EWG's 6th Year Anniversary

December 10, 2015

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On December 11, 2009, Eryck Webb Graphics stumbled onto the scene, offering original artwork and commissioned art services to the public. Now having wrapped up its 6th year in business, EWG looks onward to year seven and the potential that it holds. The majority of orders this past year, shifted between logo design and comic production, with character art as always filling in the gaps. 2014-2015 saw EWG change locations, explore traditional art, and a refinement in approach to business as well as work flow. The sixth year ends leaving EWG with a bigger appreciation for the ongoing projects and return clients that it has the pleasure of working for.

2014-2015 Highlights:

· TnC Comics first year collection book and kickstarter was successfully completed.
· Finished a 40 page run on Hasbro/Fun Publication's Transformers Collectors Club magazine comic story 'Another Light'.
· Moved into a new house which features a dedicated studio to run EWG out of.
· Ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had its first successful IndieGoGo campaign, and a print run collecting the 40+ page first issue.
· Ungrounded: First Revolution kickstarter was successful and EWG currently wrapping up last of the pages it is responsible for in the sequel project.
· A limited Holiday Card commission was offered for the first time, and was a moderate success.
· With a dedicated studio, which includes a traditional art space, EWG was able to re-approach selling traditional artworks in the EWG Shop which hasn't really been done since 2010-2011 on eBay.

To celebrate this anniversary, EWG offered a special gift to the clients and fans that have gotten us this far. Hidden around the site from around 1030pm 12/10 till midnight 12/11 were six candles that look exactly like the ones in the cake pictured above. Each worth 6% discount on any future invoiced commission. For every one an individual found adn emailed a screenshot of that person would have been rewarded 6% discount x however many they found, up to six. The discount is recorded in our records and available for one use on a future commission until the end of 2016. This special event has ended.

We'd like to take this occasion, to officially announce a new release coming in 2016! EWG is proud to introduce the first volume of a new book series called 'Doodles'. This is in its final design stages now, and will be available following the first of the year. Half sketchbook, half annual chronicle, this will encompass all personal artworks, daily warm-ups and practice drawings from December 2014 until December 2015 in one collected book. It will be available in print and for an additional fee can also have a personalized sketch and signature added to it. If there is enough interest this series will continue at the end of each year collecting that year's non-client artworks.

There are also many other plans for 2016. Live sketch commission events on live stream. Run Of The Mill collected book. The return of Jumping Boy webcomic. EWG will also be exploring selling original print artwork as well with intended release of a new one once a quarter.

They say 90% of businesses fail within the first 5 years, but here's looking ahead to year 7 and all that it has to offer. Thank you for sticking with us along the way!

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