Back at it with a new schedule!

September 11, 2019

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I was out for the count literally all day yesterday with sinus/ allergy headache and related fog brain. I kept the fluids going and the proper sinus/ allergy meds and are still on them this morning. I did some rough copy writing on my new book ( yet to officially be announced ) when I felt good enough. And that wasn't very good. But it did keep my mind off the discomfort for a bit. Ultimately I rested, relaxed, kept a heatpad on and watched youtube videos/ twitch streams all day. I did manage early on before it got too bad to update the masterlist and send out art from Mondays stream.

Today I'm back, and with an idea I had while off yesterday. Morning Upgrade Inks and Colors and afternoon Drawing Requests, all live on Twitch!! While the morning will be more focus mode production the afternoon will be Drawing Requests and giveaways and stream as usual. This will extend streams across the weekday more and allow viewers to see the other end of the drawing request process.

I had a thought towards the future of the stream regarding this as well. Eventually I'd like to integrate everything under one roof. Drawings, Inks and Colors all on the same list with the option to have all three done in sequence with obvious breaks in between from cooldowns if a buyer pays for all at once.

That'll take a little figuring, but for now, I'm getting ready to rock it this morning! A hot shower, and some fresh sauce and I'll be ready for an extended Drawing Request Show going live at 10amET on Twitch!

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