EWG Update 122915

December 29, 2015

#tuneup #smb #reorganize #rework #refine #streamline

EWG is busy retoolin' the ol toolbox all week getting ready for 2016. Commission production returns to its regularly scheduled program then! No orders are forgotten, there are no cracks to slip through. Theres been some ideas/ and needs around this business that have needed to be implemented so this is the time/ week to do it. Simple as that. I believe the improvements will help clients have a better experience with their commission orders, and also stream line things on my end as well. New year, new trends in customer's creative needs, and a new approach to knockin it out epicly. Thanks for understanding, hit the ground running in the new year! During this time the site is officialy under construction don't be surprised if links dont work or the site looks different at any given time. Gettin back to basics, to the roots of it all. Moving forward to that ideal of what Eryck Webb Graphics can/ should be.

See you on the other side.

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