Morning Warmup Sketch - Little Fella

December 22, 2015

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This morning's warmup. Got a sweet new chair as an early Christmas present and its so much better on my hind end and legs but was a little too high for my hands/ arms so they weren't really supported and started falling asleep while i was working yesterday. Well today I raised up my desk with some half inch boards underneath and now its just right. So trying it out and warming up before today's work load I drew this in Sketchbook Pro. I did a quick doodle, and a general character design occurred to me so I tried to explore it see where it led. Kinda like this little guy. Don't know if I'll do anything with him, but theres a lot of potential. Would make a good anime or video game character maybe. Alright, onto finish up left over chibis and character arts from the past week or two. 
As always accepting orders and lining up work for the week after Christmas. Also hit a road block on my comic work but going to regroup and hit it hard after the Christmas weekend. 
How many folks are out already for Christmas? How many are working up until the eve. I thought about doing like the ol' days working till noon Christmas eve then heading off to celebrate with the family till the day after Christmas. We'll see if that happens. Excited my mom, dad and sister who i haven't really seen since last Christmas are coming in. If I can survive the stress and chaos I think it'll be a great Christmas. 

Alright Happy Holidays to everyone out there and I will be streaming orders for folks off and on for the next two days as I try to finish up some orders for folks. Mainly those who I know would prefer to see it streamed. Internet allowing of course. Never know with this flaky comcast service.

Time to rock n' roll! When I stream it'll be on Picarto - so be sure to follow that page it'll notify you when it goes live. 

Alright, knock out this last couple days before Christmas! 

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