Je Suis Charlie - Sketch Dailies Warmup

January 9, 2015

@Sketch_Dailies #JeSuisCharlie #sketchbookpro #sketch_dailies

Sat down to get to work this morning, and I have my browser homepage set to the sketch website. I was inspired by the overwhelming response to yesterday's art prompt 'jesuischarlie' in response to the shooting of french cartoonists and journalists among others. All apparently from cartoonists depicting the prophet mohammed in satire and editorial cartoons.

So who do you think has the most effect on people? The terrorists who murdered people for their freedom of expression, or the people who expressed themselves, caused this reaction and not only that, after this horrible occurance, caused a such an outcry of defiance from the internet, artist community and people around the world?

The people holding the pens obviously. But I hope people don't look at islam as being behind this, this was the act of a few extremist nut cases. So, I was inspired to throw down EWG's contribution to this outcry.

May it be heard.

This is 'EWG Dewd' the EWG mascot wielding a power stylus from his bag of graphic art tricks. Taking on a bunch of looming terrorists. They're going down.

Sketchbook pro about 45 minutes start to post. Had to draw this. Was massively inspired to do so this morning. Can't believe cartoonists and writers were killed for doing what they do. In the end its just lines on paper/ canvas - but it truely, obviously, communicates so much more.

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