Request Spotlight: Geomancer the Super Heroine

March 20, 2024

#superhero #marvel #dc #image #comics #championsonline #cityofheroes #xmen 

The request for this sketch, was 'likeness of my wife, X-Men superhero style, levitating rocks'! As I was drawing and designing this rock wielding superheroine, I couldn't help but think of her as a wizard of geology. So somewhere along the way I blurted out 'Geomancer' and it stuck! This might be a good one to ink and color properly some day, if the requester so desires. But as with many sketch requests, it may just be stay as is. 

I enjoy a good super hero request, and am open to commissions of your OC superheroes ( and villains ) - hit me up for one today! I can even do them cartoony and or chibi style! Head over to the Commission Quote Request Form to get started!

This was about20 minutes start to finish, drawn in Inkscape with a Wacom Intuos Pro M 1stGen - live on over at

I'm live sketching requests on Drawing Request Show every Tues/ Thurs 10amEasternTime


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