Another Light Is A Wrap! A Few Favorite Panels

December 18, 2015


#transformers #anotherlight #shatteredglass #hasbro #funpublications #comic

Got my copy of the final chapter of Transformers: Another Light, the story arc i've been working on for the last year for hasbro/ fun publications - the final product is epic! Readers got their copies before I did so I assume its safe to post these haha. Evan did an amazing job on the colors bringing my inks to life and the whole thing wrapped up pretty epicly. Had fun working on this project and hope to work with all involved again soon! That does it for me for this week. Pushed way too hard this week, with back-firing results. Still trying to figure out this balance/ work flow thing. Hard to keep it consistant when life changes the rules every day. Ah well, every day is a new chance to improve that high score. Pick it up Monday - have a great weekend!

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