Bilbot Bagg of Bolts

January 7, 2015

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Warming up and also joining in today's Sketch Dailies art prompt 'hobbit'. Where we're encouraged to design our own hobbit or obviously pay homage to the hobbit movies and books out there. I went a direction I think most would not expect... don't know how it came about or what not. I just felt like doing a robot, not just copying the existing look of the hobbit from the movies, old cartoon movie or book. This here is Bilbot, the Hobbot who comes from a long line of Hobbots in the family of BaggofBoltins. He oiled up and equipped himself with all necessary aftermarket bolt-ons to take the journey of his operation time. Look out Mount Doomolition! Bilbot is treking the scrap yards of Mechanical Earth to defeat the evil that lerks there!

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