXology TODAY!

The Dynamic Five
Five strange visitors arrive in the town of Waverly, New York, sending them on a collision course with Ulysses the Polar Bear. Featuring guest writer Tom Peyer (BATMAN '66, HOURMAN).

Written by Tom Peyer
Art by Eryck Webb
Lettered by Joshua Cozine
Produced by Patrick Gerard

And Don't Forget The Joker

#lemmykilmister #motorhead #lemmy #sketch #warmup #tribute

Motorhead, Lemmy - synonymous with no bs, no frills - straight tequila or rum or whiskey with no juice or anything mixed in, straight black coffee no chaser rock and roll. Been listening to 'Deaf Forever' all morning since I woke up and saw 'RIP Lemmy' all over facebook. To me, I feel like he was one of those rock anchors, always back there always doing his thing. And he did, rocked till the day he died. We should all be so lucky :) 
Keep Rocking Lemmy!

New Improved EWG Website

December 29, 2015

Well, it still needs some more work, but that will be done another time. For now, I'm happy with how it is, so here it is, the new EWG site. Some navigational enhancements, added features for customers and better organized - the blog, comics and such are all secondary the commissions are front and foremost as they should be. Still room for improvement but I'm satisfied with it for now. Tomorrow I get back to drawing. This week's goal, knockout all the backlog of special orders and anything left over from fall.
Then next week, get wrapping up Ungrounded First Revolution and more.
Let me know what you think of the improvements, and any ideas you wish to offer on future improvements. Also, if there are any broken links or issues.
Goodnight. The mill turns on and production resumes tomorrow!

EWG Update 122915

#tuneup #smb #reorganize #rework #refine #streamline

EWG is busy retoolin' the ol toolbox all week getting ready for 2016. Commission production returns to its regularly scheduled program then! No orders are forgotten, there are no cracks to slip through. Theres been some ideas/ and needs around this business that have needed to be implemented so this is the time/ week to do it. Simple as that. I believe the improvements will help clients have a better experience with their commission orders, and also stream line things on my end as well. New year, new trends in customer's creative needs, and a new approach to knockin it out epicly. Thanks for understanding, hit the ground running in the new year! During this time the site is officialy under construction don't be surprised if links dont work or the site looks different at any given time. Gettin back to basics, to the roots of it all. Moving forward to that ideal of what Eryck Webb Graphics can/ should be.

See you on the other side.

Morning Warmup Sketch - Little Fella

December 22, 2015

Click to enlarge

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This morning's warmup. Got a sweet new chair as an early Christmas present and its so much better on my hind end and legs but was a little too high for my hands/ arms so they weren't really supported and started falling asleep while i was working yesterday. Well today I raised up my desk with some half inch boards underneath and now its just right. So trying it out and warming up before today's work load I drew this in Sketchbook Pro. I did a quick doodle, and a general character design occurred to me so I tried to explore it see where it led. Kinda like this little guy. Don't know if I'll do anything with him, but theres a lot of potential. Would make a good anime or video game character maybe. Alright, onto finish up left over chibis and character arts from the past week or two. 
As always accepting orders and lining up work for the week after Christmas. Also hit a road block on my comic work but going to regroup and hit it hard after the Christmas weekend. 
How many folks are out already for Christmas? How many are working up until the eve. I thought about doing like the ol' days working till noon Christmas eve then heading off to celebrate with the family till the day after Christmas. We'll see if that happens. Excited my mom, dad and sister who i haven't really seen since last Christmas are coming in. If I can survive the stress and chaos I think it'll be a great Christmas. 

Alright Happy Holidays to everyone out there and I will be streaming orders for folks off and on for the next two days as I try to finish up some orders for folks. Mainly those who I know would prefer to see it streamed. Internet allowing of course. Never know with this flaky comcast service.

Time to rock n' roll! When I stream it'll be on Picarto - so be sure to follow that page it'll notify you when it goes live. 

