Star Wars The Old Republic OCs - Commission Process

December 10, 2015

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Here is the full walkthrough of this Star Wars Old Republic piece featuring the commission client's original characters they play with in game. Enjoy!

First sketch layout attempt - just could not get it flowing right
Sketch rework two, playing with a slightly different composition

Sketch rework three, trying to make it a more dynamic angle then the previous two which were more straight on
Finaly with with that last sketch and finished the pencils. Still, several areas which were mis proportioned or too stiff were fixed yet again in the inking stage.

Finished inks, with several things like the robots pisto arm and the supporting arm on the girl proportions adjusted as well as the guys bent leg.

Underlying flats, keeping the color palette limited to the same dark grey/ light gray and dark red throughout as a scheme.

The finished piece with all shades, higlights and effects. 

I really struggled with the composition and pencils on this piece, all while determined to not let more than the one sniper gun barrel go off canvas. Relying on some perspective and foreshortening to keep the other two characters barrels in frame. Despite the difficulties of the initial sketch, and hitting a creative wall on this short-deadline piece, I think it ended up a really good finished artwork.

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