Easter Bunny Warmup Drawing - Digital Download

March 29, 2024

 Happy Easter!

A quick Easter warmup to get my day started!

Get a hires copy here: https://payhip.com/b/13k5e

Watch me draw this on youtube here: https://youtu.be/l4CbH4wNqoA

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Sketchbook: Excavator Still Life Study

#drawing #sketchbook #fundamentals #lifestudy #practice #sketch

Equipment parked infront of our house this morning provided a fun opportunity to do a from-life-study using observation to draw the subject. plus i like drawing machines like this. had to take advantage of the ability to sit on my porch n draw it while sipping on coffee this morning. aspiring artists ask how to learn, and get better. i insist, get or make a sketchbook. fill it with drawings made while studying real life. stylize n abstractify later. and always remember to revisit life study, and fundamentals regularly. 

Crewpiece 2023 - Finished!

March 28, 2024

The full finished artwork

#drawing #pirate #pirateship #pirates #crew #onepiece #twitch #subscribers #community #group #picture #airship #skyship #avatars #personas

Now available in the EWG Shop! Browse the shop

Its done! Today was day 2 of the Crewpiece 2023 colors, live on stream on Twitch! It was an effort to get it done today and within the 1st quarter of the year. I started today by finishing the flat colors in the first couple hours, then added shadows to everything by mid afternoon, then highlighted everything, added color adjustments, filters and final adjustments in the final hour or so. The very last thing I did when it was all done, was the sky background and clouds for the final finish. These crew airships are all done! I'm going to step away from it for a day, look at it fresh do any final touchups I think need done - that I can't see right now because I've been grinding on it all day - then will drop it in the shop within the next couple days! It is intended to be a digital download, a tshirt and a poster print!

 Detail of the finished artwork

This concludes the Crewpiece segment on Drawing Request Show - check out the final segment here on the past broadcast on Twitch while its available - thank you to everyone who came along for the journey that started Wednesday December 6th 2023 and finished today on Thursday March 28th! Thank you to all who asked about it and gave me little pushes when I shelved it at times. I couldnt' have done it without you! And I met my goal of getting this project done in the first quarter of the year!

The 2nd quarter will focus on finishing my newest Best Of Request art book - and then I have other things I want to work on come summer and fall. 

See folks Tuesday on Twitch.tv/eryckdrawz for the return of Drawing Requests and a March 'DrawJam' segment where we look at everyone's entries for March, then pick a prompt for April!

Have a happy Easter, a good weekend and look for this to drop in the shop very soon!

Thank you to every crew member shown, and every single one not shown, who make this drawing for a living dream possible. If it wasn't for you, group tribute pieces like this would be pretty lame. 

Thank you for being drawesome to me.

Crewpiece 2023 Colors WIP!

March 26, 2024

#drawing #twitch #subscribers #community #group #onepiece #pirates #clipstudiopaint #wip

Major progress on the Crewpiece 2023 twitch subscribers piece on stream today! Be back Thursday 10amET to finish it!!!

The plan is to have a digital hires copy available for a small tip over on KoFi and also available via redbubble as a print and tee! Any other items you think might be good plz DM/ chat below let me know!

Heres the Inks that were finished before the weekend

Im gonna be king of the drawers!!

Request Spotlight: Wolf/Deer Centaur Drawing

March 22, 2024


#deer #wolf #centaur #antlers #fairytale #fantasy #drawing #inkscape #characterart #sketch

This request was my rendition of JaimieeBoo's original character. A cool mashup of wolf, deer and human centaur. This was drawn in about 10 minutes live on Twitch during the EWG Drawing Request Show. I did a little preliminary sketching before I started the timer, then the whole thing flowed pretty good over the course of 8 minutes. Then the last two minutes or so I added the 'sauce' ( gray shades and tones) and after the timer went off I took another minute or two and cleaned it up with white, and added some highlights to the eyes.

Yesterday, I did the longest Drawing Request Show stream I've done in a while. ( Check out the Video On Demand here while its still available. )  It capped off at about 8.5 hours total from start to finish. I did start about 45 minutes late than the intended start time so I wanted to make sure to get lots of stream in to make up for it. But it was a good day, there was lots of subs and support overall, and I was enjoying drawing and hanging with everyone, so I just went to the natural conclusion. We got through every request, and ended with a Last Drawing of The Stream raffle for everyone still hanging out at the end of the stream. Because of the long stream and late start time, I took off and left the mill immediately upon ending. And got the art out this morning instead. All art has now been sent to their respective requesters. If I happen to miss anything, just DM me anywhere. I also dropped the warmup from this stream in the subscriber-only directory on the EWG discord. One is for fellow drawers out there to study up on, and the other is the finished warmup sketch. Enjoy!

See you for some more Drawing Request Show prompts and fun Tuesdays and Thursdays 10amEasternTime over at http://www.twitch.tv/eryckdrawz

Need emotes, character art, logos, mascots or more? Hit up my Commission Quote Request Form to get started on me drawing something for you! Or come out to a live stream sometime and let me sketch a request for you.

Be sure to follow this site or any of your favorite socials that I am on ( buttons top right of this website ) to see future posts on this blog. I will be doing a request spotlight, or other post every Monday Wednesday and Friday when fate permits! 

Stay Drawesome!

Request Spotlight: Geomancer the Super Heroine

March 20, 2024

#superhero #marvel #dc #image #comics #championsonline #cityofheroes #xmen 

The request for this sketch, was 'likeness of my wife, X-Men superhero style, levitating rocks'! As I was drawing and designing this rock wielding superheroine, I couldn't help but think of her as a wizard of geology. So somewhere along the way I blurted out 'Geomancer' and it stuck! This might be a good one to ink and color properly some day, if the requester so desires. But as with many sketch requests, it may just be stay as is. 

I enjoy a good super hero request, and am open to commissions of your OC superheroes ( and villains ) - hit me up for one today! I can even do them cartoony and or chibi style! Head over to the Commission Quote Request Form to get started! http://www.eryckwebbgraphics.com/p/request-quote.html

This was about20 minutes start to finish, drawn in Inkscape with a Wacom Intuos Pro M 1stGen - live on twitch.tv over at http://www.twitch.tv/eryckdrawz

I'm live sketching requests on Drawing Request Show every Tues/ Thurs 10amEasternTime


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Grab some EWG original Easter emotes!

March 19, 2024


#easter2024 #easter #emote #twitch #emotepack 

Need Easter emotes? Get these ready-to-use, original Easter Emotes from Eryck Webb Graphics! Twitch emote ready, as well as hires clipart versions for whatever you want to decorate. Enjoy and happy Easter! Also be sure to checkout the other emote packs in the shop!

Daily Discipline: Happy St Patricks Day 2024

March 17, 2024

#stpattys #stpatricksday #leprechaun #potofgold #irish

Todays daily discipline features a chibi leprechaun driving his pot mech. Probably runs on rainbows!

Drawn in Clipstudiopaint on my Samsung Galaxy Book 12 with Spen

Happy St Patricks Day from EWG!

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