Alright, knock out this last couple days before Christmas! 

Another Light Is A Wrap! A Few Favorite Panels

December 18, 2015


#transformers #anotherlight #shatteredglass #hasbro #funpublications #comic

Got my copy of the final chapter of Transformers: Another Light, the story arc i've been working on for the last year for hasbro/ fun publications - the final product is epic! Readers got their copies before I did so I assume its safe to post these haha. Evan did an amazing job on the colors bringing my inks to life and the whole thing wrapped up pretty epicly. Had fun working on this project and hope to work with all involved again soon! That does it for me for this week. Pushed way too hard this week, with back-firing results. Still trying to figure out this balance/ work flow thing. Hard to keep it consistant when life changes the rules every day. Ah well, every day is a new chance to improve that high score. Pick it up Monday - have a great weekend!

Live Sketch Night - Holiday Edition 2 of 2 is mostly complete

So, I don't know if I hurt myself or helped myself changing the work flow to trying to pencil all 6 then ink all six then color 5 of the colored orders. But I think it definitely resulted in some really cool drawings concentrating on just sketching them out first and then doing the inking/ coloring after. On the other hand I spent all night sketching them and then inking them and didnt even get to the black fills or colors lol. Well, I can honestly say the Live Sketch Night holiday edition has been a success, got about 4-5 orders Tuesday and about 6 tonight. I do believe folks enjoyed comin out taking advantage of the special holiday prices and such. The chat was bustling and the requests were all really cool. I'm just sorry to make people sit in there 4 hours and I didnt get one piece 100% done. After some consideration I will finish these up Monday evening on 3rd livestream that will serve just to allow these customers to come back out and see it happen like they were doing tonight. Only pushing it to then cause tomorrow I got things to get out before I head out of town for the weekend.

Alright, thanks to everyone who made this double-up live sketch night event a success and get you your orders very soon!

EWG Itinerary Till Christmas

December 17, 2015

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In a continuing effort for transparency, I thought I'd share the final schedule/ production layout till Christmas. Of course you can check your particular invoice on the Order Tracking page which is currently updated about 3 times a week. But here we are, and here I go to knock em out! 

Looking forward to the last Live Sketch Night of 2015 tonight at 8pmEST! In honor of Christmas and all the other holidays folks celebrate, I'm offering $12 Black and white art (chibi or normal) which is usually closer to $32.00 and $25.00 colored chibi or normal which is usually closer to $48.00. There were two orders I did not get to on Tuesday's 1st installment, so on this second and final installment I'll be starting on them while waiting for further orders. Playing some jazzy/ electronica Christmas music that's a bit more refreshing than the standard 12 same Christmas songs. And more! So see folks out there on Picarto tonight. 

Alright, time to get to it! Here's to kickin some ass on the road to Christmas which I'm taking off Christmas Eve through the 27th.

Accepting Commissions! What Can EWG Create For You?

December 16, 2015

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The Holidays have arrived, and though the deadline for anything being guaranteed by Christmas has passed, that doesn't change the fact that Eryck Webb Graphics accepts new commission orders on a daily basis! Character design, character art, branding, tshirt and print and web ad design and more! Check out the pricelist for more info! What can EWG create for you?

Live Sketch Night Holiday Edition - 1 of 2 is a wrap!

December 15, 2015

#chibi #livestream #commission #art #drawing #inkscape #photoshop #santashelper

That is a wrap for tonight's Live Sketch Night - holiday edition. Thanks so much for the great turnout! I only wish I could have drawn them all tonight :) Got a chibi order done, a normal Christmas themed piece done and some more chibis! Will pick it up on Thursday immediately get to work on Petit's heroine 'Galaxy' and then another chibi for Shortfuse and whatever other orders I get on Thursday. Thursday will be the last Livestream Sketch Night of 2015! And the last offering $12 black and white chibi or normal (as in 12 days of christmas har har) and $25 full color chibi or normal (as in December 25th get it get it). Time to send out tonight's pieces and call it a night! See folks out again on Thursday :)

Final Live Sketch Nights of 2015! Tues 2/15 and Thurs 2/17

December 14, 2015

#livestream #sketch #commissions #opentable #characterart #digitalart #christmas #holiday

The ad says it all. Holding a special holiday-priced Livestream evening, two nights this week. 

