New Improved EWG Website

December 29, 2015

Well, it still needs some more work, but that will be done another time. For now, I'm happy with how it is, so here it is, the new EWG site. Some navigational enhancements, added features for customers and better organized - the blog, comics and such are all secondary the commissions are front and foremost as they should be. Still room for improvement but I'm satisfied with it for now. Tomorrow I get back to drawing. This week's goal, knockout all the backlog of special orders and anything left over from fall.
Then next week, get wrapping up Ungrounded First Revolution and more.
Let me know what you think of the improvements, and any ideas you wish to offer on future improvements. Also, if there are any broken links or issues.
Goodnight. The mill turns on and production resumes tomorrow!

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