Morning Warmup - Hulk

December 14, 2015

#hulk #incrediblehulk #sasquatch #yeti #warmup #sketch #inkscape

Gettin back in the habit of doing morning warmups to get the ol' creativity flowing each morning. And might try to do a theme each week for the fun of it. This week's theme is my own original take on my favorite mainstream characters. Just 'what if' tweaks and whatever original ideas I might have on ways their design/ creation could have gone. I thought, instead of looking like a big green guy, what if hulk took more of a big mean gorilla/ primate direction to his transformation. Kinda like how everyone imagines dr jekyl/ mr hyde. Anyways, I thought that would be cool, and work well with his whole more primitive way of acting and all that. Alright, stay tuned all week long will try out different characters its a fun exercise and definitely gets the ol' mind and hand going in the right direction. Find more sketches like this in the art gallery on this site!
Have a great Monday and week!

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