Jelly Bean Lizard - Warmup

January 9, 2015

#sketch #warmup #jellybean #creature #monster #space #inkscape #digitalinks

Did this warmup while waiting on my computer to run virus/ spyware scans etc. Long over due so taking a moment to do that so it'll be running at max awesomeness. This was drawn in Inkscape start to fin. Its a fun exercise I'll have to do again. I basicaly whimsicly with no planning whipped out a circular wobbly shape (the basic outtershape of this critter) and then saw if I could make something purposeful out of it. This guy came out. I started with the eyes/ face sort of thinking of a whale and then thought of it as almost a space worm and added the small arms legs. This creature is cruisin through space to its next destination. Wherever that is. Fun random exercise. Onto some client work next hopefuly!

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