Request Spotlight: Wolf/Deer Centaur Drawing

March 22, 2024


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This request was my rendition of JaimieeBoo's original character. A cool mashup of wolf, deer and human centaur. This was drawn in about 10 minutes live on Twitch during the EWG Drawing Request Show. I did a little preliminary sketching before I started the timer, then the whole thing flowed pretty good over the course of 8 minutes. Then the last two minutes or so I added the 'sauce' ( gray shades and tones) and after the timer went off I took another minute or two and cleaned it up with white, and added some highlights to the eyes.

Yesterday, I did the longest Drawing Request Show stream I've done in a while. ( Check out the Video On Demand here while its still available. )  It capped off at about 8.5 hours total from start to finish. I did start about 45 minutes late than the intended start time so I wanted to make sure to get lots of stream in to make up for it. But it was a good day, there was lots of subs and support overall, and I was enjoying drawing and hanging with everyone, so I just went to the natural conclusion. We got through every request, and ended with a Last Drawing of The Stream raffle for everyone still hanging out at the end of the stream. Because of the long stream and late start time, I took off and left the mill immediately upon ending. And got the art out this morning instead. All art has now been sent to their respective requesters. If I happen to miss anything, just DM me anywhere. I also dropped the warmup from this stream in the subscriber-only directory on the EWG discord. One is for fellow drawers out there to study up on, and the other is the finished warmup sketch. Enjoy!

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Stay Drawesome!

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