EWG Itinerary Till Christmas

December 17, 2015

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In a continuing effort for transparency, I thought I'd share the final schedule/ production layout till Christmas. Of course you can check your particular invoice on the Order Tracking page which is currently updated about 3 times a week. But here we are, and here I go to knock em out! 

Looking forward to the last Live Sketch Night of 2015 tonight at 8pmEST! In honor of Christmas and all the other holidays folks celebrate, I'm offering $12 Black and white art (chibi or normal) which is usually closer to $32.00 and $25.00 colored chibi or normal which is usually closer to $48.00. There were two orders I did not get to on Tuesday's 1st installment, so on this second and final installment I'll be starting on them while waiting for further orders. Playing some jazzy/ electronica Christmas music that's a bit more refreshing than the standard 12 same Christmas songs. And more! So see folks out there on Picarto tonight. 

Alright, time to get to it! Here's to kickin some ass on the road to Christmas which I'm taking off Christmas Eve through the 27th.

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