Strap - Warmup Sketch

January 8, 2015

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This morning's warm up - getting in the art groove for another day of furious graphic production! This week continuing the bot theme, yesterday was bilbot baggofbolts - then Tuesday i sort of deviated by using the warm up time to get ahead on a character art commission. But today I took the warm up freestyle draw-for-my-self reigns again and did another bot. I enjoy the chunky squarish G1 guys the most. This guy was inspired by Transformers Shattered Glass which I'm currently working on a story for, more specifically the characters Excavator and Stonecruncher. The basic form of the shoulders and overall proportions are where it ends though, and I actually pulled out the chest and head design of a robot I designed as an original character as a kid. And I decided to make this guy more of a cybertronian dump truck hence the bucket on the back. Also hes riding a double barrel blaster and the 'codpiece' if you will is just meant to look more like front armor protection kinda like a suit of armor or a Japanese gundam. Fun stuff, took about 45 minutes and was completely sketched in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro! Now I got the groove going good I'm going to go work on comics rest of the day. Seems to be the bulk of EWG work these days! But they take 4x as long as character art lol. Labor intensive for sure. Alright, thanks for checking this out. Head over to the 'art gallery' section of this website to see more warm ups and other finished works!

Comments and questions can be directed below! Thanks for following EWG! Have a great Thursday!

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