TWITCH: Short But Fun Week - Steel City Con tomorrow!

August 8, 2019

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Thanks to all the CRew and the rest of Yew for a great couple stream days this week! I took the week half off just to take a break and get some perspective and get my head on straight, but streamed Tuesday and Thursday! This is the haul from today's drawing requests, including an upgrade I got done yesterday. Thanks for all the support and the cool requests. I am off for the weekend a bit early, as tomorrow me, Kiwi and my sister are off to Steel City Con! I will not be streaming, but will be walking all over the place soaking up the inspiration and the geekdoms. Looking forward to it! I also got a few things in mind for the stream I want to start working on over the weekend. 
See you all next week I'll post the intended schedule for next week by Sunday evening. 
Have a good one, keep rocking, and see you on the Discord and socials!

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