Live Sketch Night - Holiday Edition 2 of 2 is mostly complete

December 18, 2015

So, I don't know if I hurt myself or helped myself changing the work flow to trying to pencil all 6 then ink all six then color 5 of the colored orders. But I think it definitely resulted in some really cool drawings concentrating on just sketching them out first and then doing the inking/ coloring after. On the other hand I spent all night sketching them and then inking them and didnt even get to the black fills or colors lol. Well, I can honestly say the Live Sketch Night holiday edition has been a success, got about 4-5 orders Tuesday and about 6 tonight. I do believe folks enjoyed comin out taking advantage of the special holiday prices and such. The chat was bustling and the requests were all really cool. I'm just sorry to make people sit in there 4 hours and I didnt get one piece 100% done. After some consideration I will finish these up Monday evening on 3rd livestream that will serve just to allow these customers to come back out and see it happen like they were doing tonight. Only pushing it to then cause tomorrow I got things to get out before I head out of town for the weekend.

Alright, thanks to everyone who made this double-up live sketch night event a success and get you your orders very soon!

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