Both Tuesday and Thursday, starting 8pmEST running till at least 10pmEST! Will accept chibi orders and normal character orders. Can be fanart of mainstream comic, videogame, animation characters or your own OCs. Get there early its first come first serve! Will do as many as I can within the alotted time and depending on demand keep it running longer. 

Discounted price and you get your piece same week, whats not to like? Paypal only, please have your payment and reference of character ready to send before event! Look forward to slingin some digital ink for you!

And remember, no orders accepted till start of event at 8pmEST! This is the last two Live Sketch Nights of 2015 so lets make them good ones!

Morning Warmup - Hulk

#hulk #incrediblehulk #sasquatch #yeti #warmup #sketch #inkscape

Gettin back in the habit of doing morning warmups to get the ol' creativity flowing each morning. And might try to do a theme each week for the fun of it. This week's theme is my own original take on my favorite mainstream characters. Just 'what if' tweaks and whatever original ideas I might have on ways their design/ creation could have gone. I thought, instead of looking like a big green guy, what if hulk took more of a big mean gorilla/ primate direction to his transformation. Kinda like how everyone imagines dr jekyl/ mr hyde. Anyways, I thought that would be cool, and work well with his whole more primitive way of acting and all that. Alright, stay tuned all week long will try out different characters its a fun exercise and definitely gets the ol' mind and hand going in the right direction. Find more sketches like this in the art gallery on this site!
Have a great Monday and week!

Weekend Chibi Sale - Has Ended

December 12, 2015



#chibi #sale #commission #art

December 12th Flash Chibi Sale! Hot on the heals of EWG's sixth anniversary, is this special weekend-only sale! Don't miss out! All orders will be done by the end of the week. This is taking the place of open slot commissions for next week. Order as many as you want. Will meet the demand. Will stream them each day whether I work on them first thing in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening. Use the cart below to order, please provide a link to a solid picture of reference in the field indicated while checking out, or send your reference to

From Saturday afternoon till Monday morning! Grab them up while you can. If I do not have your payment and reference by Monday morning I can not take your order. These ARE garunteed by christmas :) So get in on the action!

One Chibi Character
$26.00 | Full Color, Inked Art
11x17'' Illustration

(You'll have chance to change quantity on checkout.
Each Chibi is 26.00 and can either be in one piece or seperate.
Price does not change. All orders will receive a one week turnaround)

This Sale Has Ended,
It ran 12/12 till 12/14.

EWG's 6th Year Anniversary

December 10, 2015

#anniversary #cake #business #smb #sixyears #commemorative

On December 11, 2009, Eryck Webb Graphics stumbled onto the scene, offering original artwork and commissioned art services to the public. Now having wrapped up its 6th year in business, EWG looks onward to year seven and the potential that it holds. The majority of orders this past year, shifted between logo design and comic production, with character art as always filling in the gaps. 2014-2015 saw EWG change locations, explore traditional art, and a refinement in approach to business as well as work flow. The sixth year ends leaving EWG with a bigger appreciation for the ongoing projects and return clients that it has the pleasure of working for.

2014-2015 Highlights:

· TnC Comics first year collection book and kickstarter was successfully completed.
· Finished a 40 page run on Hasbro/Fun Publication's Transformers Collectors Club magazine comic story 'Another Light'.
· Moved into a new house which features a dedicated studio to run EWG out of.
· Ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had its first successful IndieGoGo campaign, and a print run collecting the 40+ page first issue.
· Ungrounded: First Revolution kickstarter was successful and EWG currently wrapping up last of the pages it is responsible for in the sequel project.
· A limited Holiday Card commission was offered for the first time, and was a moderate success.
· With a dedicated studio, which includes a traditional art space, EWG was able to re-approach selling traditional artworks in the EWG Shop which hasn't really been done since 2010-2011 on eBay.

