Bamboo Smart Super Gremlin Warmup

December 30, 2015

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This is a sketchbook post, and sort of a 'first use' review. Got a Bamboo Smart stylus for christmas to use with my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 tablet. Gotta say its a great upgrade. Feels natural in the hand, and is way more responsive than the s pen with pressure and glides on the screen more confidently for smoother lines, less 'slippery wiggle' from the smooth screen. I can't wait to get more practice in with it, and am excited to use it for some serious commission penciling and inking projects soon! I recommend it as an upgrade to the Spen. Only draw back I see at this point is the pen doesn't fit in the spen slot so it always remains seperate. Also, and this is without investigating if theres software on the wacom site or not, but the button on the pen seems to have the potential to be programmed but theres no way obvious to do so. Something to look into later. But heres my first official warm up sketch with it. Look forward to more! 

Here it is:

Works great straight out of the box on any spen-equipped device and is a clear upgrade in ease of use and responsiveness.

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