Warmup Drawing: Mickey Saves Spidey 82319

August 23, 2019

#mickey #mickeymouse #disney #sony #marvel #spiderman #spidey #rescue 

This situation with Disney-Marvel not being able to use Spiderman anymore because of some deal with Sony is ridiculous. I thought that was over and Marvel had bought back all their characters. In the end though, Spiderman belongs at Marvel, and I know the mouse will do what it takes, to bring him home. Go get em Mickey!

All metaphorical of course. But current events can spawn fun drawing prompt ideas. After having a dedicated work day on Wednesday and then crashing/ burning out on Thursday, a day of rest, lots of food and lots of sleep helped a lot. My head is no longer going crazy my body is no longer like 'nope not happening' and I am up a bit early this morning getting to work on upgrades this morning and other things.

See folks 1pm Eastern Time on twitch.tv/eryckwebb for some live drawing action! 

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