To celebrate this anniversary, EWG offered a special gift to the clients and fans that have gotten us this far. Hidden around the site from around 1030pm 12/10 till midnight 12/11 were six candles that look exactly like the ones in the cake pictured above. Each worth 6% discount on any future invoiced commission. For every one an individual found adn emailed a screenshot of that person would have been rewarded 6% discount x however many they found, up to six. The discount is recorded in our records and available for one use on a future commission until the end of 2016. This special event has ended.

We'd like to take this occasion, to officially announce a new release coming in 2016! EWG is proud to introduce the first volume of a new book series called 'Doodles'. This is in its final design stages now, and will be available following the first of the year. Half sketchbook, half annual chronicle, this will encompass all personal artworks, daily warm-ups and practice drawings from December 2014 until December 2015 in one collected book. It will be available in print and for an additional fee can also have a personalized sketch and signature added to it. If there is enough interest this series will continue at the end of each year collecting that year's non-client artworks.

There are also many other plans for 2016. Live sketch commission events on live stream. Run Of The Mill collected book. The return of Jumping Boy webcomic. EWG will also be exploring selling original print artwork as well with intended release of a new one once a quarter.

They say 90% of businesses fail within the first 5 years, but here's looking ahead to year 7 and all that it has to offer. Thank you for sticking with us along the way!

Star Wars The Old Republic OCs - Commission Process

#starwars #battlefront #oldrepublic #stwor #sketch #artistblock
Here is the full walkthrough of this Star Wars Old Republic piece featuring the commission client's original characters they play with in game. Enjoy!

First sketch layout attempt - just could not get it flowing right
Sketch rework two, playing with a slightly different composition

Sketch rework three, trying to make it a more dynamic angle then the previous two which were more straight on
Finaly with with that last sketch and finished the pencils. Still, several areas which were mis proportioned or too stiff were fixed yet again in the inking stage.

Finished inks, with several things like the robots pisto arm and the supporting arm on the girl proportions adjusted as well as the guys bent leg.

Underlying flats, keeping the color palette limited to the same dark grey/ light gray and dark red throughout as a scheme.

The finished piece with all shades, higlights and effects. 

I really struggled with the composition and pencils on this piece, all while determined to not let more than the one sniper gun barrel go off canvas. Relying on some perspective and foreshortening to keep the other two characters barrels in frame. Despite the difficulties of the initial sketch, and hitting a creative wall on this short-deadline piece, I think it ended up a really good finished artwork.

Santa Imp - Warmup Sketch

December 7, 2015

#christmas #santa #gifts #holiday #imp #sketchbookpro #drawing

Warmup today of some impish Santa shenanigans. About 15-20 minutes in Sketchbook Pro (autodesk) to get back into the swing of things. Hope everyone is having a great start to the week! 

EWG is now in a mad rush to clear out the backed up Queue and stay ontop of deadlines. As of now no orders are guaranteed by Christmas and just making and effort to get caught up to a month or two backlog. However as always, Eryck Webb Graphics is accepting commissions and booking for 2-3 weeks from now on character art, comics and graphic design. Will also open slots when it makes sense to do so. 

Personal projects like Run of the mill and such will be touch and go this month while work and holiday distractions take up the majority of the time. 

December 11th will mark the 6th anniversary of EWG in business so look for a special post and other things to be related to that. Then its the straight away to christmas and new years. This year has been a great one and really feels like we're heading into the capstone of the year and getting ready for a new one to begin. 

Heres to it, and lots of work ahead! Time to knock it out! Go go go!

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